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Dare your audience to engage in a little game of “Would You Rather” where you ask them to make some tough skincare decisions.

Download this bundle, add your logo to brand them as your own and share them on your social media pages.

Inside The Bundle

The BUNDLE includes 20 beautiful pieces of visual content:

Would You Rather Skincare Bundle | By Healthinomics

Image Content

  1. Always have to sleep with your makeup on? OR Never wear makeup again?
  2. Never cleanse again? OR Never tone again?
  3. Always have one prominent pimple? OR Always have lots of little blackheads?
  4. Have really dry skin? OR Have really oily skin?
  5. Never have a spot again? OR Never develop any wrinkles?
  6. Buy a luxury skincare product? OR Buy a luxury makeup product?
  7. A lifetime supply of your fave makeup products? OR A lifetime supply of your fave skincare products?
  8. Have to wash your face by splashing water on it like a stock image model? OR Have to apply all your makeup and skincare elaborately like a stock image model?
  9. Have a really itchy bug bite on your face that looks like a pimple? OR Have a really painful pimple on your face?
  10. Never go into a physical makeup or skincare store again? OR Never be able to order makeup or beauty products online again?
  11. A beauty treatment that requires you to wear a mud mask every hour daily for two weeks but leaves you with perfect skin for a year? OR An easy skincare regime that doesn’t require much but will only give you perfect skin after a year of daily use?
  12. Blackheads on your forehead? OR Pimples on your forehead?
  13. Have clear skin for life? OR Win 1 million dollars but have to deal with breakouts forever?
  14. Win a lifetime of weekly facials? OR Win a lifetime of weekly full-body massages?
  15. Only be able to wear sunscreen? OR Only be able to wear a tanning lotion?
  16. Throw away your entire skincare collection? OR Throw away your entire makeup collection?
  17. Give up your fave facial oil? OR Give up your fave facial cream?
  18. Have bad skin? OR Have bad breath?
  19. Give up using your face mist? OR Give up using your face masks?
  20. Go without skincare for the next week? OR Go without makeup for the next week?

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