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Part of life is learning as you go, there’s no instruction manual as much as one would be handy at times. It’s not like school, where you have a manual to study and then hopefully you pass the test. Life is much more layered than this. Our actual experiences are the manual, and the more we dive into each page, the more rewarding the lesson may be.

If someone gave you an instruction manual at a young age, it still wouldn’t guarantee you success. Part of life is experiencing the struggles, the triumphs, the ups and the downs. With this bundle, you can share 20 beautiful life truths you didn’t learn at school… but probably wish you had.

The best part is that you don’t even need to put the time into creating this content to post on social media yourself! Simply download the bundle and post each social media image to your social media pages in just a few simple steps!

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The Life Truths Bundle includes 20 beautiful images:

Social Media Images – Life Truths Bundle |

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  1. Everyone is going through something. Compassion is a universal language.
  2. As you age, your body will change unexpectedly. Just go with it.
  3. Not everyone has to like you for you to be loved.
  4. The best potential relationship of your life will be with yourself. The sooner you can become your own best friend, the easier your life will be.
  5. You are more beautiful, smarter, and more capable than you give yourself credit for.
  6. Your happiness will be in direct proportion to what you are willing to accept and let be.
  7. Forgiveness may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do, but once you allow for it, you will feel unconditional freedom like you never imagined.
  8. Everything is connected. What you’re going through right now is part of your bigger picture.
  9. Love never ends. Your relationships may change form, but love is in your heart forever.
  10. Your insecurities and fears are part of your life lessons. Overcoming them is part of the life process and mission.
  11. You’re never off track or behind. It’s all in divine order.
  12. Do what you love as often as you can. It is the fastest way to find your happy.
  13. You don’t need a lot of money to do what you want. The sooner you can focus on results versus reasons it can’t happen, the more fulfilled you will be.
  14. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish; it’s essential for your own well-being.
  15. No amount of guilt will solve your problems. Anxiety won’t change the future. Be present — it’s all you have.
  16. Everyone everywhere wants the same thing: love and acceptance.
  17. Deferring your happiness to the future just keeps you unhappy indefinitely.
  18. Investing in experiences is more rewarding than things.
  19. You will learn the way on the way. Trust the process and be in the journey.
  20. Your life is not off track, and you’ve made no mistakes. You are right where you need to be to get to where you want to go.
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