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Pregnant women are often told a lot of stories about childbirth. While some of them might be useful, it’s important to remember that each childbirth experience is unique. Use this bundle of eye-catching images to share some common childbirth myths with your social media audience.

Inside The Bundle

The Birth Myths Bundle includes 20 beautiful pieces of visual content:

Birth Myths Bundle | By Healthinomics

Image Content

  1. Birth Myth: Vaginal birth will ruin your vagina
    Truth: Your body knows how to protect itself in a physiological birth. Prolonged, forced pushing ruins your vagina.
  2. Childbirth Myth: It’s an emergency if the baby’s cord is around the neck
  3. Childbirth Myth: “It’s an emergency if the baby’s cord is around the neck”
  4. Birth Myth: Dilation is the only way to measure labor progress.
    Truth: There are SIX ways to measure progress:

    1. Direction of the cervix (back to down)
    2. Consistency of the cervix (firm to soft)
    3. Effacement or thinning (0-100%)
    4. Dilation (0-10cm)
    5. Position of baby in pelvis (-3 to +3)
    6. Rotation of baby through the pelvis ( 7 cardinal movements)
  5. Birth Myth: You have to give birth lying down on your back
  6. Birth Myth: I can’t have a vaginal birth because my doctor said the baby is too big
  7. Birth Myth: “I’m not supposed to eat or drink during labor”
  8. Birth Myth: “I have to give birth lying on my back”
  9. Myth: Late pregnancy cervical checks are necessary.
    Truth: Late pregnancy cervical checks are NOT necessary. They do not tell you when labor will begin. Cervical exams provide one piece of information… and there are several to consider when it comes to labor progress. You can accept or decline based on your individual needs and preferences.
  10. Your expected due date is not an expiry date.
  11. Birth Myth: “Continuous fetal monitoring is necessary for a healthy baby”
  12. Birth Myths (Thanks to Movies)
    • As soon as your water breaks, its time to push
    • You will look attractive during childbirth
    • You will leave the hospital in skinny jeans
    • A newborn baby is chubby and clean
  13. Birth Myth: “Your baby is too big”
  14. Myth: Doulas replace the birth partner.
    Fact: A doula enhances the partnership and helps them work together in better ways. They encourage connection, keep an eye on the birth space, and provide support tips for the partner.
  15. Birth Myth: Childbearing hips make for easier labor
  16. Birth Myth: Once a cesarean, always a cesarean.
  17. Birth Myth: You are late after week 40
  18. Birth Myth: You have to give birth in a hospital
  19. Birth Myth: “Homebirth isn’t safe”
  20. Pregnancy Myth
    Instead of: I’m supposed to feel miserable when I’m pregnant
    Try: I can thrive in pregnancy, even at 40 weeks!

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