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No matter what we do or where we live, whether we are married or single, have children or not, we spend most of our days on the go. Knowing this, self-care is important for ourselves and those around us.

Until it becomes routine, “self-care” should be put in your daily planner so you know it has to be done. Maybe it’s in the moments before you get out of bed or after your turn the light out each night. Regardless, make time to ask yourself some eye-opening and potentially life-changing questions. With this bundle, you can help make self-care a priority in the lives of your audience.

Inside The Bundle

The Self-Care Questions Bundle includes 20 beautiful pieces of visual content:

Self-Care Questions Bundle | By Healthinomics

Image Content

  1. How are you filling up your cup today?
  2. What’s in your cup today?
    Zen Blend: Yoga – Meditation – Massage – Soft music – Deep breathing
    Pamper Blend: Face mask – Massage – Bubble bath – Skincare – Good food – Foot soak
    Sleep Blend: Blankets – Eye mask – Unplug
    Energy Blend: Stretch – Call a friend – Loud music – Make a to-do list
    Chill Blend: Netflix – Snacks – Comfy clothes
    Cozy Blend: Blankets – Books – Cuddles – Candles – Tea
    Happy Blend: Chocolate – Hobbies – Pet cuddles
  3. How is your Self-Care right now?
    Comment with the emoji that most represents your current self-care level.
    – Great! All of my needs are being met.
    – Pretty good but I could use some time to recharge a bit.
    – Things are okay but I’ll need to make time for self-care soon.
    – I’m feeling really stressed out and in need of “me time”.
    – I’m really struggling to take care of my needs and be kind to myself.
  4. This or That? Self-Care Edition
    • Saying yes to something that lights you up VS. Saying no to something you know will drain you.
    • Waking up early to get things done VS. Sleeping in and enjoying extra time to rest.
    • Slowly moving your body with deep stretches, yoga, or slow walks VS. High energy movement with loud music and sweat.
    • Time alone spending time with your fave hobby or activity VS. Spending one-on-one time connecting with your fave person.
    • Cuddling up with a book and a blanket VS. Popcorn, snacks, and your fave show.
    • Taking a break from social media VS. Scrolling through your fave accounts.
    • Finishing your to-do list VS. Taking a break.
  5. What are you sipping on today?
    • A break. A nap. Sleep. Time to rest & recharge.
    • Art. Reading. Writing. Time being creative.
    • Quiet time. Meditation. Yoga. Getting zen.
    • A book. A blanket. A cuddly pet.
    • Movement. Sweat. High energy music.
  6. How are you filling your self-care cup today?
  7. How are you planning to tend to yourself today?
  8. What’s your go-to self-care for terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days?
  9. Self-Care Check-In
    • How are you feeling today?
    • What do you need?
    • What will make you feel better?
    • What do you want to accomplish today?
  10. How are you tending to your needs today?
  11. What did you do this week that made you super proud of yourself?
  12. Tell me one good that happened to you today.
  13. How are you exercising self-care today? What’s one loving thing you can add to your routine?
  14. What’s one thing you can do today to benefit your overall wellness today?
  15. What’s one thing you can add to your day to help you feel: less stressed – more supported – happier
  16. How are you loving on yourself today?
  17. What’s your self-care today?
    • Take a break
    • Write or journal
    • Drink your water
    • Move your body
    • Go easy on yourself
    • Get creative
    • Rest and relax
    • Forgive yourself
    • Let yourself cry
    • Focus on your needs
    • Contact a friend
    • Breathe
    • Get cozy
    • Let it go
  18. What’s one thing you can do today to focus on your wellbeing?
  19. What self-care item are you the most grateful for today?
  20. How are you watering yourself today?

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