Danielle McFarland – Co-Founder of Healthinomics By Danielle McFarland – Co-Founder of Healthinomics   •   April 27, 2017

Are you still stuck in the dinosaur era, running your entire business and schedule with a pen and paper?

Do you have to change the way your business works to suit your current software?

Are you using generic online scheduling software instead of leveraging industry-specific software that’s out there?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this article is for you.

Choosing the right software to manage your business, schedule and bookings can be pretty daunting.

In fact:

If you don’t make the right choice, it can mean the difference between your business running smoothly or your business running you.

So we’ve scoured the internet to find you 20 online scheduling software tailored for health, wellness and fitness professionals.

These are all hosted web apps, so there’s nothing to install and you can access your account anywhere, anytime.

Let’s jump right in!


Online Scheduling Software – MINDBODY | Featured on HealthinomicsMINDBODY is business management, scheduling and online booking software.

It’s been around since 1998. They were the first to bring business management to the web, the first to offer online booking, and the first to offer a management mobile app.

It’s a solid system that’s jam-packed full of features, some of which include:

  • Online booking
  • Store customer data
  • Membership management
  • Point of sale
  • Reports
  • Marketing tools
  • 2 way SMS appointment reminders (Accelerate plan only)

If you’re just starting out in business or only running a small business and don’t need too many fancy features, you may find MINDBODY a little daunting.

MINDBODY does so much that if you don’t make use of all its features, you may get frustrated with its cluttered workspace.

If you do decide that MINDBODY’s for you, we recommend taking the time to set up your account right as it may take a while to do so.

To start using MINDBODY, you have to request a demo. A member of their sales team calls you to walk you through a demo of their software.

MINDBODY helps my business run smoothly and keeps me connected with my clients.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Health, Wellness, Fitness.


MINDBODY has 4 plans ranging from $40 per month to $225 per month. There’s also a $6 per month statement fee.

View MINDBODY’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

Unlimited 2-way SMS appointment reminders are only included on MINDBODY’s Accelerate plan ($225 per month). SMS cannot be purchased separately.

2. Cliniko

Online Scheduling Software – Cliniko | Featured on HealthinomicsCliniko is a complete practice management application used by thousands of healthcare practitioners in more than 55 countries worldwide.

Cliniko is a robust system packed with features and works great for solo practitioners, large teams, and anything in between.

You can use it to manage areas of your business like your:

  • Schedule
  • SMS appointment reminders
  • Treatment notes
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Letters
  • Reports

Cliniko supports single and group appointments only, so if you’re looking for software to manage your classes and workshops, you’ll have to keep looking.

A simple to use, highly secure and very effective business tool that allows my team and I to get on with the business of healing without wasting time and resources.


Industries Most Suited Towards

Healthcare Practitioners and Clinics.

It’s particularly popular with Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists, Psychologists, Naturopaths, and Massage Therapists.


Cliniko’s has 5 plans and their pricing varies per country. They collect in 7 currencies and if your currency is not support, you’ll be charged in USD. For an Australian business, their pricing ranges from $45 per month (1 practitioner) to $295 per month (25 practitioners).

View Cliniko’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

SMS cost 10c per credit (Australian Dollars).

3. Power Diary

Online Scheduling Software – Power Diary | Featured on HealthinomicsPower Diary is an Australian based online diary and practice management system.

Their software helps appointment based businesses to run more smoothly and increase productivity.

It’s a pretty simple system to use and easy to get the hang of.

Some of its features include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Online bookings
  • SMS reminders
  • Calendar sync
  • MailChimp integration
  • Xero integration

I have been using Power Diary for over 3 years at my practice and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a comprehensive system to run their business.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Psychologists, Gyms, Personal Trainers, Allied Health Professionals, Spas, Hair Salons, and Beauty.


Power Diary has 4 plans ranging from $46 per month (1 calendar) to $140 per month (20 calendars).

Power Diary’s pricing is billed in AUD, GBP, USD and EUR.

View Power Diary’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

SMS cost 10c per credit (Australian Dollars).

4. Zen Planner

Online Scheduling Software – Zen Planner | Featured on HealthinomicsZen Planner is all-in-one fitness management software.

It has easy-to-use tools for membership management, scheduling and integrated payment processing, as well as automated email and website templates that help you keep in touch with members.

