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The power of hashtags goes beyond adding a hash sign before a word.

Posts with hashtags enjoy more engagement, increase social shares and draw a huge following.

Like hashtags themed towards a specific day of the week. Think #throwbackthursday. What if you could get the same high impact any given day?

Now, that’s thinking like a marketing expert more than a health and wellness practitioner.

Let this Exclusive Daily Hashtag Theme Bundle empower your social media goals.

You can start running a series of hashtag themes like a pro with 20 great weekday hashtags you can use right away, every day. So you can start counting your #blessings too!

Be the #SmarterMarketer. Great hashtags never run out of fashion, but they are hard to come by. With this bundle, you’ll never be out of the loop again or have trouble finding a phenomenal hashtag for the day. These conversational and classic hashtags keep the engagement alive and your followers hooked every single day.

Boost #Credibility. When you start a trend-right, you’ll have a history of posting and managing amazing content. Not to mention inspire others, spread cheer and goodwill. Given this reputation, this will only influence the best in social media to follow you.

Make #EverydayExciting. When you have a series of amazing hashtags in visually playful designs, you’ll look forward to social media the entire week. Finally, here are posts you can use, reuse, repurpose or share and get the same high dose of engagement. Endless possibilities await.

And the best part is that you don’t even need to put the time into creating the content to post on social media yourself.

Download the bundle now, make them your own and post to your social media pages. 

Inside The Bundle

The Daily Hashtag Themes Bundle includes 20 beautiful images: Here’s a closer look at What’s Inside the Bundle.

Social Media Images – Daily Hashtag Themes Bundle |

Image Content

  1. Today is #MotivationalMonday
    Start your followers’ week off right with some motivational quotes and photos.
  2. Today is #MindfulMonday
    Share a tip on how your followers can be more mindful, or encourage your followers to comment one way they’re going to practice mindfulness this week.
  3. Today is #MondayBlues
    Commiserate with your audience, or give them a pick-me-up.
  4. Today is #TransformationTuesday
    Post before and after photos of your clients (make sure you get their consent first), or encourage your followers to join in and post theirs.
  5. Today is #TipTuesday
    Provide helpful tips related to your industry.
  6. Today is #TriviaTuesday
    Share a trivia question that your followers can have a shot at answering to prompt them to engage with your post.
  7. Today is #WellnessWednesday
    Provide tips for staying healthy and active and achieving overall wellness.
  8. Today is #WisdomWednesday
    Share wise words of advice for your followers related to your industry.
  9. Today is #WednesdayHumpDay
    Let your followers know how you’re getting over the mid-week hump with this ubiquitous Wednesday hashtag.
  10. Today is #ThankfulThursday
    Thank someone who’s helped your business, your clients, or tell people what you’re thankful for. Gratitude goes a long way toward building customer loyalty on social media.
  11. Today is #ThoughtfulThursday
    Share a thought or ask your followers’ opinions on ideas you have for improving your business.
  12. Today is #ThrowbackThursday
    Share a picture of your business early on (also known as #tbt).
  13. Today is #FeelGoodFriday
    Post feel-good photos or quotes related to your industry, product, or service. Or, ask your followers to add a photo of something that makes them feel good in the comments box.
  14. Today is #FeatureFriday
    Feature specific products or services, loyal clients, or share consumer-generated content.
  15. Today is #FearlessFriday
    What makes you fearless? Tell a story about overcoming challenges related to your business, or ask your followers to comment what makes them fearless.
  16. Today is #ShoutoutSaturday
    Shoutout to one of your most active or loyal clients, or a staff member who’s performed exceptionally well this week.
  17. Today is #SaturdaySpecials
    Share a special or promotion you want to offer on Saturday’s only.
  18. Today is #SocialSaturday
    Share how you’re interacting with your community through events and promotions.
  19. Today is #SundayFunday
    Continue the weekend fun by sharing fun ways to use your business’s products.
  20. Today is #SundayRead
    Share one of your recent blog posts, or ask your followers to write which book they’re currently reading in the comments.
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