wholesale holistic supplies
Healthinomics By Healthinomics   •   April 10, 2018

wholesale holistic suppliesThe idea behind wholesale holistic supplies is simple: when wholesale prices are affordable, retail costs are more profitable.

But… simple can be complicated and overwhelming when searching for what you are looking for online.

What you need is someone you can trust to help steer you in the right direction and cut some of that searching time in half!

Not to mention finding the best wholesale rates.

The internet is heaving with information, scammers and horror stories you want to avoid, at all costs.

And the best place to start is right here!

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the most popular options for wholesale holistic supplies and products online to help save you time, money and steer you away from the stress of doing all the heavy searching for yourself.

The right supplier can keep you and your business well and whole and allow you to have an extra income stream for your business.

First up is…

  1.    Holistictrader.co.uk

    Wholesale Holistic Supplies

Based in Norfolk, England, Holistic Trader Ltd runs one of the most popular holistic retail shops online, holisticshop.co.uk which scores high on Trust Pilot. Its wholesale website www.holistictrader.co.uk is ideal for shop owners, online resellers, therapists or anyone who needs a large number of wholesale holistic supplies from around the world. Options are almost endless, from candles, books, CDs, crystals to aromatherapy.

As they are trusted and legitimate they want to make sure re-sellers are too. So get an account to secure approval and see the prices available for large orders.

  1.   Rock Shop Wholesale

    Wholesale Holistic Supplies

Rock Shop Wholesale is another gem of wholesale holistic supplies from West Yorkshire England. They’ve been in the wholesale trade since 1969 supplying precious stones to thousands of clients worldwide.

They have an amazing collection of other wholesale holistic supplies too from crystals, and chakra products to books, bath salts and more. Want to start trading? Register for an account first.

  1.   Kheops International

    Wholesale Holistic Supplies

Since 1991, Kheops International has been one of the top wholesalers of new age and metaphysical gifts in the US and Canada.

Located in New Hampshire, their one-stop shop portal includes an amazing selection of meaningful gifts as incense, candles, gemstones, clothing and more. If you’re eager to create an account, always check their special deals for monthly promotions.

  1.   Amazon Business

    Wholesale Holistic Supplies

If you are a regular seller on Amazon, why not try Amazon Business? As the online shopping source from A to Z, let’s say W can stand for wholesale or “work”. Launched just in 2015, Amazon Business still has a long way to go for Business to Business trade. But since 2017 it has already exceeded its million customer mark with the Amazon advantage of speed and personalized shopping experience.

Feel free to browse among hundreds of millions of products for business to business with an aggressive highlight on the healthcare industry.

  1.   Overstock

    Wholesale Holistic Supplies

Launched in 1991, Overstock has a huge collection of wholesale holistic supplies at wholesale price. Products come with reviews, international shipment and variety.

Browse from spiritual stocks, candles, and incense, aromatherapy and massage supplies among others. Don’t want to create an account? You can still make a purchase as a guest.

  1.   Alibaba and AliExpress

    Wholesale Holistic Supplies

Alibaba is one of the world’s top e-commerce sites for global trade. You’ll have to browse through hundreds of vendors selling holistic products at a wholesale price. Or you can also try AliExpress, it’s subsidiary company which is ideal for smaller online retailers.

Be careful though when dealing with suppliers on these sites. Not all stories have resulted in happy endings so make sure you’ve done your due diligence before shelling out any amount.

  1.   Worldwide Brands

    Wholesale Holistic Supplies

Worldwide Brands have an extensive database of suppliers around the world which include health and wellness products for wholesale trade. Also just as a heads up, paid directories use a screening process to make sure suppliers are genuine wholesalers and business owners and once you are set up you are all good to go and start purchasing.

Worldwide Brands has over 10million products including wholesale holistic supplies, this is one of the most trusted supplier directories online. But be prepared to pay the $299 lifetime membership fee to get the most out of the experience and have access to their vast array of awesome wellness and holistic products

Wholesale Holistic Supplies: A Good Tip

The wholesale business can be tricky so you need to invest your time and effort in researching genuine wholesale suppliers.

Here’s a shortcut: ask manufacturers. If you don’t know where to begin to try these simple steps.

  1.    Check out the labels of your favorite holistic products that you want to carry in your shop.
  2.   Contact the manufacturer and introduce yourself. Prove your credibility, legitimacy, and passion for their products.
  3.   Finally, inquire who their authorized wholesalers are.

Now wasn’t that easy?

It’s also the best way to be sure you won’t get scammed by third-party distributors.

Background Check your Desired Supplier

wholesale holistic supplies

As many as 8 out of 10 search engine ads with wholesale as keywords cheat thousands of health and wellness professionals online.

Check out their social media presence, Google their name and check their website for trust marks and security seals, physical address, contact numbers and copyright status.

Preferably, you should take time to visit the warehouse or the office of the wholesaler business itself but if your supplier is located in China, you’re going to have to rely to good old fashion online stalking by reading reviews, checking the companies social media presence, Google their name and check their website for trust marks and security seals, physical address, contact numbers and copyright status.        

If you want to take your background check to the next level, third-party authentication services like China Checkup or GloBIS can run a background check on your potential supplier, for a small price.

My tip would be to buy 1 or 2 products to verify quality and that the products get to you and then purchase small batches of products until you have built up a relationship with your supplier.

Seek Healthy Business Relationships

wholesale holistic supplies

Every health and wellness business can agree that finding the right wholesale holistic supplier can be challenging.

But when you do find the right one, it’s worth an investment for years to come.

As orders start piling up and you never run out of fresh items to stock and sell, you’ll notice how buying in bulk at wholesale rate can make a difference.

So best of luck in finding your business partners for life!

P.S If you know of any other wholesale holistic supplies sites that we can list feel free to share in the comments section below as well as your feedback on what sites you have used to get your wholesale holistic supplies from so we can share it with others. 🙂

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