With Zen Planner, you get access to some of these features:

  • Online scheduling and attendance tracking
  • Automated billing
  • Skills and workout tracking
  • Client self-service and online registration
  • Staff scheduling
  • Reports

Zen Planner has transformed the way I operate as a business owner.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Affiliate Gyms, Martial Arts, Fitness Studios, and Yoga.


Zen Planner has 5 plans ranging from $80 per month (up to 50 members) to $155 monthly (more than 400 members).
View Zen Planner’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

SMS cost 1.5c per individual message sent, which is billed monthly.

SMS can only be sent to US and Canadian mobile phone numbers.

5. iconnect360

Online Scheduling Software – iConnect360 | Featured on Healthinomicsiconnect360 is software for gyms and fitness centres.

iconnect360 launched in 2012 to fill a gap in the fitness centre and gym software market. They claim to be ‘the most epic gym software on the planet, for all things member and money related’.

They have a bunch of popular gym membership features, like:

  • Booking management
  • Online booking
  • Membership management
  • Direct debit billing
  • Integrated billing with Ezypay
  • CRM
  • Point of sale
  • Inventory management
  • Email campaigns

iconnect360 is the best gym management software and billing system on the market. All good, you guys have been great to work with.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Fitness Centres, Gyms, and Health Clubs.


iconnect360 have 5 plans ranging from $40 per month (up to 50 members) to $300 per month (unlimited members).

If you pay for a full year in advance, their unlimited plan is $3,600 per year.

View iConnect360’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

From the research we’ve done, iconnect360 don’t seem to offer automated SMS.

6. Coreplus

Online Scheduling Software – Coreplus | Featured on HealthinomicsCoreplus is an Australian online health practice management software suitable for small and large health practices.

Coreplus is eHealth ready, which means it supports Electronic Health Records (EHR), eReferrals, Secure Messaging Delivery (SMD), and Medicare billing and claiming.

Whether you’re operating over multiple locations, franchised, contracting or employing, Coreplus claims it’s able to accommodate your health practice management needs.

Some of the features you can find in Coreplus include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Case notes
  • Letter writing
  • Patient referrals
  • Health billing and claiming
  • Xero and MYOB integration
  • Reports

It was like a breath of fresh air to be able to come across such a system as coreplus. Nothing seems impossible with their practice management system. It certainly is the BEST I have ever seen and the most cost effective. It did everything I was promised it would do from the first moment I logged on.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Allied Health Professionals, Clinics and Practices.


Coreplus have 3 plans ranging from $5 per user per month to $45 per user per month.

The features you have access to vary depending on your account.

Coreplus’ pricing is billed in Australian Dollars, which may not benefit international businesses due to the exchange rate and international bank fees that will be charged.

View Coreplus’ Pricing

SMS Pricing

Each SMS cost 20c on the Basic plan, 15c on the Standard plan, and 10c on the eHealth plan (Australian Dollars).

7. BookingRun

Online Scheduling Software – BookingRun | Featured on HealthinomicsBookingRun is a free online booking system for healthcare professionals.

It’s a fairly basic system that was created by an Osteopathic clinic in Melbourne, Australia.

It works well and seems to be functional. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and, from what we can see, they don’t plan on adding them either. For some of you, that may suit you just fine!

With BookingRun, you can:

  • Accept and manage bookings online
  • Send SMS reminders

It’s so easy, it’s so pretty, and your clients can be sent a reminder text so they turn up and you’re not left out of pocket. It’s so awesome!

Industries Most Suited Towards

Healthcare Professionals.


BookingRun is free!

SMS Pricing

SMS cost 19c per credit (Australian Dollars).

8. TM2

Online Scheduling Software – TM2 | Featured on HealthinomicsTM2 is complete practice management and clinical notes software.

They’re Australian based and their software is suitable for solo practitioners through to large multi-site enterprises.

They claim to ‘improve your efficiency, reduce your costs, and enhance your profitability’.

TM2 is fairly robust software with a comprehensive list of features, some of which include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer records
  • Electronic clinic notes
  • Multi-location management
  • Online bookings
  • Reports

To sign up to TM2, you’ll need to request a demo first.

I have no hesitation in recommending TM2 to any Allied Medical Practice as it is cost effective and an essential tool in running a practice in the 21st Century.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Allied Health Professionals including Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, and Massage Therapists.


