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When you purchase one of our Done-For-You Resources, you get the Resell Rights, which means you get the rights to resell the resource to your buyers (for their personal use) at a price of your choice.

That’s right! You buy the resource from us once, then resell it unlimited times to as many people as you like – and keep 100% of the profits!

Benefits of Our Done-for-You Resources

  • Instantly access a done-for-you resource that you can start selling to your audience today.
  • Generate another income source for your business and grow your business.
  • You choose your sale price.
  • You keep 100% of the profits.
  • You don’t need to trade your time for money – sell while you sleep.
  • Save tons of time, avoid creating your own resources to sell.
  • To sell our digital resources you don’t need to invest money in inventory. You can sell the same resource over and over again without needing to replenish inventory.
  • Print our digital resources to create a physical product to sell.
  • No Healthinomics branding.

What You Can Do With Our Resources:

  • Can sell to your customers for their personal use.
  • Can promote on your website, blog, social media, emails, and in your practice or clinic.
  • Can print offline and sell as a physical copy (great for eBooks).

What You Cannot Do With Our Resources:

  • Cannot give away for free.
  • Cannot modify/change the resource in any way.
  • Cannot modify/change the graphics or cover of eBooks.
  • Cannot reproduce, duplicate, or transmit any part of the resource.
  • Cannot add to free membership websites.

PLUS Bonus Sales Material to Help You Promote Your Resource

Sales Page

A pre-written landing page so you can start selling the resource instantly. Use as-is or use as a base to create your own landing page from.

Promotional Images

Pre-designed promotional images and GIF/static banners to use when promoting your resource.

Lead Magnet

A pre-made lead magnet, which you can offer your customers for FREE in return for their email address. Then, simply upsell the paid resource once they opt in!

Email Swipes

Pre-written email templates that relate to the topic of the resource purchased. Simply copy and paste into your email client to promote the resource.

Social Media Images

Ready-made social media images that relate to the topic of the resource purchased. Great for sharing on social and including your link to purchase the resource in the post description.


Pre-written articles that relate to the topic of the resource purchased. Copy and paste into a blog post or use as content to send via email and promote your resource.

Learn more about the sales material included→

Our Done-For-You Resources

The Daily Affirmation Handbook

A comprehensive guide for attracting health, wealth, and happiness into your life.

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The Self-Love Handbook - Healthinomics

The Self-Love Handbook

Discover how to love yourself to boost your self-esteem and heal your mind, body, and soul.

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More done-for-you resources coming soon!