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It can be hard to keep your active & updated when you're a busy health & wellness business owner. But you KNOW you need to be on it.

What I'm going to share with you right now will help you market your business better and more professionally on social media with little to no effort.

Healthinomics Social Media Bundles are designed to help health and wellness business owners market themselves better and more professionally on social media with little to no effort.

With the yearly subscription option you can choose 12 bundles over the course of a year and put your social media marketing on autopilot AND save 25%. Or Choose the monthly subscription option and download your bundles every month, setting it up as you go.

Yes! I'm Ready To Grow My Following On Social Media

Let me explain to you what our Healthinomics Social Media Bundles Subscription is and how it will help you...

  • Instant access to our entire library of ready-made social media images.
  • Download any 12 bundles of social media images - each bundle contains 20 images.
  • You'll have enough content to post 5 times a week on social media for an entire year!
  • Get more likes and retweets and shares on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more...
  • All our content is ready-made and ready to share... no design skills required!
  • Save 25+ hours a week on social media marketing right now!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll get with your Healthinomics Social Media Bundles Subscription!

Can you imagine what your life will be like when you have the ability to post engaging, ready-made content on a diverse range of health and wellness topics... any time you want (or need to) - instantly?

You'll save tons of time, it's like having a social media assistant without the high cost!

PLUS, when you act now, you'll also get these awesome BONUSES completely free...

Visual Marketing Ideas | Healthinomics.com


Kickstart Your Social Media Video Course

Learn all about social media, why it’s important for your business, when you should be posting, and how to plan, create and schedule all of your content in advance with this 30 minute video course hosted by the founders of Healthinomics, Danielle and Sheree.

How To Boost Your Followers On Social Media | Healthinomics.com


How To Boost Your Followers On Social Media

15 ways to get more followers on social media to build your presence, reach more potential clients, and supercharge the growth of your business. Couple this with your ready-made social media content and your competitors won't know what hit them!

Visual Marketing Ideas | Healthinomics.com


14 Killer Visual Marketing Ideas For Social Media

A great guide with 14 killer visual marketing ideas for social media that we created just for health and wellness business owners.

Yes! I'm Ready To Grow My Following On Social Media

A Message From Danielle & Sheree, Founders Of Healthinomics

Danielle and Sheree, Founders of Healthinomics

Hello! We're Danielle & Sheree, founders of Healthinomics.

Back when we started our first business (a mobile massage service), one of the areas we found most time-consuming was social media marketing. Keeping up with posting regularly, coming up with new ideas of what to post, and creating high quality engaging visual content soaked up so much of our time (even with Danielle being a graphic designer).

We knew the power of social media for our business, we knew the importance of engaging with our followers, and we knew visual content gets the most engagement on social media than any other type of content (in fact, it gets shared 40x more). But the problem was that it all took too much time.

So many health and wellness professionals we knew were having the same problem as us and most of them didn't have the skills of a graphic designer. So we decided to create a place where busy business owners like you can access a continual stream of beautiful and compelling ready-made social media images that have been designed to increase your social media engagement.

We've basically done all the hard work so you don't have to because we know being a business owner brings so many challenges and social media marketing doesn't need to be one of them!

Also, one of the great things about our visual content is that you can brand all our social media images as your own! This is a great way to increase brand awareness on social media (and you get to take all the credit for doing nothing).

We encourage you to suggest ideas for content you'd like to share so we can create it. In fact, many of the bundles we've created have come from suggestions our existing customers have sent through because we want to create content you want to share.

Just one more thing (and something we think is very important), we're always just an email away and take the time to help you out if you need it – we always go above and beyond to do that :)

See you on the inside!

Danielle & Sheree

How It Works

3 easy steps, even if you're not tech savvy...