TM2 has 4 plans ranging from:

Australia $79 to $169
United Kingdom £30 to £142
Europe €39 to €184

The features you have access to depend on your plan.

View TM2’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

TM2 do not list their SMS costs on their website.

9. Bodywork Buddy

Online Scheduling Software – Bookwork Buddy | Featured on HealthinomicsBodywork Buddy is massage software for solo massage therapists.

It is simple to use and has some cool features that can really benefit massage therapy business owners.

It was founded by a US based massage therapist with 15 years experience in running her own massage practice.

Some of the features you can find in Bodywork Buddy include:

  • Online scheduling
  • Customer relationship management
  • Record sessions
  • Gift certificate tracking
  • Business expense reporting

I’ve already generated 5 new people and they LOVE the online scheduling!

Industries Most Suited Towards

Solo Massage Therapists.


Bodywork Buddy has 3 plans: $35 per month, $179.70 per 6 months, or $299.40 per year.

We’ve partnered with Bodywork Buddy to bring you a 15% discount on their monthly plan – that’s just $29.75 per month! Click the link below:

View Bodywork Buddy’s Pricing

There are also additional savings if you’re a member of ABMP or an NCBTMB board certified therapist.

SMS Pricing

Bodywork do not list their SMS costs on their website.

SMS appointment reminders are only available to businesses in US and Canada.

10. Kitomba

Online Scheduling Software – Kitomba | Featured on HealthinomicsKitomba is a complete salon booking software and spa management system that lets you get down to business.

They give you training to help you get started with Kitomba and support to help keep you going.

Based in New Zealand, Kitomba offers a wide range of great features for salons and spas alike, including:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer management
  • Automated messaging
  • Staff management
  • Online booking
  • Point of sale
  • Reports

Smart business tools and real results. That’s Kitomba. We recently added Kitomba’s Online Booking to our website and Facebook page and it increased our new client bookings by 15%.


Industries Most Suited Towards

Salons, spas, beauticians.


Kitomba tailor their services to meet your needs, so you’ll have to contact them to discuss pricing.

SMS Pricing

Kitomba do not list their SMS costs on their website.

11. Simple Salon

Online Scheduling Software – Simple Salon | Featured on HealthinomicsSimple Salon has everything you need to run and grow your salon.

They have a number of reviews on how great their transition process is, which is great if you’re running a salon and want to use Simple Salon.

Their team can help add your customers, products and services into Simple Salon for you.

Their software looks relatively easy to use. It’s been around since 2005 and has some great features, like:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Online booking
  • SMS reminders
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Xero integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Point of sale
  • Staff KPI’s
  • Rostering and wages
  • Reports

Simple Salon definitely rivals any other software in the market for the beauty industry. I have used software for many years as both an employee and employer.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Hair Salons, Beauty Salons, and Spas.


Simple Salon’s pricing ranges from $19 per month (1 appointment calendar) to $99 per month (unlimited appointment calendars).

View Simple Salon’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

SMS start from 8.6c per credit.

12. Gym Master

Online Scheduling Software – Gym Master | Featured on HealthinomicsGym Master is a New Zealand based gym and health club membership management software.

It suits clubs of all sizes and is designed to make it easy for gyms to keep records of their members and memberships, book classes and trainers, process and track sales, and send bulk communication to members.

This software is extremely feature-packed, with features like:

  • Class scheduling
  • Membership management
  • Online booking
  • Point of sale
  • Direct debit integration

Since we started monitoring our contractors using GymMaster I’ve improved member retention by 28% – that’s equivalent to 3 months marketing costs!

Industries Most Suited Towards

Gyms and Health Clubs.


Gym Master has 4 plans:

United States $60 (250 members) to $365 (unlimited members)
Australia $70 (250 members) to $450 (unlimited members)
New Zealand $75 (250 members) to $485 (unlimited members)

View Gym Master’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

SMS cost ranges between 10c and 17c (New Zealand Dollars).

13. Nookal

Online Scheduling Software – Nookal | Featured on HealthinomicsNookal is smart practice management software for practitioners.

They are a relatively new Australian based company that’s been around since 2010.

It suits a range of practice sizes from small to large, and multi-location. It’s got some great features, like:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Class / group bookings
  • Customer management
  • Automated booking reminders
  • Clinic notes
  • Letters
  • Invoicing
  • Xero and MYOB integration
  • Medicare and DVA integration
  • Reports

I love all of Nookal – all of it. It’s so much easier to keep track of clients multiple appointments across a broad range of practitioners and days!


