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Birth affirmations are sayings or statements designed to change your mindset and help you maintain a positive outlook or mood about the birth process. Positive birth affirmations can be a great tool to use during labor and delivery of your baby. They can help you to focus on the right things and get into the mental state needed for a natural birth. But they can be great for medicated or c-section births as well.

These beautiful birth affirmations are perfect for doulas, midwives, hypnobirthing coaches, and anyone wanting to help women have an empowered birth!

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Inside The Bundle

The Birth Affirmations Bundle 1 includes 20 beautiful pieces of visual content:

Birth Affirmations Bundle 1 | By Healthinomics

Image Content

  1. I am capable of natural birth. I am strong. I am calm. I am fearless. I am mighty. I can do this.
  2. My body knows how to give birth, and I will let it.
  3. Contractions helpmy baby to be born.
  4. I am calm and relaxed. My baby feels my calmness.
  5. The stronger the contraction the more my body is doing to bring me closer to meeting my baby.
  6. My baby is descending naturally. My baby’s head fits perfectly in my pelvis.
  7. I am STRONG and I can let my contractions be STRONG.
  8. With each contraction, my cervix is dilating a little more.
  9. My body is opening up.
  10. I accept the healthy discomfort during the birth of my baby if and when it is here.
  11. I feel the love of those who are helping me.
  12. I send love to my baby and call him or her to my arms.
  13. I can handle a little discomfort if that’s what it takes to get my baby in my arms.
  14. I feel the strength of all women who have come before me.
  15. I am all my baby needs.
  16. I trust my instincts.
  17. My contractions cannot be stronger than me because they are me.
  18. My body knows how to give birth.
  19. I am blessed to birth my baby.
  20. My baby and I work as a team.

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