Yogesh Osher By Yogesh Osher   •   February 4, 2020

Business owners have multiple and great challenges!

We need to be inspired and invigorated to do the hard work of running our business, keeping staff motivated, our clients pleased, and suppliers paid. On top of that is the family to care for, as well as home and garden chores, and the list never ends…

All the while, we need to take care of our own wellbeing so that we don’t get overwhelmed, stressed, and fall apart.

It’s not an easy task at all. I know, because I’m a business owner myself!

So how do we balance it all?

How do we build a lifestyle that accommodates all the needs while keeping health and wellbeing on a positive flow?

When I was a young man I lost my way amongst so many external demands and conditions that pushed my body, my mind and my spirit into a corner.

I felt caged, locked and trapped – the pain of my autoimmune condition was so great, the grieving of the loss of my mother was so deep, and the lack of any significant ideological meaning was so prevalent, that I was ready to do anything to find a solution.

The following years have been a journey of discovery of these three secrets.

Please let me share them with you today and, maybe, they will help you too…

The three secrets I use to keep it all together – and have been using for the last 20 years – have never failed me, and every time I seem to fall from the mark of joy and fulfilment, I go back to them religiously. I begin implementing them and, sure enough, within days or even hours, I am back on track! I also teach and guide many people on how to use these secrets, helping them to achieve a balanced daily flow to get the results they need.

So before I go ahead and share these secrets with you I want to ask you a question… 

Actually I want you to ask yourself this question, because your answer is what matters most to you, to your wellbeing, and your life balance.


Ask yourself — “Am I willing to change?!”

Sounds simple, but the fact is that it’s not so easy to reach balance and a steady flow of wellbeing because it’s not so easy to change. And change is only possible with the willingness to change.

If your honest answer to yourself is that you are not willing to change then don’t waste your time reading any further.

But if your answer is YES, I am willing to change, to grow, to expand, to commit to my wellbeing, to commit to my life goals, to the wellness and wellbeing of others… then I want to invite you now to discover these secrets with me…

Secret #1: Regulation Of Your Body

The first secret is the regulation of your body.

It is impossible to keep healthy, young, inspired and motivated if we indulge, neglect, or abuse our body. And this means different things for different people, but in general, you know what’s best for you and what is not. So start by implementing a regulation system. Do mostly what you know is good for your body and only occasionally what is not so good for your body.

Regulation means having a routine. It means planning your days, weeks and months.

Regulation of the body is an art, not just a task. The body is the vehicle that carries you through life to your goals, your aspirations, your wins, and your dreams.

Keep your body in good condition. You can’t expect your body to do all that hard work for you and you give nothing in return. It is a ‘give and receive’ relationship.

But the tricky part of this is that your body will also deceive you. It will say “I need this and that” or “I want this or that”, but if you listen to your body’s desires regulation will be out the window.

Think about your body as a car and yourself as the driver, you know what the body needs better than the desires arising from the sensations in the body.

For example, deep-fried foods are far more attractive than steamed broccoli, but surely the latter is by far better for your body.

So, regulate your body every day, and do it with love and care, like caring for a child. Give it the necessary foods, sleep, fun, hydration, exercise and see for yourself how your body will respond immediately with vitality and greater energy levels.

(If this is a confusing and frustrating problem for you then that means there is a need to get the help that will open you up for a clearly regulated lifestyle that is productive for you, and still fun!)

Secret #2: Disciplined Mind

The next secret is a disciplined mind.

Yes, I know, not very cool. But bare with me as this is a key ingredient for success in whatever you set out to do in life. From raising your children to making millions, a disciplined mind is crucial. Why? Because the mind is the driver of your life. You can drive to hell or to heaven, and it’s your mind and how you use it that makes the difference.

A positive mind is born with practice, a negative mind grows with neglect. If we don’t do anything consciously to build up the power of our positivity, the mind will naturally resort to bad thoughts, bad habits, bad behaviours and devastating consequences inevitably follow.