Industries Most Suited Towards

Allied Health Professionals, Clinics, Practices.


Nookal has 5 plans ranging from $55 per month (1 practitioner) to $295 per month (9 – 12 practitioners).

Online claims are an additional cost.

Nookal’s pricing is billed in Australian Dollars, which may not benefit international businesses due to the exchange rate and international bank fees that will be charged.

View Nookal’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

Nookal’s SMS costs are billed in Australian Dollars. You need to fill out their SMS Purchase Form to buy credits:

1 – 1000 12.5c
1001 – 1500 12c
1501 – 2500 11.5c
2501 – 3500 11.5c
3501 – 4500 11.5c
4500+ 11.5c

A set-up fee of $10.00 (once-off payment) is required to activate your SMS account.

14. Salon Iris

Online Scheduling Software – Salon Iris | Featured on HealthinomicsSalon Iris is salon and spa management software.

They’re a mature player in the market having been around since 1999.

This is pretty powerful appointment software that can give you more flexibility as a busy salon or spa owner. Some of its awesome features include:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Online booking
  • Customer management
  • Appointment SMS reminders
  • Rooms and resource management
  • Point of sale
  • Reporting
  • Payroll management
  • Inventory management

They also have a bunch add-ons available to add more functionality to extend your account. Just bare in mind that these are generally an additional cost and not part of your standard account fee.

Our salon’s profits went up 20% and I attribute it to Salon Iris Software!”

Industries Most Suited Towards

Salons and Spas.


You can pay a monthly or one-time fee to use Salon Iris. They have 4 plans:

Monthly $39 per month (1 employee) to $249 per month (unlimited employees)
£49 per month (1 employee) to £269 per month (unlimited employees)
One-Time Purchase $449 (1 employee) to $3,499 (unlimited employees)
£449 (1 employee) to £3,499 (unlimited employees)

View Salon Iris’ Pricing

SMS Pricing

Salon Iris do not list their SMS costs on their website.

15. Tula

Online Scheduling Software – Tula | Featured on HealthinomicsTula claims to be ‘the best software in the world for independent yoga studios’.

It’s a newish company on the scene, having launched in 2011, but they seem to have done a great job at taking over the yoga studio software scene.

Tula offers some awesome features for yoga studios, like:

  • Online registrations
  • Track classes
  • Accept payments online
  • Manage memberships
  • Share your calendar
  • Handle registrations
  • Track credits
  • Record attendances
  • Gift certificates

Tula is gives me more time to run my business and do my yoga. The easy online class sign up helps the instructors prepare for a class, they know how many students are coming and who they are.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Yoga Studios.


Tulla’s pricing is based on a combination of features and the number of studio workers in your system.

They have 3 plans ranging from $79 per month (up to 15 studio workers) to $139 per month (unlimited studio workers).

View Tula’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

Tula do not provide automated SMS.

16. OneFitStop

Online Scheduling Software – OneFitStop | Featured on HealthinomicsOneFitStop is an all-in-one Fitness Business Management and Fitness Tracking platform.

OneFitStop provides business owners with a simple, complete and industry approved platform to connect to their clients, with features to perform all the necessary tasks required for business success.

Software features include but are not limited to:

  • Class / Appointment Scheduling
  • Online Bookings
  • Website Embedding
  • Membership & Billing Management
  • Programming and Assessment Tracking
  • Reporting Tools

OneFitStop is guaranteed to enhance your client experience and save you time, money and energy with a complete client management system that’s agile, easy to use and cutting edge.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Gyms, Fitness Studios, Personal Trainers, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Crossfit


OneFitStop has 2 plans ranging from $30 per month (for one staff member) up to $90 per month (for teams).

View OneFitStop’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

SMS Launching in Q2, 2017. Free push notifications to Mobile apps.

17.  iconpractice

Online Scheduling Software – iconpractice | Featured on Healthinomicsiconpractice is cloud based clinical software built for chiropractic clinics and other musculoskeletal therapies. In addition to all the features you’d expect from a complete practice management system such as accounts, patient details and clinical records, iconpractice allows cluster and block booking control for online booking and integrates with many marketing systems to help you track the effectiveness of your marketing results.

