Subscription & Payment

How do I purchase a subscription?

Purchasing a subscription with Healthinomics is easy! Simply visit our Subscribe page and click the 'Subscribe Now' button below the subscription of your choice. You will be taken to the checkout page to process payment for your subscription via PayPal. Once your payment has been processed, you will be able to start downloading our bundles of social media content!

How do I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

To upgrade or downgrade your subscription, you will need to first cancel your current subscription and then purchase the new subscription depending on whether you want to upgrade or downgrade. To cancel your subscription, follow these steps. Then, purchase your new subscription here.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express or PayPal.

Can I purchase multiple subscriptions to download more bundles?

You can purchase multiple subscriptions if they are different (i.e. a yearly 12 bundle subscription and a yearly 24 bundle subscription to download 36 bundles per year). However, you can't purchase multiple of the same subscription (the bundle credits will not be applied to your account).

If you wish to purchase multiple of the same subscription, please contact us.

Do my bundle credits expire if I don't download them?

Yes. You MUST download all your bundles before your next renewal date, or they will expire. You can track how many downloads you have remaining on the My Account page in the 'Downloads' tab:

healthinomics-download-credits You can find out when your next billing date is on the My Subscriptions page: healthinomics-subscription-details

Is support available once I've purchased a subscription?

Yes! We're happy to help whenever you need it. We're just an email away!

Can I get a refund if I wish to cancel my subscription?

We do not provide refunds for cancelled subscriptions as we make it very easy for you to cancel your subscription at any time. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will no longer be charged.

Can I share my subscription with another business?

Our subscriptions are for single businesses only, sharing your subscription with another business is not allowed. You are granted the rights to use a bundle for a single business only. If you manage social media accounts for multiple businesses, get in touch for our enterprise plans.


How do I download a bundle?

To download a bundle, you will first need an active subscription with available downloads remaining on your monthly/yearly limit, depending on the subscription you have purchased. If you have an active subscription, make sure you are logged before attempting to download a bundle.

Then, simply click the 'Download Now' button next to any bundle you wish to download.

If you're logged in, have an active subscription and have not used up your current month/year's download limit, the file will begin downloading.

If you're not logged in or do not have an active subscription, you will be directed to our Subscribe page to purchase a subscription.

Where can I view my downloaded bundles?

You can view the bundles you have downloaded on the My Account page in the table under the Downloads section.

What can and can't I do with the social media images?

You are free to:

  • Brand the social media images with your business logo.
  • Share the individual social media images to your social media pages, website, blog, and in email marketing providing you are not offering the social media images as a free or paid resource to opt-in on your website, blog, or anywhere else.

You are not allowed to:

  • Provide any bundle of social media images and/or individual social media image as a free or paid resource to opt-in on your website, blog, or anywhere else.
  • Re-sell, re-distribute, sublicense, rent out, or give away any bundle of social media images and/or individual social media image.
  • Include any bundle of social media images and/or individual social media image in any products offered for sale.
  • Use any social media image in a logo, trademark, or service mark.
  • Include a bundle of social media images and/or individual social media image in any online or offline archive or database.
  • Use a bundle of social media images and/or individual social media image for multiple businesses. Multiple subscriptions must be purchased per business.
  • Share a bundle of social media images and/or individual social media image with another person and/or business. A downloaded bundle may be used by a single business, the purchaser, and may not be shared with others.

What is a download limit?

Depending on the subscription you have purchased, you will have a limit for the number of bundles you can download each month/year.

What file format are the bundles provided in?

Each bundle of images consist of a folder with a set of PNG files inside it. The bundle folder is compressed into a ZIP folder, ready for you to download. This is because compressed files can be downloaded quicker than uncompressed files.

Once you have downloaded a bundle and extracted the ZIP folder, you will be able to access all PNG images inside the folder. You can then upload one of the PNG images from the bundle when posting on social media.

Here's a visual to give you an idea of what the structure looks like:

Healthinomics Bundle Folder Structure

How do I extract the ZIP folder to access the bundle images?

Once the bundle has downloaded, find the ZIP folder on your computer (usually in your downloads folder).

Since most computers come with a default extraction program to unzip folders, you should just be able to double-click on the folder to extract and access the files inside it. If this does not work, you, you will need to download a program like Zipeg to unzip the folder. Once you've downloaded this program, you will be able to double-click on the folder to extract it.

For Chromebook Users

If you're having trouble extracting a ZIP folder on your Chromebook, this is not because there's a problem with the ZIP folder, but rather because Chromebook doesn't support zip folder extraction (you'd think technology would be a little more advanced!).

All you need to do is download the CloudConvert app to extract ZIP folder on your Chromebook.

Can I download bundles on my phone or tablet?

While we recommend downloading bundles on your PC or laptop, you can also download bundles on your phone or tablet too. However, because iOS and Android do not support the extraction of ZIP folders by default, you will need to download an app if you want to extract the bundle ZIP folder and view its contents on your iOS or Android device also:

  • If you're using an iOS device (iPhone / iPad), you will need to download an app like Zip Viewer.
  • If you're using an Android device, you will need to download an app like AndroZip™.

My download failed, what do I do?

If your download failed, please get in touch with us immediately. Do not try to download the bundle again as this will be deducted from your monthly/yearly download limit.

My download finished, but I can’t find it?

Downloads generally go into the "Downloads" folder of your computer. If not, check your default save location that's been set on your computer. You can find your browser's default save location by checking the settings:

  • Firefox:
    1. Select "Tools", then "Options" from the menu at the top of the browser.
    2. Under the "General" tab, look at the "Save files to" option in the Downloads section.
  • Internet Explorer:
    1. Select "Tools", then "Options" from the menu at the top of the browser.
    2. Under the "General" tab, look at the "Save files to" option in the Downloads section.
  • Safari:
    1. Select the icon that looks like a gear at the top right-hand part of the browser menu bar.
    2. Select "Preferences".
    3. Under the "General" tab, look at the "Save downloaded files to" option.

Can I add my own branding to the images in your bundles?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to add your own branding to our images! We recommend using an online tool like Pablo or Canva to add things like your own logo and website address to the images in our bundles. In this video, we show you how:

Are the images in your bundles free from copyright?

Yes! We only use stock photos and resources in our designs that are completely free for commercial use under the Creative Commons License or in the Public Domain. This ensures you’ll never run into any copyrighting issues.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you can’t find the answer to your question, get in touch.