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Not all scents are created equal.

Conventional perfumes, for instance, contain harmful synthetic compounds that can trigger headaches and allergies, to name a few.

So what’s more fragrant and luxurious than the non-toxic, healthful aroma of essential oil perfumes?

Science backs the benefits.

Got an interview or an important meeting? Studies show Lavender can keep your cool and make you smell more trustworthy too. Got a date? Use citrusy aroma like grapefruit. It makes women look 6 years younger according to research.

There’re more game-changing blends of natural perfumes in this Essential Oil Perfumes Bundle.

So if you want your social media followers to sniff more of what you can offer, sprinkle these 20 obsessing recipes into your posts.

You’ll influence others to seek out which scents click, surely, they’ll click with you.

Blends of the Best. This Essential Oil Perfumes Bundle combines the best blends to meet your follower’s needs—in alluring designs and recipes spelled out beautifully.

Surprise them how easy it can be to concoct their own personalized perfume. With 20 recipes to choose from, it’s love at first sniff.

Attract Others with your Scent. If you can hit the sweet spot on what people want on social media, you won’t worry about engagement. Everyone wants to smell good and feel healthy too. So this essential oil perfumes bundle hits all your goals and more in social media. More shares, more followers, more fragrance to your name.

Headache-free Social Media. You can skip the headaches that come with planning attractive content that will appeal to your followers. This Essential Oil Perfumes Bundle is an instant blend of everything you need to click on social media. You’ll smell the sweet scent of success without stress.

Simplify and Save Time – The best part is that you don’t even need to put the time into creating the content to post on social media yourself.

Download this bundle now, add your logo to brand them as your own and share them on your social media pages.

Inside The Bundle

The Essential Oil Perfumes Bundle includes 20 beautiful images:

Social Media Images – Essential Oil Perfumes Bundle |

Image Content

  1. Inspiring Floral Blend
    • Neroli Oil: 45 drops
    • Jasmine Sambac Oil: 35 drops
    • Pink Peppercorn Oil: 20 drops
    • Rose Damascena Oil: 10 drops
  2. The Naturalist Men’s Fragrance Spray
    • Copaiba Balsam Oil: 50 drops
    • Black Pepper Oil: 50 drops
    • Sandalwood Oil: 5 drops
    • Vetiver Oil: 5 drops
  3. Darkly Mysterious Scent
    • Sandalwood Oil: 8 drops
    • Lavender Oil: 3 drops
    • Cedarwood Oil: 1 drop
  4. Floral Romance Blend
    • Palmarosa Oil: 5 drops
    • Rose Oil: 3 drops
    • Rose Geranium Oil: 1 drop
    • Ylang Ylang Oil: 1 drop
  5. Fountain of Youth
    • Grapefruit Oil: 9 drops
    • Rose Geranium Oil: 1 drop
    • Ylang Ylang Oil: 1 drop
  6. Luscious Lavender Scent
    • Lavender Oil: 6 drops
    • Frankincense Oil: 4 drops
    • Rose Geranium Oil: 1 drop
  7. Sensuously Spicy Spray
    • Sandalwood Oil: 8 drops
    • Orange Oil: 2 drops
    • Patchouli Oil: 1 drop
    • Ylang Ylang Oil: 1 drop
  8. Sweet Enough to Eat Scent
    • Vanilla Oil: 5 drops
    • Cocoa Absolute Oil: 4 drops
    • Ylang Ylang Oil: 1 drop
  9. Upbeat & Happy Scent
    • Bergamot Oil: 5 drops
    • Grapefruit Oil: 5 drops
    • Rose Geranium Oil: 1 drop
  10. Invigorating Blend
    • Grapefruit Oil: 7 drops
    • Ylang Ylang Oil: 4 drops
  11. Sunshine Blend
    • Jasmine Oil: 7 drops
    • Lemon Oil: 4 drops
  12. Walk in the Woods Blend
    • Lavender Oil: 5 drops
    • Lemon Oil: 4 drops
    • Vetiver Oil: 3 drops
  13. Seductively Musky Blend
    • Lavender Oil: 5 drops
    • Lime Oil: 4 drops
    • Copaiba Oil: 3 drops
  14. Old Fashioned Eau de Cologne
    • Bergamot Oil: 16 drops
    • Petitgrain Oil: 15 drops
    • Orange Oil: 2 drops
    • Lemon Oil: 15 drops
    • Lavender Oil: 5 drops
    • Neroli Oil: 5 drops
  15. Feel Alive Perfume
    • Sweet Orange Oil: 4 drops
    • Lemon Oil: 10 drops
    • Tangerine Oil: 6 drops
    • Frankincense Oil: 8 drops
    • Neroli Oil: 5 drops
    • Myrrh Oil: 1 drop
  16. Sensual Perfume
    • Coriander Oil: 5 drops
    • Bergamot Oil: 6 drops
    • Neroli Oil: 4 drops
    • Jasmine Oil: 1 drop
    • Rose Oil: 3 drops
  17. Simple Men’s Blend
    • Cedarwood Oil: 10 drops
    • Bergamot Oil: 6 drops
    • Sandalwood Oil: 4 drops
  18. Forest Fairy Scent
    • Sweet Orange Oil: 10 drops
    • Cedarwood Oil: 5 drops
    • Peppermint Oil: 3 drops
    • Rosemary Oil: 2 drops
  19. Calm and De-stress Blend
    • Grapefruit Oil: 9 drops
    • Sweet Orange Oil: 4 drops
    • Lavender Oil: 4 drops
    • Clary Sage Oil: 2 drops
    • Roman Chamomile Oil: 1 drop
  20. Aromantic Night Blend
    • Rose Oil: 10 drops
    • Lime Oil: 5 drops
    • Vetiver Oil: 5 drops

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