Software features include but are not limited to:

  • Full drag and drop diary
  • Colour code diary sections for new patients etc
  • Online booking with cluster & block booking
  • Full clinical records, including iPad support, preset text input for faster entry
  • Image and move uploads
  • Patient letter functions
  • Patient accounts and third party invoicing
  • Cancellation and DNA follow up systems
  • Reminders via SMS & email
  • Detailed reporting
  • Xero & Mailchimp integration

Been using Iconpractice for 2 months now, and loving it. I’m surprised more clinics don’t use this; its great to be able to check your diary and book people in wherever you are!! Thanks guys!!

Industries Most Suited Towards

Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy


Starts at AU$46 for one practitioner to $179 for 10 practitioners.

View iconpractice’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

9.9c an SMS

18. You’reOnTime

Online Scheduling Software – You'reOnTime | Featured on HealthinomicsYou’reOnTime is a complete automated office for your business. Not just focusing on the basics like Appointment, but everything from a complete Point Of Sale solution, marketing (SMS and Email), comprehensive business reporting, advanced client management included notes, photos and complete histories.

Added to that there are many unique features that set You’reOnTime apart such as electronic forms including signatures and user defined fields. Custom client fields to record all the information you need for your individual business, online bookings to enable your clients to book in their own time, Xero accounting integration and advanced staff scheduling and management.

You’reOnTime really is the software that has your back. Its features include:

  • Class / Appointment Scheduling
  • Online Bookings
  • Website Embedding
  • Membership & Billing Management
  • Programming and Assessment Tracking
  • Reporting Tools

As a Physiotherapy Practice, we have high expectations of any scheduling program that we use. It needs to be flexible, productive and efficient. We’ve found that You’re On time is all that and more.

Industries Most Suited Towards

All service based industries including wellness, spas, medical spas, laser clinics, and paramedical.


From $25 p/m for a single user, up to $100 for 15. If you have over 15 staff, contact You’reOnTime.

View You’reOnTime’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

10c per SMS

19. Jane

Online Scheduling Software – Jane | Featured on HealthinomicsJane is a modern and beautifully designed practice management software being widely adopted by Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Naturopathic Doctors, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Counsellors and many others to run their practices all across Canada, the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. A web based platform, Jane offers online booking, electronic charting (note taking), scheduling and billing features with integrated payment processing, direct insurance billing and multiple integration options. You can use Jane on any type of device – Mac, PC, tablet, mobile or desktop.

Co-founded by a clinic owner named Alison and a developer with an obsessive eye for design called Trevor, Jane is both beautiful to use and very intentionally focussed on the needs and workflows of a hard working private practice. Jane now has an ever growing team of passionate developers and customer support reps that champion Jane both locally and internationally. If you’d like to see Jane in action, you can check out some videos here.

I wanted to report that I have started using Jane and it’s everything you say it is! Easy to use, efficient, powerful. Very much enjoying the user experience so far.

No question, just accolades! Every day that I use Jane I have a moment (or many) where I giddily think…well that was easy!! Thanks for making a great product with wonderful support and that is SO EASY to use!

ALSO, I finally set up the online intake forms and they are FANTASTIC! You guys did such a great job of setting those up, thank you so much! Everyone is super impressed at my work and I keep saying, “It was mainly JANE”


Industries Most Suited Towards

Solo and Small Businesses offering one or a mix of Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Counselling or other non MD medical practices.


Starting at $49/month for Booking and Charting (but most users are on the $74/month for Booking, Charting and Billing). Additional licenses at $15/$25 for full-time practitioners.

There’s no charge for importing, training, set up, support, locations, text reminders or admin staff.

View Jane’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

Free! Included in monthly cost.

20. Omnify

Online Scheduling Software – Omnify | Featured on HealthinomicsOmnify is the simplest scheduling software to help you grow your business online.

Whether you run a fitness center, sports coaching, yoga studio, language school or an online coaching center, Omnify gives you all the tools to grow your business and automate tasks.

Omnify integrates seamlessly with your website to help you take bookings and payments. We also work well with WordPress and provide branded mobile applications.


