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Home birth is an increasingly popular topic to share on social media as more families are seeking out safe and natural alternatives to hospital births. Home birth offers a variety of advantages including increased safety, comfort, and control over the birthing process. Additionally, home births provide an intimate experience that allows for time with immediate family members and friends during the special moment. Furthermore, not only can you trust your care provider more in a familiar setting where they are more likely to be able to monitor you more closely, but research also suggests that home births may lead to fewer complications than hospital births for low-risk moms and babies. For all these reasons, home birth is a highly engaging topic to discuss on social media.

This bundle can be shared around Mother’s Day as we all take time to appreciate moms, motherhood, and a mother’s choice.

This bundle is also perfect to share in June surrounding International Homebirth Day on June 6th. Homebirth Day highlights the work of dedicated homebirth midwives and promotes the right of mothers to choose the context in which they deliver their babies.

Inside The Bundle

The Home Birth Bundle includes 20 beautiful images:
Social Media Images - Home Birth Bundle | Healthinomics

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    2. #homebirthmama
    3. #doula
    4. #midwife

Image Content

  1. Home birth is not risky. Going past your due date is not risky. Disrupting the physiological process is risky.
  2. Homebirth is not for everyone. Hospital birth is not for everyone. What’s best for you?
  3. Statistically, home births are just as safe (or safer) for low-risk moms and babies
  4. You have to exhale the birth before you can inhale the baby – Mary Ester Malloy
  5. Birth Partner Tip:
    1. Instead of “Just Relax”
    2. Try this: “relax your forehead”, “release your jaw”, “drop your shoulders” (be specific). “everything I touch relaxes”, “I’m holding you” (tell her what you are doing, not what she should do).
  6. You do not need anyone else’s approval to give birth at home
  7. What is your motivation to birth at home?
  8. Do you believe in your ability to birth at home?
  9. Benefits of home birth
    1. lower rates postpartum hemorrhage, and perineal lacerations
    2. Lower rates of interventions such as episiotomy, instrumental vaginal birth, and cesarean birth
    3. Increased skin to skin
    4. Immediate breastfeeding
    5. Save money
  10. Home Birth – Not Brave. Not Crazy. Just Educated.
  11. Relaxation, hypnosis, and breathing are wonderful coping tools for labor. But no technique is a substitute for taking ownership of your birth.
  12. She gave birth at home not brave… not crazy… just educated.
  13. Benefits of home birth for women and birthing people include being less likely to have an unplanned cesarean birth, instrumental birth, episiotomy, or severe perineal tear.
  14. Benefits
    1. No complications caused by prostaglandin, pitocin, fundal pressure, vaginal exams or AROM.
    2. No pressure to use unnecessary medications or interventions
    3. Familiar surroundings allow women to relax and focus on the birth process
    4. Control over body, birth, postpartum bonding
    5. Control over temperature
    6. Control and choice over smells and music
    7. Free access to food
    8. Free access to familiar toilet
  15. Midwives attending a home birth are “professional guests”. As such they are in your home by your invitation and will endeavor to fully respect and value your personal space, your individual birth choices, birth plan wishes, and your family’s cultural and religious practices.
  16. Adverse outcomes amongst women and birthing people intending to birth at home are less frequent including >75% fewer reporting infection and >30% fewer reporting excessive blood loss post birth.
  17. 99.9% of homes are “suitable” for a home birth. During the birth your midwives will bring their equipment, including emergency equipment should this be required. Following birth, they will clean up and take any waste away.
  18. “At-home birth has been proven to be as safe or safer for low-risk pregnancy women. From what I have seen, birth has its best chance of being normal when it is in a home environment. You have to deliver where you feel safe.” – Susanne Scott Rosenfeld
  19. My mind. My body and my home are all ready for my baby’s arrival
  20. “Simply put, when there is no home birth in a society. Or when home birth is driven completely underground, essential knowledge of women’s capacities in birth is lost to the people of that society – to professional caregivers. As well as to the women of childbearing age themselves. – Ina May Gaskin


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