Keep Your Client's Social Media Accounts Active & Updated With The Best Content

Whether you're a social media consultant managing accounts for just a few clients or a large social media agency, Healthinomics is the best way to boost engagement and reach for the health and wellness businesses you manage social media for, whilst saving you tons of time in the process.

We offer social media managers a 50% discount on our yearly packages. That's just $10 per bundle of 20 social media images... a whole month's worth of content you don't have spend your time creating! Simply purchase a package for each client you manage social media for and enjoy access to beautiful, high quality content that you can add their branding to.

Pricing for Social Media Managers

Purchase a subscription for each business you manage social media for. Create an email alias for each client ( and use this on the checkout page. This is so you can create a separate Healthinomics account for the businesses you manage social media for and so all account and billing related emails is sent to you, not your clients.
12 Bundle Package
/ year
Valued at $240 - save $120!
  • 240 social media images
  • Post 5x weekly on social media for a year
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Cancel anytime
24 Bundle Package
/ year
Valued at $480 - save $240!
  • 480 social media images
  • Post 10x weekly on social media for a year
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How It Works

Social Media Images – Bundles |


Download any bundles of ready-made social media images

Choose the bundles of health and wellness content you want to download for a client
Post beautifully designed, high quality visual content without having to create any of it yourself
Take the thinking out of what to post on social media for each of your clients
Download all bundles straight away or as you need them (you have a year to download them)


Add your client's branding to our social media images

Add your client's branding to the images using a tool like Pablo or Canva
Increase your client's brand awareness on social media
Take all the credit for our hard work
Brand Our Social Media Images |
Share Social Media Images |


Share the images on your client's social media pages

Simply attach an image to a post to share on your client's social media pages
Use Buffer to automate your client's social media marketing by scheduling their content in advance
Post a diverse range of interesting content on social media consistently, without fail
Keep your client's social media accounts active and updated with the best content
Your clients will love you as their engagement and reach is boosted on social media!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we cancel a subscription at any time?

You sure can! You can cancel a subscription you purchased for a client whenever you want.

What currency will my subscription be billed in?

Your subscription will be billed in .

What happens once I’ve purchased a subscription?

Once you’ve purchased a subscription, you’ll be able to download any bundles of your choice that you want to share on a client’s social media pages. The bundle will download to your computer as a zip folder (with PNG images inside).

From there, you can attach a social media image to a post on your client’s social media page or you can use Buffer to schedule all of the images in advance to save even more time!

Can we edit the social media images?

Our images come as is, ready-made and ready to share to make the process of managing social media for your clients super quick and efficient. You can add your client’s logo to our social media images to brand them as their own, however, the colours and text can’t be edited.

You receive the images as PNG files, this means you don’t need special design software to edit them.

How many clients can I use a bundle of content for?

When you purchase a subscription, this comes with a license to use any bundles downloaded for 1 business only.

Using a bundle of social media images for multiple clients is not allowed and is a breach of our terms of use. We recommend creating an email alias for each of your clients and using this to purchase a subscription through. This will allow you to create separate Healthinomics accounts for each client you manage social media for, as well as ensure you receive any account and billing related emails (not your clients).

Can I choose any bundles to download for my clients?

Yes! Once you’ve purchased a subscription, you will have access to download any bundle of social media images on Healthinomics! We have industry-specific and health/wellness related content. We also release 8 new bundles every month so there’s never a shortage of fresh new content to choose from.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Credit Card and PayPal. If you’re paying by PayPal, once you’ve filled in your details on the checkout page, you will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete your subscription payment securely.

Are the images in your bundles free from copyright?

Yes! We only use stock photos and resources in our designs that are copyright free under the Creative Commons License or in the Public Domain.

Can I add my client’s branding to the images in your bundles?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to add your client’s branding to our images! We recommend using our social media scheduling tool, SocialOmm, which comes with a built-in feature to quickly and easily add your client’s logo watermark to all of our images (you can also manage multiple client brands in the one SocialOmm account):

Alternatively, you can use a free tool like Pablo or Canva to add your client’s logo to the images in our bundles.

High Quality & Engaging Social Media Content

Choose from our collection of high quality, engaging bundles of beautiful social media images in a wide range of categories. Consistently post diverse, educational and interesting content on your client's business social media pages that their followers will want to engage with.

Social Media Images - Cannabis 101 Bundle | Healthinomics

Cannabis 101 Bundle

This bundle of vibrant social media images contains interesting and educational information about cannabis, cannabinoids, the types of cannabis, and more! Inside The Bundle The Cannabis 101 Bundle includes 20 beautiful…

Social Media Images - Earthing Bundle | Healthinomics

Earthing Bundle

Awakening your consciousness is not something you can do once and forget about it. It’s the process of making choices and gaining the experience of higher levels of consciousness. Use this bundle to help your audience awakening their consciousness.

Social Media Images - Chakras Bundle | Healthinomics

Chakras Bundle

The word “chakra” from Sanskrit translates to “wheel” or “disk,” but references a spiritual energy center within the human body. With this bundle of vibrant images, you’ll have a collection of information about chakras to share with your audience on social. 

Social Media Images - Healthy Headspace Bundle | Healthinomics

Healthy Headspace Bundle

There are a number of ways you can look after your mental health and wellbeing every day. With this bundle, you can share different tips and quotes for maintaining a healthy headspace to help remind your social media followers to put their mental wellbeing as a priority.

Plus, many more bundles of social media images!