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Several businesses have made grand successes over the past couple of years with social media marketing. So, companies with no social media presence are not exactly making the best of online marketing or aren’t futuristic. However, social media marketing is not an easy game for every industry – like CBD.

Strict guidelines and advertisement limitations, makes it challenging for CBD brands – and businesses wanting to promote CBD products – to pursue social media marketing.

However, that does not mean your business can’t benefit. By tweaking a few strategies and developing a game plan, you can encash on social media marketing’s growth opportunities in the CBD space.

In this article, we discuss seven fool-proof tricks to take your CBD social marketing game to the next level.

1. Double-Check Community Guidelines

Most social media platforms are ruthless about shadow-banning the profiles only with a message… and there goes all your hard work for the month down the drain!

As it stands, most social media platforms are not very receptive to CBD products. These days, the programs are smart to cite any violation of the guidelines. Going astray from any of them can disturb your algorithm and even risk the removal of your profile.

Double-check the guidelines for the social media platform you want to promote CBD on and find a way to design your strategy around it. Sometimes you need not change your actions – just choose the right language and images to fit the requirements. 

2. Be Selective of Your Influencer Campaign

Influencer campaigns are probably the most trending selling strategy on social marketing these days. It’s easy and cost-efficient when you invest your resources in the right direction. Most companies devise their strategy keeping in mind the following, which may or may not work to your advantage.

For unique products like CBD, you might want to pick influencers or marketers that work in your niche or at least reverberate with your product concept to generate any real sale. 

For example, if you sell CBD vape pens for pain and muscle relaxation, you would want to choose a fitness influencer with high engagement rather than a fashion influencer with a mass following. 

3. Post Quality Content

The two most essential things that make your post trend across platforms is the content and context. Some videos and posts go viral overnight because the content of the post reverberates with the masses. Quality content gets the attention it deserves sooner or later. It may sound too conventional, but this is how it goes across most of the platforms. 

Gladly, you can contextualize all your posts with some text and hashtags that play a crucial role in increasing your reach.

This brings us to our second point, the context. Unless you make your posts searchable, you may not be able to maximize your chances of discovery. However, using trending, relatable, and a specific number of tags per post will work in your favor. While you may be more likely to use 15 to 20 hashtags on Instagram, a Twitter post with two hashtags usually do better.

4. Build Your Community

Even a small community with limited followers can be better than a herd of followers who do not engage.

Community building is all about being responsive and creating a conducive environment for your audiences to interact. Two-way communication opens the gate to better engagement. Frequent changes in the algorithm across social media platforms can adversely affect your statistics. However, community engagement can help you beat the odds.

The lack of advertisement efforts makes word of mouth the most critical aspect of your marketing. Your happy, engaged followers are the best advocates for your CBD business.

5. Pitch In The Right Manner

Before you plan to devise any selling strategy on social platforms, be aware of the guidelines and keep those in mind while devising an action plan. Facebook and Instagram, for instance, can be stringent about messages that deploy any push sell strategy. Create posts in an engaging manner than informative ways. Forbid any messages that portray the medicinal value of CBD.

Most platforms do not allow propagating pharmaceutical drugs. Hence, while framing your messages, make sure you keep the tone as neutral as possible.

6. Explore Alternative Channels

When it comes to social media marketing, sometimes we are too stuck with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a CBD marketer, you can explore other networks to your advantage. Informative posts, blogs, and graphics can direct a lot of traffic from image-based social network sites like Pinterest. Likewise, videos on youtube effectively increase your engagements and direct an influx of potential clients to your website.  

Formerly a job-hunting platform, Linkedin, has grown over the years to reach more people, share knowledge, and make networks. With fewer algorithm limitations and marvelous results, LinkedIn is a fast emerging platform for small business owners where many CBD businesses have upturned their sales. By creating knowledgeable content and making groups, you can increase your overall visibility over these platforms.

7. Evaluate Trends and Apply

In recent years, many platforms have changed their community guidelines. So, what’s working today might not be relevant in the months to come.

Staying ahead of the game requires you to constantly update yourself on the latest trends and deploy them accordingly. Each time you pick up on a trend, make sure you evaluate its performance on your account. Some things may work differently for you than others (depending on your audience’s likes). Measuring performances and evaluations can help you beat the algorithm.

The Bottom Line 

It requires a lot of time and effort to craft aesthetically pleasing pages and put organized information out there.

Building a community and getting followers on any of the social media platforms requires consistent effort. However, social media platforms are pretty stringent about taking down pages that do not comply with their community guidelines.

Since social media is evolving, it requires you to monitor each trend to check its applicability and limitations on your CBD business. Despite the challenges, social media holds unlimited potential – businesses that devise an appropriate strategy can benefit largely from it.


Crystal Willson

By Crystal Willson

Crystal Willson is a full-time content writing specialist. She has been closely monitoring the CBD trends for quite some time. She has worked in various domains before CBD. She also likes travelling to different places. On her off days, she likes to spend her time with her family, lift weights, and read novels.

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