Julianne Brunswick By Julianne Brunswick   •   September 10, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has irrevocably changed our lives. Handshakes and hugs gave way to social distancing, planned vacations turned into wellness retreats, skincare routines included sanitation, and gym sessions shifted to working out at home. And with our shared grief over our lost past lives came our heightened appreciation for life. As a result, we now pour more attention into improving our overall health and wellbeing.

Businesses all around, particularly in the wellness industry, focus their attention on promoting health and safety measures as the centre of their marketing strategies and campaigns. This is how they offer new ways of connecting with ourselves, with other people, and with nature. So to guide you in moving forward in the wellness industry, here are three trends businesses and customers should know about.

Home Ergonomics

Many businesses have shifted (and are shifting) to remote work — not just last year, but for the indefinite future. While this step was taken to continue business operations while keeping employees safe from the pandemic, working remotely still takes a toll on these workers. There are lesser avenues for physical activity and social interaction, as the working days are just spent sitting down and staring at a computer screen.

As such, to ensure the physical wellbeing of workers wherever they are, their office space should foster safety and comfort through ergonomic measures. This starts with an office chair like the NeueChair Ergonomic Office Chair, which has adjustable armrest height and lumbar support, as well as a breathable mesh back.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget other accessories, like an elevated keyboard or a comfortable mouse. Brands such as Logitech, Kinesis, and 3M are examples of brands that offer these kinds of ergonomic accessories. For example, the Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse reduces wrist strain with its sculpted shape and strategically placed trackball.

At-Home Wellness

As mentioned above, the opportunities to incorporate exercise into our daily routine have decreased. But while this setup is here to remain, physical fitness can still be achieved, through at-home workouts and exercise programs. There are free YouTube exercise videos that are sure to make you sweat, but there are also online fitness classes that include personalised training conducted by fitness professionals.

Workout essentials like resistance bands, kettlebells, and yoga mats are now in demand. These space-saving items help in achieving a good workout routine by allowing bodyweight movements and unilateral exercises. Equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes also aid in reaching that target heart rate and movement for the day.

Personalised Health Tools

Nowadays, more and more people strive to achieve their health goals and to do that, they are seeking a deeper understanding of their bodies. That is why telemedicine and health services apps are being utilised more than before.

Adults take pride in managing their health independently. With the use of apps like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal, they can gather significant information like their heart rate, REM cycles, water intake, and body mass index. These data points can then be used in pointing out areas of improvement and planning their daily physical activities. Moreover, with these trackers and free apps, users can build better habits aimed towards achieving their personal goals.

In addition, there are also apps that promote mental wellbeing, like Headspace and Daylio. They can be used as guides for meditation and stress relief and as a diary that tracks mood, routines, and goals.

As we continue to be more conscious of our health and wellbeing, and in light of the ongoing fight against COVID-19, these wellness trends are definitely here to stay.

Julianne Brunswick

By Julianne Brunswick

Julianne Brunswick is an all-around fitness enthusiast who has been using tech to better monitor her progress. Her goals this year include participating in a triathlon and learning to love kale.

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