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From the beginning of time, women have been cared for and nurtured as they become mothers. Family, friends and neighbors from the community would rally around the new family to help guide them through their tender early weeks and months with a new baby. Birth doulas offer many benefits to women giving during labor. With this bundle of eye-catching social media images, you can share all the reasons why a doula is so important.

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Reasons For Having a Doula Bundle | By Healthinomics

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  1. Doula: Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum Companionship
    • Guides and supports you through your pregnancy and birth journey
    • Reduces the risk of birth complications, risk of emergencies and risk of cesarean
    • Access to a wealth of knowledge, herbs and homeopathy
    • Optimizes healing, newborn bonding and breastfeeding success
  2. A doula provides support to the mother, spouse, and family.
  3. A doula is an advocate for the mother.
  4. A doula educates the mother on what is happening to her body, how to respond and what to expect.
  5. A doula provides comfort to the mother in the form of emotional support.
  6. A doula’s presence has been found to reduce requests for pain medication, the use of forceps, and the number of cesarean births, among many other benefits.
  7. A doula is trained to provide you with natural comfort measures throughout labor and delivery.
  8. A doula knows all the best positions to help you manage your pain, shorten your labor, and get your baby into an optimal birthing position.
  9. Because doulas are so skilled in natural pain management, you’re 60% less likely to request an epidural with the support of a doula.
  10. Doulas encourage partners to actively participate in the birth. They give them direction on how they can support mom and provide them with reassurance.
  11. Many doulas will stick around for a bit after your baby is born to help with initial breastfeeding. They can help with latch, positioning, and answer questions.
  12. The support of a doula doesn’t end at birth. Many doulas are also trained to nurture moms and support their families while they adjust to life with a newborn.
  13. Certified doulas are trained in childbirth physiology and in common interventions. Doulas share their knowledge of childbirth with you in order to educate you on likely outcomes and possible interventions.
  14. Doulas often have great resources for new moms like community connections, books and websites. Doulas are great at helping expecting families sort through the vast amount of information available and at pointing them toward what will be most useful to them.
  15. Doulas offer continuous care throughout labor and delivery and the short time just after your baby arrives.
  16. Doulas are open, compassionate, and caring people who seek to support women during labor by offering encouragement, reminding moms of their birthing plans, explaining any interventions that may arise, and just generally “being there” for mothers and families throughout childbirth.
  17. Doulas are trained to help guide mothers with breathing and positioning techniques which may help baby arrive that little bit quicker!
  18. Women who are supported by a doula for labor and delivery tend to have more positive feelings about childbirth. This is likely because doulas work with mothers ahead of time to reassure them of their power and natural abilities.
  19. Doulas help to advocate for their clients to ask questions and stick to their birthing plan whenever possible, just this gentle support can be the difference of a woman receiving an intervention during labor or not.
  20. One of a doula’s primary goals is to care for the mother’s emotional health and enhance her ability to have positive birth memories. Emotional support helps you feel cared for and feel a sense of pride and empowerment after birth.

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