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We all know the importance of self-care and it’s a great idea to dedicate a specific day of the week to care for YOU! Self-care is essential for winding down after a busy week and helps us to forget about the distractions in the world.

After a long week of work and commitments, you might feel as if you need to replenish your soul and set aside your Sunday to focus on self-care. This bundle contains 20 Sunday self-care ideas that you can share with your audience to give them some tips on implementing more self-care into their weekly routine.

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The Self-Care Sunday Ideas Bundle includes 20 beautiful pieces of visual content:

Self-Care Sunday Ideas Bundle | By Healthinomics

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  1. Read an enriching book
  2. Have a mini declutter session
  3. Write down 5 things you are grateful for
  4. Get up early, make yourself breakfast and enjoy your morning
  5. Meditate in the morning or have a yoga session
  6. Create a vision board
  7. Have a lunch date with a friend
  8. Do something creative
  9. Take a nap and don’t feel guilty about it
  10. Watch a movie that makes you feel good
  11. Cook a meal you really enjoy eating
  12. Spend time in nature
  13. Give yourself a manicure
  14. Find positive affirmations that you can use every day
  15. Take yourself out on a lunch date to somewhere you love
  16. Do a brain dump
  17. Try something for the first time like a cooking class
  18. Listen to a new podcast
  19. Have a heart-to-heart video chat with a friend while enjoying a glass of wine
  20. Find inspirational wallpaper quotes for your computer or laptop