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It’s stronger than steel and tougher than concrete. What is it?

No, it’s not superman, it’s our thigh bone.

Now that wasn’t trivial. Knowing unusual facts about the human body never is.

Psychologists even proved that answering a trivia brings on many health benefits.

In fact, answering lesser-known facts has the same rush of excitement as playing video games or gambling. That’s less the side effects.

Which makes trivia contests on social media a blockbuster.

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We’ve gathered all 20-brain-busting trivia questions that will hold up everyone’s attention on social media. If they can’t answer it, they would hang on to know the answer.

Don’t worry. You’ll have the answer to each trivia question yourself. We know you’re not that Andreas Vesalius, the founding father of the modern human anatomy.

But you’ll come close and found something fantastic of your own soon.

You’ll also get a PDF with all the answers to each trivia question… because we know you’re not Andreas Vesalius (that’s the founder of modern human anatomy, in case you were wondering ????).

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Inside The Bundle

The Human Body Trivia Bundle includes 20 beautiful images:

Social Media Images – Human Body Trivia Bundle |

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  1. What structure joins a bone to a muscle?
    A: Tendon
  2. What is the shoulder blade called in a human?
    A: Scapula
  3. What is the scientific name for a human kneecap?
    A: Patella
  4. The Hypothalamus regulates what in the human body?
    A: Physiologic stability
  5. Which part of the human digestive system is the most acidic?
    A: Stomach
  6. What human organ is protected by the cranium?
    A: The human brain
  7. The tube connecting the kidney to the bladder is called what?
    A: Ureter
  8. Where in the human body can you find alveoli?
    A: The Lung
  9. What is the muscle used for breathing called which separates the chest from the abdomen?
    A: Diaphragm
  10. Where in the human body are red blood cells produced?
    A: In the bone marrow
  11. Which finger has the fastest growing nail?
    A: Middle finger
  12. The most insect bitten part of the human body is what part?
    A: Foot
  13. Cholecystitis affects what part of the human body?
    A: Gallbladder
  14. When sneezing, what part of the body is it impossible to keep open?
    A: Eyes
  15. Which bone is the hardest bone in the human body?
    A: Jaw bone
  16. How long is the small intestine in a human?
    A: 4 to 7 meters
  17. What is the roughly 24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living things called?
    A: Circadian rhythms
  18. Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in what part of the human body?
    A: Hand or fingers
  19. Where is your gluteus maximus located?
    A: Your buttocks
  20. Veins carry blood to what organ?
    A: Heart