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The world is becoming mindful of Mindfulness Meditation.

Call it awareness, mind control or simply paying more attention, this ancient practice is core to Buddha’s essential teachings and brings forth significant physical and mental health benefits. All are heavily backed by Science.

Today, it’s a billion-dollar industry. Scientists continue to research it, celebrities swear by it and the average distracted mind downloads apps, turn to social media or heavily Google it.

Because really, presence of mind is crucial, especially when we want something done fast, but our thoughts get pulled in 10 different directions.

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Inside The Bundle

The Mindfulness Meditation Bundle includes 20 beautiful pieces of visual content:

Mindfulness Meditation Bundle | By Healthinomics

Image Content

  1. Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation designed to develop the skill of paying attention to our inner and outer experiences with acceptance, patience, and compassion.

  2. Mindfulness meditation is a great way to increase focus, decrease stress, and stimulate your creativity. Learning how to do mindful meditation takes some time and practice, but you can teach yourself how to do it.

  3. Mindfulness is the energy that helps us identify the conditions of happiness that are already present in our lives. There are those who are alive but don’t know it. When you breathe in, and you are aware of your in-breath, you touch the miracle of being alive. That is why mindfulness is a source of happiness and joy.

  4. Practicing mindfulness improves both mental and physical health. Mindfulness involves both concentration (a form of meditation) and acceptance.

  5. When practicing mindfulness meditation, deliberately pay attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment. It takes practice to become comfortable with mindfulness techniques.

  6. Mindfulness meditation practice is a commitment that many resist, but it requires far less time and effort than most people know. The time of day isn’t important; the regular practice is. Ideally, it should be practiced for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day in a quiet room with a closed door with no distractions.

  7. Mindfulness meditation is like any other skill, it takes a little time and effort to learn, but it’s surprisingly much easier than you might think. You just need a little guidance and the right resources.

  8. Mindfulness and meditation are considered synonymous, and no doubt sooner or later your mindfulness will naturally lead you toward daily meditation practice.

  9. Meditation is a state of mental silence or rest, where our attention is aware, but not engrossed in thinking. It is known as ‘thoughtless awareness’. It is achieved when the indwelling Kundalini energy awakens and carries the individual attention beyond the level of the 6th chakra, into the seventh chakra, known as Sahasrara.

  10. Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

  11. Mindful meditation helps build awareness. When practicing, we try to be aware of all sensations, thoughts, and environmental cues at the same time, without paying particular attention to anyone.

  12. Mindfulness meditation is unique in that it is not directed toward getting us to be different from how we already are. Instead, it helps us become aware of what is already true moment by moment.

  13. Mindfulness in its most general sense is about waking up from a life on automatic and being sensitive to novelty in our everyday experiences. With mindful awareness the flow of energy and information that is our mind enters our conscious attention and we can both appreciate its contents and come to regulate its flow in a new way.

  14. Practicing mindfulness meditation can be an easy and effective way to help manage your feelings of stress and anxiety.

  15. Mindfulness meditation can be used as a relaxation technique for panic disorder, helping you to slow down your racing thoughts, let go of negativity, relax your body, and release your worries.

  16. Mindfulness meditation practice is the development of our skills of observation – concentration and mindfulness. To do so, we must structure our meditation around them.

  17. When mindfulness is the primary tool of meditation, the awareness that we apply to our breath can be expanded to include all physical and mental processes so that we may become more mindful of our thoughts and actions.

  18. Mindfulness meditation offers freedom for people with anxiety, in part by changing the way the brain responds to negative thoughts.

  19. Some people practice mindfulness meditation for anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or longer, simply noticing their breath or other inner experiences happening in the present moment.

  20. Regular daily practice of mindfulness meditation develops our ability to pay attention to our immediate experience – The Now – helping us to overcome such pre-occupations so that we can clearly see what is happening in our actual lived experience of the present moment.

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