On the contrary, a mind that is practised, that is directed to gratitude, forgiveness, wisdom, understanding, joy, orderliness and cleanliness will certainly become blissful.

And this is the second secret – the second key. Discipline the mind, do not let it drive you to hell, take charge and drive with your mind to heaven. Make time in the day, like in the early morning, that you contemplate with super positivity, and feel forgiveness, gratitude and joy.

These feelings will be experienced in your body and inform your body how to feel so that you can heal. And yes, use your imagination for this purpose, your imagination is a source of great power to use it for the good, and good will follow you.

There are plenty of techniques out there that you can use to cultivate the discipline of a positive mind. Guided meditations, affirmations, daily mindfulness apps, etc. They are all meaningful if used with consistency. The key here is too choose wisely and then persistently use the method that works for you. If you have been using one method for some time and you don’t get the results its time to review it, adjust it, or maybe even replace it.

Remember this: the mind can move down to matter or up to spirit. Make sure that the method you use helps your mind to rise up to spirit, which brings me to the next secret…

Secret #3: Elevated Spirit

The third secret is an elevated spirit.

This secret is powerful and, I would say, even crucial for lasting success in any aspect of life, work business, relationships, health, wellness… you name it!

Having a spirit that soars high above the daily problems is a source of great empowerment and motivation. So how do we achieve this? How can we have an elevated spirit when the bottom line or material gain has become the most prevalent measure out there?

Well, let’s start with the ‘Why’.

Is your ‘Why’ big enough?

Is it so big that it is actually unachievable with material means?

If your ‘Why’ is achievable with material means, that means it’s in the realm of the body and mind and it’s surely not big enough to keep your spirit soaring.

So make a big ‘Why’… a huge WHY!

Make it so big that you’ll never be able to complete the achievement of it. But the process of achieving it will be the most fulfilling process that you can ever have!

Use an ideal quality to describe it, don’t use a physical or mental or an external measure, like “I want to be free to travel”, or “I want to be able to pay my debts”. But, rather use your WHY for your inner flow.

For example: “I want to live in fulfilment and bliss”, or “I want to realise my true nature”, or “I want to be a catalyst for the global consciousness shift”, “I want to live with love and compassion”. These are quality-based ‘Whys’ and they can carry your spirit upwards to be in a positive flow regardless of external conditions or challenges. In fact, external challenges only strengthen your big ‘Why’ because they give the opportunity to put it into practice.

Take a moment every day, from the moment you wake up, to reflect on your ‘Why’. This elevates your spirit and helps you align your daily choices with your vow, with your big Why.

And then dedicate some time to cultivating your ability to rise up to that inner place of joy, the place where you are one with the creator of your world. Some call it meditation. I call it a connection. Having this regular connection to your spirit is an invaluable treasure!

So lets recap…

Secret One: to build a regulated bodily routine. Use nutrition, hydration, Breath, Exercise, Sleep and fun to keep your vehicle fresh, clean and energised.

Secret Two: Guide and discipline your mind to go towards gratitude, forgiveness, expansion, joy and wisdom, move your mind from matter to spirit. By using a consistent practice of lifting the vision higher to get more insights you install a positive flow in your mind.

Secret Three: Elevate your spirit. Find and remember daily a ‘Why’ that’s far greater than your little ego self, that connects you to your highest self. Reflect upon it as soon as you wake up in the morning, every morning!

Final Words…

These three secrets, if implemented daily, can ground you in wellness, and bring you great joy for many many years!

I hope this inspires you. To inspire and help people find and cultivate a life of wellness, balance, joy and fulfilment is my life purpose. If you resonate with this approach I invite you to check out our upcoming Program here:


And if you want to just learn more about how to do a detox that truly rebalances and refreshes your being, download this e-book for free:


From my heart to your total wellness and success,
Yogesh Osher.

Yogesh Osher

By Yogesh Osher

Yogesh Osher, founder of Living Total Wellness, is a leading expert in helping people who suffer from stress, lack of energy and chronic conditions to discover willpower and inner strengths to become free from painful conditions and achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

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