Social Media Images – Bundles | Healthinomics.com


Download your bundles of ready-made social media images

Choose 12 different bundles of 20 social media images
Post beautifully designed, high quality visual content without having to create any of it yourself
Take the thinking out of what to post on social media for a whole year
Download all 12 bundles straight away or as you need them throughout the year


Brand our social media images as your own

Add your own branding to all our social media images
Increase brand awareness and get noticed by more potential clients on social media
Look like a social media marketing professional, even if you don't have the design skills or time
Take all the credit for our hard work without even lifting a finger
Brand Our Social Media Images | Healthinomics.com
Share Social Media Images | Healthinomics.com


Share the images on your social media pages

Upload the images to a post on social media and share with all your followers
Easily automate all your social media marketing by scheduling your posts in advance with a tool like Buffer
Post 5 times a week for an entire year!
Post a diverse range of interesting content on social media consistently, without fail
Keep your social media accounts active and updated with the best content
Watch your engagement and reach increase on social media!
Yes! I'm Ready To Grow My Following On Social Media

Don't just take my word for it, take a look at what others are saying about Healthinomics Social Media Bundles...

Trusted By Thousands of Health & Wellness Professionals!

"I love the Healthinomics bundles. They have made my social media interactions and postings so much easier and are making a huge difference to my ability to reach potential patients and interact with the ones I have."
Marta Brown
Integrative Naturopath
"There are so many places I need to put my energy into and having the social media bundles ready for me to use and share with my clients saves me so much time I can’t even tell you guys. It’s like having my own social media assistant."
Joanna Fiminska
Health Coach
"My # of page visits is up 35% and weekly total reach is also up 40%. I’m noticing a difference in my booking schedule and have had the most number of new patients this week since I started my business!! I’m happy!"
Nicole Trudgeon
Acupuncture Holistic Medicine
"I’m getting more likes and retweets on Twitter and Facebook. I hope that those lead to more business in the near future. After spending over an hour, I was able to get my whole year of posts ready! Now I can focus more on my business.

 Jennifer Boutin 

Pramana Therapies

Proudly Supported By Health & Wellness Industry Experts

High Quality & Engaging Social Media Images

Access our collection of high quality and engaging bundles of beautiful social media images. Download your choice of 12 different bundles straight away or as you need them throughout the year.

Choose from content in a range of health and wellness categories.

Consistently post diverse, interesting images your audience will love to engage with. You can even suggest bundles of social media images you want us to create!

We release 8+ new bundles of social media images every month so you'll always have a fresh supply of engaging content to choose from to instantly post on social media, build your presence and reach more clients!

Social Media Images - Life Truths Bundle | Healthinomics.com

Life Truths Bundle

Part of life is learning as you go, there’s no instruction manual as much as one would be handy at times. Part of life is experiencing the struggles, the triumphs, the ups and the downs. With this bundle, you can share 20 beautiful life truths you didn’t learn at school… but probably wish you had.

Social Media Images – Menopause Bundle | Healthinomics.com

Menopause Bundle

Share these ready-made visual Q&A images about menopause on social media. You’ll be able to educate your followers on everything from what menopause is and what symptoms are experienced during menopause to how long menopause lasts.

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Social Media Images – Weight Training Bundle | Healthinomics.com

Weight Training Bundle

Weight training provides many health benefits from strengthening bone density and boosting metabolism to helping lose weight and improving body composition. This bundle of social media images contains information on what weight training is, why you should do it, the benefits, the do’s and don’t, myths around weight training, and more.

Plus, 100's more bundles of social media images!

You're Just One Step Away From Having All Your Social Marketing Content Planned For An Entire Year...

Pay For a Year Upfront & Save 25%!

Get a year's worth of social media images and save 25%! Download all your bundles straight away or as you need them throughout the year.
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Download 12 bundles every year
  • That's 240 social media images to post 5 times a week for an entire year!
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Valued at $480. Save $120!
Download 24 bundles every year
  • That's 480 social media images to post 10 times a week for an entire year!
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Pay Monthly

Download a different bundle of 20 social media images every month.
/ mo
Download 1 bundle every month
  • That's 20 social media images every month to post 5 times a week!
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Download 2 bundles every month
  • That's 40 social media images every month to post 10 times a week!
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