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Anxiety in various forms is a widespread problem, affecting people of all ages and in all areas of life. Some people suffer from anxiety more and some less. Those prone to anxiety have two options: give in to anxiety and live with it, or learn to manage and overcome it. This bundle is perfect for sharing all kinds of information related to anxiety.

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Anxiety Bundle | By Healthinomics

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  1. Anxiety Struggles
    What You See: Always on Time  //  What I Feel: Instant tummy ache if I think I’m going to be one minute late.
    What You See: Strong Work Ethic  //  What I Feel: Fear of being fired over the littlest thing/ disappointing my boss.
    What You See: Always in Control  //  What I Feel: Something will go wrong if I don’t do everything myself.
    What You See: Good at Planning  //  What I Feel: I need to be prepared in case a bad thing happens.
    What You See: Always Organized  //  What I Feel: I have to be organized so I don’t get overwhelmed and meltdown
    What You See: Super Helpful  //  What I Feel: If I say “no” they’ll think that I don’t care about them.
    What You See: Zen & Relaxed  //  What I Feel: If I don’t meditate, do yoga, and breathe, I’ll lose it.
    What You See: Self-Assured  //  What I Feel: “Don’t listen to anxiety. You got this. You got this. You got this.”
    What You See: Calm & Composed  //  What I Feel: Just finished crying in the bathroom “I can do this.”
  2. Anxiety & Digestive Issues
    Many people with anxiety experience IBS symptoms/ digestive issues. People with anxiety often experience gastrointestinal distress because of shared nerve connections between the brain and gut. Also, some hormones and chemicals released by anxiety can enter your digestive tract and interfere with digestion and gut bacteria. Common Anxiety Symptoms: Chronic stomach cramps, diarrhea or vomiting, constipation, appetite changes, ulcers. These symptoms can make your anxiety worse. #1 Tip: Learn how to manage your anxiety.
  3. Just social anxiety things:
    Seeing someone you work with (who you actually like!) in a place other than work and then doing your best to avoid them because you panic and don’t know what to say.
  4. The Anxiety Landslide
    • You’re feeling great and your anxiety is at a super low level and then…
    • Your anxiety is triggered by one thing…
    • and suddenly you’re anxious about another thing…
    • and another…
    • and another…
    • and another…
    • *and you explode with anxiety*
  5. Managing Tax-Time Anxiety
    • Don’t be afraid to get professional help
    • Work on your taxes over the course of a few days
    • Get organized before you start
    • Schedule a day to do them and stick to it
    • Put on a feel-good show while you work
    • Take a break when you need one
    • Ask someone you trust to look over them
    • File an extension if you need to
    • Plan an epic day of self-care when you’re done
  6. If you’re anxious today, read this.
    This will pass, even if doesn’t feel like it. You will get through this. You are safe. You are okay. Focus on your breath. You are loved and supported. You have control of what you do next. You deserve love, compassion, and gentleness. You are not alone.
  7. Anxiety makes it hard to…
    • Keep track of my finances
    • Start conversations
    • Make a decision when I can’t control the outcome
    • Answer emails
    • Drive
    • Listen to voicemails
    • Return phone calls
    • Order food at restaurants
    • Talk on the phone
    • Travel
    • Relax
    • Maintain friendships
    • Talk to bosses/teachers
    • Check the mail
    • Go to the doctor
    • Reach out for help
    • Share my feelings
    • Deal with change
    • Work as a team
    • Go to new places
  8. Anxiety Scale
    1. Minimal: Small feelings of worry/anxiety. Able to get things done and focus on tasks. Little to no physical symptoms.
    2. Mild: Anxious throughout the day but not all day. Some changes in concentration and sleep. Stomach ache and muscle tension.
    3. Moderate: Anxious most of the day. Changes in sleep, appetite, concentration. Avoidance. Feeling panicky, headaches, and fatigue.
    4. Severe: Anxiety all day. Feeling breathless, chest tightness, digestive issues. Unable to focus. Sensory overload. Isolation.
    5. Debilitating: Severe anxiety all day. Panic attacks. Can’t function. Intense physical symptoms. Feeling paralyzed. Meltdowns. Obsessive thoughts. Feeling unable to continue
  9. Hey you, wonderful human!
    Take a moment to stop scrolling. Now breathe deep, relax your shoulders and unclench your jaw. Let yourself be present in this moment. You totally got this.
  10. Social Anxiety
    One of the worst aspects of social anxiety (for me anyway) is what I call “meet the parents” anxiety. It’s not specifically parent-related, for example, you may have two friends who don’t know each other and you decide to all go out together and being the “connecting” thread between the two is so completely overwhelming that you spend the whole time over-analyzing everything, feeling so anxious about every interaction, being convinced they hate each other, while also feeling so completely inadequate for your inability to juggle two relationships simultaneously and it happens every single time, not just the first time they meet.
  11. Social Anxiety? Introvert? Shy?
    They’re not all the same! Which one(s) do you have experience with?
    Social Anxiety – Social situations cause fear, avoidance, and anxiety. Fears being judged, humiliated, or embarrassed. High levels of distress in social situations. Interferes in daily life and affects quality of life.
