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If social media has evolved so has the lingo. Yet no modern slang can make us forget about good grammar.

writing tools

Forget about posting a clever, deep and funny message. Get one punctuation wrong and the grammar Nazis will hunt you down lest the internet run wild with memes.

Because bad grammar is bad for business.

After all, professionals should be able to communicate clear and error-free.

It’s beyond being grammar nerds, it’s about showing our keen attention to detail. As professionals, we don’t want to risk sounding like amateurs and ignorants.

According to U.K. firm Global Lingo, 59% of 1,029 Britons will not waste time on a website with grammatical mistakes.

Poor spelling and grammar are also the top turn-offs for customers in social media. This was according to another study from Disruptive Communications.

But be nice people, nobody’s perfect here. Besides, we can’t help it. With so many things running in our minds when we go online, a missing comma is the least of our concerns.

The good news is, there are social media writing tools automated to proofread. All these tools do is make sure every word you share is right to their standards, down to the last dot, or period.

Here are the best 15 social media writing tools that can help you write much better. To create that perfect post.

1. Ulysses

Social Media Writing Tools

Ulysses is the app for the busy writer who needs to get rid of distractions and focus on writing. On top of everything, it’s user-friendly. This app helps you write better in many devices (Mac, ipads, iphones) and organizes all your writings in one library so you can edit or export it later.

Export your writing piece to word, PDF, even directly to WordPress. Ulysses is that functional and costs $39.99 USD for desktop per year.

2. After the Deadline

Social Media Writing Tools

If you’re too tired or busy to catch a misspelled word and proofread your work After the Deadline (AtD) isn’t.

As a web plug-in, AtD proofreads your work in WordPress blogs and bbPress forums. Use it as an add-on for Firefox or as an extension for Google Chrome.

AtD checks errors for spelling, style and grammar then suggests how you can improve them. Don’t be confused with their color coding scheme. Error category is highlighted in red, green and blue to guide you.

What makes this so much useful is the simple drag-and-drop of your text into the box. Copy and paste your new improved text and you’re better than when you started.

3. 1 Checker

If you want a spelling and grammar checker straight from Microsoft Word, 1 Checker is for you.

With 1 Checker, there’s no need to copy and paste and back and forth to web browsers, it can be integrated in Word, in your browser or directly in social media sites as you write your posts.

This tool is better than Microsoft word when it comes to catching grammatical and spelling errors. Plus, it’s always FREE. Big check to that.

4. Writefull

Social Media Writing Tools

Sometimes, we tend to forget the right adjective or preposition to use. It’s hard to get the right combination of words to use all the time.

If you’re unsure of word usage, Writefull can help suggest which word is most appropriate for a particular context.

Like which preposition should follow a word or which is the better term to use. It checks against a comprehensive language database online to show you how often a phrase has been used in context.

As this tool goes beyond grammar and spelling. Use it to find better synonyms, define a word, translate a text or pronounce it right.

Writefull works in any writing tool – from MS Word to Gmail. Another thing, it’s also FREE.

5. Easy Word Count

Social Media Writing Tools

In SEO, the number of words count. If you want to keep track of your words and characters, use this free tool online.

The board is clean and simple, you can spot errors easily in conjunction with other social media writing tools. Two words that count here: accurate and FREE.

6. Plagiarism Checker

Social Media Writing Tools

Ever wondered if your work is 100% original?

We never intend to copy someone’s work but sometimes we are influenced by what we read. So we flesh out the words that come out of our minds as we researched them.

But be brave enough to check your work for plagiarism to avoid being accused even of accidental plagiarism. This tool works as copy-and-paste to check how original your work is..

Be confident in all your posts. Re-write copycats. Aim for 100% originality.

7. Writerack

Social Media Writing Tools

Since our topic is narrowed down to the best social media writing tools let’s focus on the tool that works best on twitter: Writerack.

When you can’t condense your thoughts into 140 words let Writerack do it for you. This tool automatically splits your text into tweetable chunks and post them in succession.

The free app is functional but you can still avail the premium plan for only $19.99/year.

8. ByWord 2

Social Media Writing Tools

Ideas can hit us anywhere. When you’ve been tortured with mental block for some time, a sudden gush of ideas can get you scrambling to the nearest device to blurt out your thoughts.

Never lose what you write with Byword.

Whether you use your desktop, iPad, iPhone or your Mac, from your office or at home, Byword backs up your files anywhere.

All you have to do is write smoothly and save your work securely with Byword.

9. Language Tool

Social Media Writing Tools

Social media writing tools are great but most are limited in one language.

Language tool goes beyond grammar check in English. It edits and proofreads in more than 20 languages.

