This really is the ultimate freebie...

We called this 'The Ultimate Social Media Kickstarter Freebie' for a reason... because we've jam-packed it with not 1, not 3, but 4 awesome freebies to really kickstart your business on social media!

Camilla Baker – CB Wellness TherapyI have just finished watching your startup video and I am really impressed. This is just what I needed to really give my business the kick it needs to move onto the next level.

Camilla Baker
CB Wellness Therapy, AU

Freebie #1

Kickstart Your Social Media Video Course

In this video course, we show you everything you need to know about social media, why it’s important for your business, when you should be posting, as well as how to plan, create and schedule all of your content. PLUS, we also show you can get your hands on a stream of content to not only increase engagement and drive traffic to your site, but save you a ton of time!

Kickstart Your Social Media Video Course | By Healthinomics

Freebie #2

Social Media Calendar

Start planning your social media content right now! With our Social Media Calendar, you will be able to plan in advance to save a ton of time, post more regularly on social media, and drive more traffic to your site. This calendar template comes as an editable spreadsheet that can be opened with Excel (PC), Numbers (Mac), or Google Sheets.

Free Social Media Calendar | Healthinomics

Jennifer Boutin – Pramana TherapiesI have to say that I’m very happy with the social media bundle. I’m getting more likes and retweets on twitter and Facebook. I hope that those lead to more business in the near future. After spending over an hour, I was able to get my whole year of posts ready! Now I can focus more on my business 🙂 Thank you!

Jennifer Boutin
Pramana Therapies, USA

Freebie #3

Social Content Kickstarter Bundle

What's a social media calendar without content to fill it? Not much use at all! So we've created a bundle of 12 beautiful ready-made images to post on your business's social media pages to get you started.

Social Content Kickstarter Bundle | By Healthinomics

Freebie #4

Wellness & Self Care Bundle

Includes a Canva template version of each image and sample Social Media Captions

Self-Care Ready-Made Social Media Images plus Bonus Canva Template. Free Download.

Venessa Fraser – Energy 4 Life Personal TrainingGrowing up in the 80's before the web existed makes it a challenge for me. I now have a clearer understanding of how to market my business on social media and think I can manage my posts a whole lot better. I just purchased your mega bundle also to help with the posting and look forward to going through the content and getting started.

Venessa Fraser
Energy 4 Life Personal Training, AU

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