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Inside The Bundle

The Fitness Bundle includes 20 beautiful images:

Fitness Bundle | Healthinomics

  1. Why is exercise important for your health?
  2. The history of fitness
  3. 10 reasons to keep fit
  4. Different ways to keep fit
  5. [Quote] Don’t step when it hurts, stop when you’re done
  6. Tips to get the most out of your workout
  7. [Quote] Note to self: Invest in my body. Workout
  8. How exercise helps improve quality of sleep
  9. Exercise your way to a biological balance
  10. Do you suffer from muscular discomfort, tension, aches, or pains? Exercise can help you feel human again
  11. Some of the benefits of exercise
  12. [Quote] It’s not about having time. It’s about making time
  13. [Thought Provoking Question] What’s your motivation to exercise?
  14. [Quote] The only bad workout is the one you didn’t do
  15. Book now
  16. [Fact] The more muscle you have, the more energy your body uses at rest
  17. [Fact] A muscle dehydrated by a mere 3% will have a decrease in strength of 10%
  18. [Fact] In spite of what you might have read, there is no “best time to exercise”. The best time to exercise is when it works best for you
  19. [Fact] 15 minutes of exercise a day can extend the average person’s lifespan by 3 years.
  20. [Fact] By the time you reach 50 years of age, you will have walked approximately 75,000 miles.
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