Like most copy-and-paste social media writing tools, just paste your text in the block and get instant feedback and suggestions.

Don’t worry if you want to express your thoughts in Polish, German, French or English, you’ve got this tool to proofread for you.

10. Spell Check Plus

Social Media Writing Tools

SpellCheckPlus catches most errors that the built-in spell checker in Microsoft Word can’t.

SpellCheckPlus Pro can even tell you why it’s wrong. Then suggests how you can fix it. Sounds like a good teacher, right?

It’s another convenient tool you can use online for free, up to 500 words.

You can try SpellCheckPlus Pro for only $15/year to unlock restrictions. The paid version offers a larger screen editor with no ads along with other language enhancement features. 

11. Slick Write

Social Media Writing Tools

Slick Write looks simple at first glance but as one of the most used social media writing tools, it packs a punch.

This all-in-one tool gives more than grammar and spelling tips but provides useful data to help you write better.

Notice that the statistics screen includes reading time, passive voice index, readability and more. If you are the perfectionist type Slick Write can help get it right.

Take advantage of all these for free.

12. Hemingway Editor

Social Media Writing Tools

Perhaps, this is one of the most trusted social media writing tools online.

The Hemingway Editor is different from the rest of the pack. It’s not focused on grammar or spelling but on readability. If you want to tweak weak and wordy sentences this is the only free tool online that can help.

Stop guessing what’s wrong with each sentence. Hemingway color-codes errors. The highlights depend on the gravity of the error. Red is the worst.

You’ll notice that adverbs and passive voices are against Hemingway’s readability principles. Also, drop all complex sentences if you want your mistakes down to zero.

You’ll know when you’re done editing because Hemingway displays the stats on the side. It looks cool when in fact, it’s the summary of your mistakes.

It’s a good thing the online tool is free. Try pasting a piece of your writing into the tool and see how you can improve your prose. Combine it with other grammar and spell checkers to perfect your work.

Then again, if you want to further strengthen your writing both online or offline, there’s a Hemingway tool for that.

Go premium and get the desktop tool for $19.99.

13. Grammarly

Social Media Writing Tools

Google Chrome and Grammarly go hand in hand together. Or other web browsers you prefer like Safari or Firefox.

Write grammatically correct texts on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere else on the web where you can write.

The best things about Grammarly is it pops up all the time. You’ll be surprised how updated its vocabulary is for modern words like social media terminologies and Internet slangs.

It’s strict on punctuation and unforgiving on capitalization which is distracting every time you write.

Both the web app and the browser plug in offer the standard editorial features.

Premium accounts are available if you want to catch serious contextual errors, grammatical mistakes and other advanced writing improvements.

14. ProWritingAid

Social Media Writing Tools

This is another free option online. Check up to 3,000 words for redundancies, clichés, grammatical mistakes, complex sentences and even plagiarism.

It’s free online but the premium desktop tool ranges from $40 to $140.

15. 300Editors

Social Media Writing Tools

Some people still prefer human proofreaders than any other automated tools.

So 300Editors is the only one of its kind in our social media writing tools list.

Because, you don’t use any tool to proofread your work here, you use real proofreaders.

But why did we shortlist 300Editors?

This one offers real-time editing and proofreading among other human choices.

You can watch while your work is being edited via Google Docs.

Simply log in, send your work, review the quotation and they’ll match with you a live editor. Editors are always standing by, 24/7.

For Hassel-Free Visual Content: Try Healthinomics

social media writing tools

Then again, if you need a break from creating content for your social media posts try a unique marketing solution.

We recommend Healthinomics for health and wellness professionals or enthusiasts alike.

There are many beautiful bundles to choose from. These ready-made visual contents aren’t just well-designed, they are packed with engaging facts.

Whatever bundle you choose is sure to engage and grow your following on social media.

Best of all, it saves you time thinking about what effective posts to share next.

In line with our theme, have peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to proofread, edit or fact check these content. You can be sure everything is error-free.

The Edge of Writing Well

social media writing school

The best of the best writers know the value of re-writing.

We can all dismiss social media writing tools if we’re not serious writers. But consider getting one as a Professional who needs to achieve these goals:

  • You want to learn and improve your communication skills
  • You want higher mastery in the language you choose to express yourself
  • You want to sound like an educated and intellectual professional
  • You want a safety net in every writing output
  • You want to spend more time doing better things than constantly proofreading

At the end of the day, we can’t have it all. But giving it our best is close to being perfect. And gets us closer to our goals in business.

Want to learn more actionable social media marketing and business tips? Don’t forget to check out other helpful ideas that help grow your business!

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