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Spa days are known for their relaxing and glowing experiences. Not only do you feel like a puddle of calm afterwards, but if you got a facial massage, your skin is probably rejuvenated and glowing.

You don’t have to wait for your next spa day to get those same benefits. An at-home facial massage can work pretty well with getting rid of puffiness and leave you looking flushed and alive.

With this bundle, you can give your social media followers tips on how to do a facial massage at home, the benefits of facial massage, crystal rollers, and more!

Inside The Bundle

The Facial Massage Bundle includes 20 beautiful pieces of visual content:

Facial Massage Bundle | By Healthinomics

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  1. Benefits of the Rose Quartz Facial Roller & Gua Sha Set
    • Reduces puffiness & wrinkles
    • Increases blood circulation
    • Stimulates lymphatic drainage
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Tightens & sculpts skin
  2. Benefits of Facial Massage
    1. Releases tension, relaxing wrinkles
    2. Increases micro-circulation, boosting skin healing, repair and rejuvenation
    3. Tones the muscles, lifting the skin
    4. Stimulates collagen production, plumps out wrinkles, firm & tightens the skin
    5. Improves lymphatic drainage, reducing fluid build-up, puffiness, acne & inflammation Enhances penetration of active serums for enhanced results
  3. How To: Facial Massage
    Press each point in a small circle for 1 minute

    1. Forehead – Use the tips of your fingers to press firmly on these points.
    2. Eye Area – Continue to press around the eyes from the inside out.
    3. Mouth Area – End your massage by pressing on the points around your mouth.
  4. Facial Massage
    How To Do One At Home

    1. Clean hands and face
    2. Warm an oil, concentrate or serum between palms
    3. Use gentle (but firm) pressure to massage face
    4. Massage the lymph area (under ears and along sides of the neck)
    5. Knead the sides of your face
    6. Smooth forehead lines (press fingers above brows and slowly slide them upward)
    7. Gently press fingers under eyes and slide them toward the temples
    8. Use light, vertical strokes to massage neck and decollete
  5. Massage Directions For Jade Roller On Face
    • Forehead
    • Neck
    • Eyelid
    • Undereyes
    • Chin
    • Cheeks
    • Around Mouth
    • Nose Sides
  6. Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage
    Lymphatic drainage us more simple than you think!Following this easy method beautiful skin in no time. Feel free to perform the sequence with your hands or gua sha stone using a delicate, barely-there pressure.

    1. Downward circles from the jawline down the neck.
    2. Circle under the front of the chin to the jaw, starting in the middle and working your way out.
    3. Gently circle outward from the middle of your face.
    4. Circle along the chin and jawline starting from the middle of your chin.
    5. Gently circle along the cheeks from the middle, working outward.
    6. Gently circle the orbital bone, from the middle along the bottom and out, then along the top ridge and out.
    7. Gently circle along the cheekbones, starting from the middle working outward.
    8. Finish with circles along the forehead starting in the middle and outward on each side of the face.
  7. What is a crystal roller and how do I use one?
    Face rolling is a facial massage technique that boosts circulation.
    How do I use a facial roller?
    Use the tool on your face, neck and jawline. Apply gentle pressure and roll outwards to the edges of your face.
    What do face rollers do?
    Face rollers help to de-puff and rid the skin of toxins.
  8. How To Use Your Gua Sha Massage Tool
    • Small Outward Curve(Bump)
    • Large Outward Curve
    • Large Inward Curve
    • Small Inward Curve (Pits)
  9. 60 Second Facial Massage
    1. Apply the cream in small touches over the face then spread it with the fingers using light pressure and rotating movements from bottom to top.
    2. Position your thumbs next to each ear and place your fingertips in the middle of your forehead and apply pressure, and then move fingers from inside to outside.
    3. Keep your thumbs by your ears and move your fingertips to your chin and repeat the outwards movements.
    4. Repeat the circular movements from step 1 to complete the massage.
  10. Invigorate Yourself With A Face Massage!
    Follow each step for as long as desired, and, if you like, use a face oil or serum. Begin and end your massage with some deep breathing.

