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Email newsletters are a fantastic way to connect with your clients in a format that provides more room for information. However, with the high number of emails people receive every day in today’s digital world, your business needs to ensure that your newsletters are well crafted to grab the attention of your clients and keep them reading. To help you prepare an effective newsletter, we’ve compiled our top tips to help you engage with your clients.

Add Value

Before you spend countless hours developing the content for your email newsletter, it’s essential that you ensure it adds value to your prospective and existing clients. In order to do this, you can use the data you’ve received from your existing clients for what they find most compelling about your business.

Businesses often forget that loyal clients who repeatedly purchase their services or products are the best source of why your business is at the top of their list. Once you have the relevant information, you will be able to create a newsletter that grabs your reader’s attention and encourages them to engage with your business.

Relatable Images

Images are an excellent addition to make a newsletter stand out as they’re easier to digest, visually pleasing, and often add entertainment value to your newsletters. However, any old image won’t result in producing more leads or generating sales; the images you choose for the newsletter need to be relevant to the overall content to ensure it hits your reader’s inbox in the right way.

How you position your images alongside the content will also have an impact on how well your newsletter is received; for help with your layout, explore email newsletter templates.

Business Culture

When you send a newsletter to your clients, there’s always a set goal to drive them to the website in order to boost sales. However, alongside this call to action, you can also include a touch of your business culture in the newsletter to provide your clients with a deeper insight into your company. Pictures from recent social gatherings, quotes from staff, or a Q&A with a member from the upper management team are all fantastic touches that can increase your customer engagement and your brand’s positive image.

Your newsletter is an excellent opportunity to showcase your employees and their accomplishments for the business that will make your readers feel as if they’re part of the team.

Eye-Catching Subject Lines

Your reader’s inboxes are often overflowing with emails from friends, family, and other businesses, which is why an eye-catching subject line is vital to ensure that your newsletter is not only seen but opened and read. Sparking the interest of your prospective and existing clients with a snappy subject line is the best way to demonstrate value before they even open your email. This demonstration of personality will help your newsletters stand out every time, no matter how cluttered the recipient’s inbox is.


Personalize your newsletters by using your client’s name or purchase history to tailor the correspondence to be more relevant to them. Include any upcoming events your business is hosting or sponsoring that match their tastes, and include any company blog posts with relevant advice to add value to the newsletter.

Grab Attention

Once your eye-catching subject line entices your reader to open the newsletter, you need to ensure they stay to read your correspondence for a higher chance of converting leads into sales. Craft a catchy headline with short descriptions underneath to draw them to your website for more information, or take an exciting excerpt from a company story and quote it within the body of the email to grab their attention.

When your pique the curiosity of your prospective and existing clients, you increase your open and response rates, which leads to a higher level of customer engagement

Include Video

Images are not the only media you can include in your newsletters; while videos cannot be played within the newsletter, you can add an enticing thumbnail that your reader will find irresistible and will draw them to your website for further engagement. Many companies won’t go to the trouble of creating and publishing videos for their client engagement, which increases the edge your newsletters will have against your competition.

Concise Layout

There are hundreds of businesses vying for the attention of the same consumers with every newsletter sent, and many try to pack in as much as they can into busy and overwhelming layouts. The best way to ensure you have an effective email newsletter campaign is to keep the design simple and to the point. Draw your target audience in and direct them to your website for the rest of the information while entertaining and engaging them.

Deliver the message that adds the most value to your reader and let your website and blog do the rest in order to ensure you have the most profitable marketing campaign.

Jodie James

By Jodie James

Jodie James is a freelance writer who has covered many topics. Holding a keen interest in Sports, Jodie has also developed a real understanding of the world of health and how businesses like to run their organisations. Focusing a lot on her freelance career during the week, you'll find Jodie on the sports fields at the weekend as well as mixing it up with friends in the evening.

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