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A Message from One of Our Happy Customers

Here's what Martha Brown, an Integrative Naturopath, has to say about our bundles of social media images...

How It Works

3 easy steps, even if you're not tech savvy...

Social Media Images – Bundles |


Download your bundles of ready-made social media images

Download any bundle of 20 social media images from our entire collection
Share beautifully designed, high quality visual content without having to create any of it yourself
Take the thinking out of what to share on social media


Brand our social media images as your own

Add your own logo to all our social media images
Increase brand awareness on social media
Give the impression you've got a team managing your social media marketing
Take all the credit for our hard work
Brand Our Social Media Images |
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Share the images on your social media pages

Upload the images to a social media post to share with all your followers
Automate all your social media marketing by scheduling your images in advance using Buffer
Post a diverse range of interesting, educational content on social media consistently, without fail
Keep your social media accounts active and updated with the best content
Watch your engagement and reach increase on social media!

A Message from One of Our Happy Customers

Here's what Joanna Fiminska, Health Coach and author of The D.I.E.T.™ system, has to say about our bundles of social media images...

Danielle and Sheree, Founders of Healthinomics

Hello! We're Danielle & Sheree, founders of Healthinomics.

Back when we started our first business (a mobile massage service), one of the areas we found most time-consuming was social media marketing. Keeping up with posting regularly, coming up with new ideas of what to post, and creating high quality engaging visual content soaked up so much of our time (even with Danielle being a graphic designer).

We knew the power of social media for our business, we knew the importance of engaging with our followers, and we knew visual content gets the most engagement on social media than any other type of content (in fact, it gets shared 40x more). But the problem was that it all took too much time.

So many health and wellness professionals we knew were having the same problem as us and most of them didn't have the skills of a graphic designer. So we decided to create a place where busy business owners like you can access a continual stream of beautiful and compelling ready-made social media images that have been designed to increase your social media engagement.

We've basically done all the hard work so you don't have to because we know being a business owner brings so many challenges and social media marketing doesn't need to be one of them!

Also, one of the great things about our visual content is that you can brand all our social media images as your own! This is a great way to increase brand awareness on social media (and you get to take all the credit for doing nothing).

We encourage you to suggest ideas for content you'd like to share so we can create it. In fact, many of the bundles we've created have come from suggestions our existing customers have sent through because we want to create content you want to share.

Just one more thing (and something we think is very important), we're always just an email away and take the time to help you out if you need it – we always go above and beyond to do that :)

See you on the inside!

Danielle & Sheree

Proudly Supported By Health & Wellness Industry Experts

“Just got to say… I’m so excited!!!! I received a quote from a social media expert for thousands and thousands of dollars! This is exactly what I need. So pumped!”

Michelle Meilleur - Healthinomics

Michelle Meilleur

livingwell - Nutritionist & Health Coach, CA

“Great quality images and quotes that have made my Facebook posts look very professional and a lot more effective. Fabulous value for money and a real time saver.”

Nicola Smith - Divine Therapy | Healthinomics

Nicola Smith

Divine Therapy, AU

“I’ve started incorporating this (along with branding, buffer, etc) and it has been great! 🙂 It totally fits with my busy hectic schedule (huge plus for me!), feedback has been positive, increased interactions and activity with website and social media – translated to increased phone calls, emails and new patients scheduling appts!”

Denise Ward - Bear Creek Physio | Healthinomics

Denise Ward

Bear Creek Physio, CA

“This is like an answer to my prayers! I hate doing social media postings, but I know I need to do it. I’m so looking forward to spending some time this weekend getting these all planned for the year, then NOT worrying about it every day anymore!”

Dr Caitlyn Fanning N.D - Healthinomics

Caitlin Fanning

Dr Caitlin Fanning, N.D., US

High Quality & Engaging Social Media Images

Choose from our collection of high quality, engaging bundles of beautiful social media images. We create content on a wide range of health and wellness topics so you can consistently post diverse, educational and interesting content your followers will want to engage with. We even create content from your suggestions!

We release 8+ new bundles of social media images every month so you'll always have a fresh supply of engaging content to download, share on social media and boost your engagement and reach!

Social Media Images – Menopause Bundle |

Menopause Bundle

Share these ready-made visual Q&A images about menopause on social media. You’ll be able to educate your followers on everything from what menopause is and what symptoms are experienced during menopause to how long menopause lasts.

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Social Media Images – Weight Training Bundle |

Weight Training Bundle

Weight training provides many health benefits from strengthening bone density and boosting metabolism to helping lose weight and improving body composition. This bundle of social media images contains information on what weight training is, why you should do it, the benefits, the do’s and don’t, myths around weight training, and more.

Plus, 100's more bundles of social media images!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You sure can! You can subscribe today and cancel whenever you want.

What currency will my subscription be billed in?

Your subscription will be billed in USD.

What happens once I’ve purchased a subscription?

Once you’ve purchased a subscription, you’ll be able to download any bundle(s) you want instantly. You can upload each social media image inside a bundle to share on social media. You can also go one step further and schedule all of your posts for social media in advance using Buffer to save even more time!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit Card and PayPal. If you’re paying by PayPal, once you’ve filled in your details on the checkout page, you will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete your subscription payment securely.

Can I choose any bundles to download?

Yes! Once you’ve purchased a subscription, you will have access to download any bundle on our entire store! We release 8+ new bundles each month so there’s never a shortage of fresh new social media images to choose from.

Can I share my subscription?

No. Our subscriptions are built for single businesses only. Sharing your subscription with another business owner is not allowed.