    Introvert – Recharges from being alone. Prefers one-on-one time or smaller gatherings. Deep conversations are better than small talk. Social energy is limited
    Shy – Uneasy around new people. Takes a while to open up to people. Feel awkward in social situations. A reaction to new places, or experiences.
  12. Feeling Anxious Today? These things might help.
    • Acknowledge that you feel anxious and ask yourself what you need right now.
    • Give yourself 10 minutes to worry and write down what you are anxious about.
    • Redirect your thoughts by doing something that engages your mind.
    • Focus on calming down with deep breathing or meditation.
    • Talk it out by calling a friend and going over your anxiety.
    • Get into self-soothing mode. Do all the things that soothe and comfort.
    • Turn on loud music and dance it out. Physical activity can sometimes help.
    • See if there are changes you can make to support your mental health better.
  13. Anxiety can look like…
    • Feeling overwhelmed by a list of small tasks
    • Obsessively thinking the same thoughts over and over
    • Feeling like you’re not equipped to be an adult
    • Overthinking your social interactions
    • Physical symptoms like upset stomach hot flashes
    • Feeling like everything is too much to process
    • Nervous habits like biting your lip or nails
    • Stressing for hours on things that take minutes to do
    • Worrying over others feelings when they hurt you
    • Unable to enjoy the moment
    • Difficulty asking for things
  14. Living with Social Anxiety
    Many people with social anxiety experience intense anxiety around authority figures. Talking to managers, teachers, or anyone who is in a position of power over you can cause panic attacks, awkwardness, and feelings of inferiority.
  15. Cleaning with Depression & Anxiety
    • Pull from dirty dishes instead of using clean ones.
    • Wash in categories.
    • Wash 5x what you need. If you need one plate, wash 4 or 5.
    • Ask for help.
    • Do one room each day of the week.
    • Schedule it.
    • Take advantage of good mental health days.
    • Do the bare minimum.
    • Focus on what you’ve accomplished. Not what’s left.
    • Have one clean space then move on to another.
    • Add an element of fun.
  16. Social Anxiety Bingo
    • Pretend texting to avoid talking
    • Flaming hot embarrassed face
    • Knows the nearest exit
    • IBS symptoms when going out
    • Dislike of making appointments
    • “You’re such a homebody.”
    • Unexpected visitors are the worst
    • Hate returning phone calls
    • Avoiding eye contact
    • Why did I say that?
    • Panic over going to social events
    • Difficulty starting conversations
    • Free Space
    • Panic over where to sit or eat
    • Unanswered texts or emails
    • Knocks on the door are scary
    • No public speaking ever
    • 10 unlistened to voicemails
    • Ordering food is terrible
    • Fear of being judged
    • Always feeling inferior
    • Stuttering when put on the spot
    • Relief over canceled plans
    • Sweaty palms and shaking hands
    • Pretending you didn’t see someone
  17. What’s something that helps you when you’re feeling anxious?
  18. Anxiety Struggles
    What You See: Codependent  //  What I Feel: It’s difficult to go places and do things by myself.
    What You See: Not a Team Player //  What I Feel: Group settings either make me shut down or do everything myself.
    What You See: Ignores You //  What I Feel: I love you but it’s hard to invite you over or answer calls/text/emails.
    What You See: Homebody //  What I Feel: I want to go, but I am too anxious and overwhelmed to go. I’m sorry.
    What You See: Distracted //  What I Feel: I play on my phone when I’m anxious, but I’m still paying attention!
    What You See: Irresponsible //  What I Feel: It’s hard to return calls and make appointments but I’m trying.
    What You See: Forgetful //  What I Feel: When I’m super anxious, my mind zones out and I don’t absorb anything.
    What You See: Unapproachable //  What I Feel: If I see you unexpectedly in public I will panic and try to ignore you.
    What You See: Insecure //  What I Feel: Anxiety makes me question everything especially if people like me.
  19. Quick Anxiety Tips
    • Have a dance party in the bathroom
    • Write out your feelings & worries
    • Download a new app to your phone
    • Practice breathing exercises
    • Run your hands under cold water
    • Step outside for a few minutes
    • Use fidget spinners, Focus on 5 things around you, or kinetic sand
    • Reassure yourself that you’re okay
    • Focus on 5 things around you
    • Text your best friend
    • Tap out the beat to your fave song
    • Do a guided meditation
    • Watch a funny video
    • Direct your energy to something creative
    • Curl up with candles a book and blankets
    • Give yourself a little massage
  20. If You’re Anxious Today Try…
    • Slow down and take a break
    • Write down your thoughts
    • Direct your energy to something creative
    • Meditate or do a few yoga poses
    • Talk a break from your phone
    • Spend 15 minutes on fun
    • Listen to nature sounds
    • Make a to-do list
    • Talk kindly to yourself
    • Know that it gets better
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  • Canva
  • Includes 20 Images
  • All images are high resolution PNG
  • Includes fully editable Canva template
  • Includes 20 social media post captions
  • Add your own branding!

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