Self-Confidence Affirmations | By Healthinomics

The difference between “I can’t” and “I can” is the difference between failure and success. Misery and Happiness.

Which makes the art of crafting words critical. Because we can influence others and ourselves word by word.

So choose your words wisely on social media. Certain words can be more uplifting and nourishing, they can boost self-confidence and change lives.

We’ve compiled together 20 of the most powerful self-confidence affirmations in one bundle, to counter negative thoughts and start a cycle of self-love and success.

The key is to repeat these affirmations over and over and feel a deep sense of reassurance. Then these words will no longer be just wishful thoughts but reality.

Your reality is this: you can achieve anything you want on social media. It starts with confidence.

Confidently Beautiful Bundle. With a heart. That makes all the difference. This self-confidence affirmations bundle was designed with a purpose: to help people on social media boost their self-worth. From a good purpose stems beautiful and meaningful content that naturally attracts and empowers. Share these and you’ll attract more followers to you.

Engage, expand and thrive. What makes this self-confidence affirmations bundle different? We’ve added in every visual the powerful words of engagement “Like if you love this”. And what’s not to love in your confidence and wisdom to help and inspire others?

With confidence, you’ll be more creative to come up with your very own words to caption and comment. When you’re true to yourself, you can best engage, convert and grow your tribe.

Be your Best-self. This Self-confidence affirmations bundle can be your stepping stone towards empowering your social media strategy. High-quality content is one less stress to think of. With more time, you can boost your own confidence beyond social media.

Simplify and Save Time – The best part is that you don’t even need to put the time into creating the content to post on social media yourself.

Download this bundle now, add your logo to brand them as your own and share them on your social media pages.

Inside The Bundle

The Self-Confidence Affirmations Bundle includes 20 beautiful images:

Self-Confidence Affirmations Bundle | By Healthinomics

Image Contents

  • When I breath, I inhale confidence and exhale timidity.
  • I love meeting strangers and approach them with boldness and enthusiasm.
  • I approve of myself and love myself deeply and completely.
  • I live in the present and am confident of the future.
  • My personality exudes confidence. I am bold and outgoing.
  • I am self-reliant, creative and persistent in whatever I do.
  • I am energetic and enthusiastic. Confidence is my second nature.
  • I always attract only the best of circumstances and the best positive people in my life.
  • I love change and easily adjust myself to new situations.
  • I love challenges. They bring out the best in me.
  • I am well groomed, healthy and full of confidence. My outer well-being is matched by my inner well-being.
  • Self confidence is what I thrive on. Nothing is impossible and life is great.
  • I always see only the good in others. I attract only positive people.
  • I face difficult situations with courage and conviction. I always find a way out of such situations.
  • I boldly go after what I want in life.
  • I confidently speak my mind without hesitation.
  • Confidence comes naturally to me.
  • Confidence empowers me to take action and live life to the fullest.
  • When I see something I want, I go for it without hesitation.
  • Feeling confident, assured, and strong is a normal part of my every day life.
  • All images are high resolution PNG
  • Add your own branding!
  • Includes 20 Images
  • Image Sizes: 900 x 900 px
  • All images are high resolution PNG
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  • All images are high resolution PNG
  • Add your own branding!
  • Includes 20 Images
  • Image Sizes: 900 x 900 px
  • All images are high resolution PNG
  • Add your own branding!

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