    • Class scheduling
    • Class package scheduling
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Rental scheduling
    • Event scheduling and management
    • Beautiful website (domain mapping also available)
    • Custom emails
    • Discount coupons
    • Client management
    • Staff management
    • Frontdesk Cloud POS
    • Waitlist management
    • Sales and Analytics
    • Tailored Customer Mobile App
    • Omnify Go Admin App to manage everything on the go

With Omnify’s online scheduling, we could offer our members the convenience to book anytime. The best part was the ability to manage everything from the Omnify Go Mobile app. We could see all our upcoming schedules, the attendees and also call/text them from the app itself. It really took away a lot of hassle from us.

Industries Most Suited Towards

Fitness Studios, Yoga Studios, Pilates Studios, Gyms, Dance Studios, Music Schools, Spas, Salons, Martial Arts Academies, Sports Clubs, Online Coaching, Facility Rentals.


Professional Plan – $25/month
Studio Plan – $60/month
Club Plan – $150/month

Omnify also offer branded iOS and Android applications at an additional $50/month.

View Omnify’s Pricing

SMS Pricing

Omnify doesn’t support SMS services at the moment.

Over To You…

Now you’ve got this list right in front of you, you can make a better decision when it comes to the right software to manage your business, schedule, and bookings.


Without leveraging online scheduling software in your business, you’re missing out on all the awesome ways it can benefit you and automate the things you do on a daily basis, like manually sending appointment reminders.

You don’t want your business running you.

You want to grab your business by the horns and be in control of it.

And that’s EXACTLY what using online software can help you do.

Please share this awesome list of online software for health, wellness and fitness professionals. If it’s helped you out with making a decision on the right software to choose for your business, imagine who else it can help out too.

Danielle McFarland – Co-Founder of Healthinomics

By Danielle McFarland – Co-Founder of Healthinomics

Co-founder of Healthinomics and self-taught entrepreneur with 7 years experience in starting and growing businesses.

I'm a passionate designer and web developer, a guilty perfectionist, and a cappuccino drinker. In my spare time you can find me... wait, hold on, what's spare time? :-)

I'm too busy helping create time-saving tools for health and wellness business owners to market themselves better. Healthinomics is one of those tools.

We designed Healthinomics as a place for you to source ready-made social media images to increase your social media engagement with no time or skills required.

  • Louise

    Thank you so much for listing this Booking and Scheduling Software. I am new to Electronic Media and just starting up a Web Page so I really appreciate you listing this information in an easy to follow and informative format. Thank you, this will definitely help me make an informed decision which booking system to go with.

  • Damien Adler

    Hi Danielle & Sheree, Great article! Thanks for featuring Power Diary. Just as an update we now bill in GBP for our UK users, and USD and Euro billing is being released later this week. No more exchange rate issues or international transaction fees for our UK, USA and Eurozone users! I really like your site. What a brilliant idea! Cheers, Damien (Co-founder, Power Diary)

    • Hey Damien,

      You’re welcome! Power Diary is a great tool so how could we not mention it in our list – I know some of our Mystro users have chosen to transition to you guys 😉

      Thanks for the heads up on your billing info, I’ve updated that for you. Cheers!

      • Damien Adler

        Awesome! Thanks.

  • Hey Damien!

    You’re welcome! Power Diary is a great tool so how could we not mention it in our list – I know some of our Mystro users have chosen to transition to you guys 😉

    Thanks for the heads up on your billing info, I’ve updated that for you – cheers!

  • Charlene

    A great list! I’ve heard of a few others as well, and apparently lots of people are trying out Genbook. They’re cheaper than MindBody, and have some pretty great features. I use it to book my pilates class.

    • Thanks, Charlene! We’ll look into adding Genbook to our list 🙂

  • Quite a list really useful, I wonder why you left CoSchedule it is really an awesome marketing calendar, it helps me to keep my team organized, as am a content writer when I start a post design work and other related works can be assigned to my team members and it is really useful to improve my productivity

    • Hey Girish,

      There’s a good reason for this – CoSchedule is a marketing calendar and this is a list of business and scheduling software 🙂

  • Alison Taylor

    Hi Danielle – we’re clearly not doing our job with awareness! Check out https://janeapp.com/ – we’re Canada’s fastest growing scheduling software and are launching in the UK, US and Australia this month. Love to see a Canadian contender in the mix 🙂

    • Hey Alison!

      We’d be happy to feature Jane in our list – the UI looks great and it has some awesome features that we know our audience will want to know about! I’ll send through an email now to get some details from you 😀

  • Vikram Thomas

    Hi Danielle and Sheree!

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