Carolyn Hand By Carolyn Hand   •   January 12, 2021

The global health crisis has impacted all sectors ⁠— especially the wellness industry. Around the world, gyms and spas have been forced to close their doors (temporarily or otherwise).

However, one silver lining to the pandemic is that people are expected to become more mindful about their health moving forward, which means that a post-pandemic wellness boom is well on its way. Of course, attracting customers in 2021 will be a lot different and possibly harder than previous years.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the best tips that can help wellness businesses attract more clients and financially recover from the pandemic in 2021.

1. Encourage Being Proactive About Health

If there’s anything that the pandemic has put a spotlight on, it’s that simple health measures such as hand hygiene are essential in preventing diseases from spreading. Your customers will more than appreciate repeated reminders that your business cares about health and safety measures ⁠— especially since a lot of folks are still wary of going outside their homes.

As wellness establishments slowly tread these uncertain times, your business will be able to stay afloat by having a marketing strategy and campaign that is focused on helping your customers realize that the services you offer will improve their health and wellness. Make sure you emphasize the importance of self-care during these times, so consumers can find the value in your business and see you as an ally.

2. Offer Virtual Services

The pandemic has pushed a lot of businesses online, and the wellness industry is not exempt. In fact, more than 79% of specialists in the U.S. have chosen to provide their services virtually ⁠— and we can expect this trend to continue.

Aside from telehealth providers, wellness brands that focus on skincare, haircare, nutrition, and mental health have also adopted virtual consultations. Because of this, your wellness establishment should be able to utilize available tech tools.

Look into reliable platforms such as Amwell or Plushcare in order to provide uninterrupted and superb services to your customer. Furthermore, you should also try to engage with new and old customers by sending out weekly or monthly newsletters that provide valuable information about your services and industry.

3. Open Safely & Responsibly

Despite the convenience of online services, some physical experiences can’t be replaced.

For instance, there will still be consumers who prefer gym equipment and working out with a group over a virtual yoga or fitness class. As such, opening a gym is still a viable business opportunity. Group exercise studios, in particular, are predicted to recover by March 2021 back to their thriving 2019 levels. However, it’s essential to earn customers’ trust that your establishment is upholding the best safety practices.

In order to ensure that your gym follows health and hygiene protocols, you should regularly employ the services of a professional cleaning company and require mask usage inside your establishment. Doing so can increase the general public’s confidence in your business and make it more inviting to new customers.

4. Make It Inclusive

Diversity and inclusivity have long been a concern by the public for the wellness sector. Unfortunately, the industry as a whole hasn’t always been welcoming to all body types, races, and genders.

Indeed, a recent report shows how many wellness businesses lack representation for people of color and LGBT folks. This has ended up dissuading these communities, who are still part of the market and can benefit from such wellness practices.

One way to push for inclusivity in your wellness establishment is by having a diverse representation at all levels of your organization — from managers to your staff. This further establishes that your wellness business embraces people from all backgrounds, as well as ensuring that your campaigns and messaging don’t only target one demographic.

For more tips on how your wellness business can survive these tough times, be sure to check our blog.

Carolyn Hand

By Carolyn Hand

Carolyn Hand is an all-around fitness enthusiast who has been using tech to better monitor her progress. Her goals this year include participating in a triathlon and learning to love kale.

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