    1. Massage temples and forehead
    2. Pinch fingers up and down nasal bridge
    3. Glide fingers across cheeks
    4. Massage neck and jawline
    5. Glide fingers across eyebrows
    6. Tap lightly over eyes and face
  11. 1 Minute Quick Massage
    A simple massage technique that can be done at home for maximum results

    1. Using your fingers stroke down from your forehead until you reach your temples. Repeat 3 times.
    2. Press lightly on your temples for 3-4 seconds.
    3. Press 3-4 seconds starting from your eyes and then move down to the cheeks and chin.
    4. Lightly tap your face using your fingertips.
    5. Use both hands to swipe your face from the inside to the outside. Repeat 3 times.

    Benefits of Facial Massage
    – Slows down the aging process
    – Relief for stress, sinus congestion, and migraine headaches
    – Minimize fine lines, wrinkles

  12. Benefits of Facial Massage
    • Relaxes your facial muscle, which releases wrinkles
    • Stimulates blood flow
    • Helps muscle tone (helps with reducing wrinkles)
    • Softens sebum, which helps cleanse the skin of impurities
    • Helps product absorption 
    • Reduces puffiness and sinus congestion
    • Relieves muscle tension and pain
  13. How to Give Yourself a Face and Eye Massage For Younger Skin (steps included in picture format)
  14. Facial Massage Technique (steps included in picture format)
  15. Jade RollerMassage
    Enhance Anti-aging Benefits Protect Against Negative Energy Balance Body’s Chi
    Roll across the face in upward strokes, focusing on the under-eye and forehead area. Apply first thing in the morning; the coolness of the stone will help invigorate you for your day as well as reduce inflammation.
  16. Crystal Wand Massage
    Enhance Health Benefits
    Take a crystal wand of your choice and massage in upward and outward motions in order to trace the meridians of the face.
    Recommended Crystals

    • Amethyst – Soothes headaches and promotes better sleep
    • Amber – Enhances circulation and improves warmth in the skin
    • Rose Quartz – Soothes stress from disappointment and encourages self-love
    • Aventurine – Soothes breakouts, anti-inflammatory, soothes sinus pain and migraines
  17. 6 Benefits of a Facial Massage
    1. Stimulates Collagen Production
    2. Increases The Elasticity of Muscles
    3. Stimulates The Removal of Toxins
    4. Brings Oxygen To your Skin
    5. Relaxes You
    6. Increases Absorption of Natural Skin Products
  18. Facial Massage Steps
    Wish to have beautiful skin at every age in life? Do facial micro-workouts to maintain skin’s vitality! Here’s how to do it correctly.

    1. As a warm-up, begin with a gentle massage-focus on your neck and jawline, and later head towards the temples and forehead.
    2. Now move on to the eye skin – apply an eye cream and pat the eye skin using the fingertips. Later, using gentle motions, start massaging the outer corner of the eye heading the nose.
    3. Move to the neck and chin massage – use a natural oil, e.g. almond oil or jojoba oil and start massaging the skin area moving your hands upwards.
    4. It’s time for bidirectional full facial massage – first, focus on the cheeks by moving your hands from the lips/nose to the ears, and then focus on massaging the forehead by moving your hands from the eyebrows upwards.
    5. As the last step, let your face relax – using gentle circular motions, keep dabbing at your face gently and end the massage.
  19. Benefits of Facial Rolling
    • Promotes Product Penetration
    • Stimulates Lymphatic Drainage
    • Reduces Under Eye Puffiness
    • Calms Inflammation
    • Stimulates Detoxification
  20. Benefits of Facial Massages
    • Relaxes You
    • Reduces Stress
    • Stimulates Blood & Lymph
    • Activates Sluggish Skin
    • Helps Slough Off Dead Skin Cells
    • Reduces Puffiness & Sinus Congestion
    • Relieves Muscle Tension & Pain
    • Stimulates Collagen
    • Increases Absorption
    • Helps Tone Muscle
    • Softens Sebum Which Helps Cleanse Skin of Impurities
    • Glowing Brighter Plumped Skin