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How is Generative AI Going to Change the Wellness Industry

Throughout history, people have used technology to make life easier. 

In health and wellness, tools and technologies have included a myriad of things from simple tools to complex machines. A timeline of some of the technologies listed in The History of Digital Health showed the evolution of technology in healthcare including the microscope, Xrays, pacemaker, CT scan, MRI machine, 3D printer, neural dust, and smart pills.

Nowadays, the innovations in wellness have focused on digital technology, specifically generative artificial intelligence. Also known as generative AI or  GenAI, generative artificial intelligence is the technology that enables machines to simulate human intelligence and create high-quality text, images, and other content based on available data. Although the use of AI in healthcare saw success as early as 1975 with Stanford University’s MYCIN, the applications of AI and its technology have grown exponentially more recently especially generative AI such as those as seen in fitness trackers and virtual therapists. The generative AI explainer on MongoDB provides an in-depth comprehensible explanation of the subject and discusses how AI can use vast amounts of data and real-time information to produce more accurate and relevant outputs.

With healthcare facilities adopting artificial intelligence and people continuously learning to adapt and accept generative AI in the management of their health, what is in the future for wellness with generative AI?

More Ease of Use

Currently, people use technology to manage tasks and appointments. The use of online scheduling and booking software such as these Healthinomics recommendations helps things run smoothly for consumers and businesses alike. Virtual assistants and chatbots help personalize options in wellness. Telemedicine and health apps are being used more. However, new technologies have a learning curve, and generative AI is no exception. Companies, facilities, practitioners, and consumers are all continuously learning newer ways Generative AI can be used. Eventually, the use will be easier for most as it becomes more integrated in daily life and operations. It is easy to see the potential for increasing use of Generative AI in the future.  

Data Availability 

At present, AI is already being used to aid in the early detection of diseases. Researchers are looking into AI use in personal gadgets such as smartwatches to aid in the detection of medical conditions, such as the work of the Mayo Clinic in detecting weak heart pump with the Apple Watch. Generative AI is used in medical research and is expected to expand and offer more in the coming years.  The ability to create synthetic data such as images and videos and the capabilities to merge data from vast sources offers so much potential for data and discovery for treatments.

Increased Accessibility 

AI increases accessibility in health industry

According to surveys by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, health was one of the top reasons people use AI in terms of understanding more about their health and improve their well-being. Recently, more healthcare organizations and the government are also recognizing the potential of Generative AI, with 75% already using or planning to implement and scale Generative AI. With systems in place and public trust building up, the use of Generative AI can increase access to care transcending the bounds of normal office hours, socioeconomic or insurance status, or geographic location. People will have more information and tailored options for their health and wellness, sparking even more interest and accountability in one’s well-being. 

Social Media Trends

social media trends and ai

Generative AI is already transforming how people approach their health and well-being. The personalized experiences and new solutions continue to spark interest and accountability for one’s health. With increasing ease of use, access to more personalized information, and interest in wellbeing, it follows that social media trends will also increase and lean towards more health and wellness. Personalized health tools are already one of the 3 Wellness Trends Your Followers Will Want To Hear About. With more interest, there is also the advantage of AI use in content creation thus leading to more personalized wellness content.


The integration of Generative AI in health and wellness is predicted to continue to transform the industry. With the possibilities in mind, health and wellness business owners should continue to prepare by adapting and leveraging GenAI in operations, marketing, and content creation.


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