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Name your biggest social media challenge today and you’ll be most likely start feeling a little Social Media Automationoverwhelmed.

I mean who wouldn’t be?

With nearly 3 billion active social media users to reach, we’re lucky to even penetrate a .0001% of that world percentage.

And the checklist of challenges is never-ending: there’s social media planning, growing the audience, engaging the audience, finding quality content, creating visual content, growing organic reach, determining the social media ROI and so on and so forth.

But for you, perhaps we can narrow it down to one. The one biggest social media challenge everyone has today is time. Most importantly the lack of it.

Welcome the genius of social media automation.

Because social media is multi-tasking and exhausting, it’s about time you automate tasks that are never-ending.

Save yourself some distraction among all other tools popping up here and there.

When time is of the essence in your social media marketing, we’ve got the best 12 social media automation tools that are time-saving and forward thinking, they’ll stick with you to the automated future.  

1. Hootsuite 

social media automation

One glance at Hootsuite and you’ll know why it’s the ideal tool for the serious A-lister marketer: it automates what seems to be every social media goal.

The platform has multiple strengths like managing multiple social networks seamlessly, connecting with customers easily and growing your brand with a lot more helpful tools and data provided.  

Essentially, it does save you a lot of time when it allows you to pre-schedule unlimited posts in up to 10 social media profiles. Business wise, it also offers insight into your social media campaign that helps when determining your ROI.

But when you are serious about engaging your customers and gets high on any mention of your name on any social media then Hootsuite can definitely satisfy your vanity.

Hootsuite alerts you every time you’ve been mentioned across all channels (good or bad) and enables you to reply from a single dashboard.

If you don’t want it to be about you, Hootsuite lets you track your competition too, more importantly, your audience. The advanced search offers various and very personal search options, like sentiment.

Want to know how well you’re doing with a campaign? Try searching for the negative and positive sentiments. Do the same for your competition.

Whatever you do with the knowledge and convenience Hootsuite can provide is to your advantage.

2. SocialOmm

social media automation

SocialOmm is an exciting new social media automation tool to emerge into this space. It is the only social media automation tool of its kind to be niched for the health and wellness sector.

Put the zen in your social media marketing with SocialOmm – the easiest way to schedule your posts in advance, discover health and wellness content to share and manage all your social media profiles in one place.

The feature list is quite extensive with a handy watermarking tool so you can brand all your images automatically as well as a content discovery tool where you can find articles or videos by keyword so you can share content specific to your follower’s interests. Now that’s a handy time-saving feature indeed!

3. Crowdfire

social media automation

Take the hint from the name Crowdfire to know what it can actually do as a social media automation tool. Crowdfire easily connects you to the crowd and spreads your posts fast on all social media accounts, like fire.

Find the right people, find the right posts. Crowdfire helps you in both.

When you want to promote something to your audience every day, especially with viral #hashtags on twitter or Instagram, Crowdfire is the way to go.

Another useful feature is how it works well with Twitter and Instagram to alert you with doppelganger accounts and lets you know who unfollowed you and which accounts are dormant. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep your accounts active, organized and under control? Crowdfire makes that easy.

4. CoSchedule

social media automation

This is one super friendly calendar for all your content and social needs. CoSchedule is a social media automation gift for every writer and marketer out there.

With CoSchedule pre-scheduling all your content across social media platforms can be a mere drag and drop into a simple, clutter-free, visually organized calendar that you and your entire team can see. Which makes Coschedule another ideal tool for team collaboration and project management.

CoSchedule also suggests the best schedule for your posts and the “ReQueue” feature lets you automatically fill schedule gaps with suggestion to re-share your best content.

Plus, you’ll love how it seamlessly connects to your top social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, WordPress and more.

5. SociAlert

social media automation

Here’s an easy way to track #hashtags and keywords—use Socialert. This makes sense when you have a campaign you want to monitor on twitter and you want to know every juicy detail in real time.

Whether it’s for your own business, for a friend, a frenemy or a competitor, remember Socialert is for Twitter, and comes with a powerful insight at that.

6. BuzzSumo

social media automation

Because content is king so is BuzzSumo. Do you want to know which content is the most read and shared? Do you want to come up with a topic that people would want to read and share? Do you want to find someone influential to help you make your topics trend?

That’s the magic of BuzzSumo where searching for viral content and helpful analytics that go along with it, has never been easier.

This buzzing social media automation tool offers infinite possibilities for your content marketing strategy, don’t call yourself savvy without it. This tool is like Wikipedia meets Paparazzi. It offers comprehensive analytics for the most-shared content and influencer out there.

BuzzSumo mainly identifies the most shared content on any domain, in Facebook, on any topic, on anything trending. Refine your search result if you please and try the “influencer search” which gives you paparazzi-like information on what the influencer himself has shared or tweeted.

You can use this to your advantage by a.) building a relationship with key influencers b.) finding great content you can use as inspiration to come up with your own.

Remember BuzzSumo is a smoking gun when it comes to content and influencer tracking. It comes with useful analytics, so you can improve traffic to your website which gets you closest to the next ultimate goal: conversion.


social media automation

Content curation service and content marketing automation equals which is also another powerful social media automation tool for content marketing.

Want to know where the traffic is at? Search for a particular topic and ride on the hype as you curate from high-quality sources that you can share and brag easily, as any thought leader with executive taste would.

Need more traffic to your content? Use to generate a better content using predictive insights.

When you search in keywords for your content significantly cuts down content curation time by showing you great content related to your keyword. then offers you alternative keywords better suited for your demographic, making it a fantastic tool for niche content.

8. Post Planner

social media automation

Postplanner is the perfect social media automation tool you can use directly from Facebook (no 3rd party website).

Queue your posts for the entire month (in your all Facebook pages) in just a few hours and the set the day (and time) you want them posted along with status updates. More importantly, choose the target audience for your post’s visibility.

It also automates your RSS feed, so you can publish directly from your RSS feed. Finally, when you hit a stumbling block in your posting ideas Postplanner offers refreshes your creative brain with quite a number of suggestions and questions for your status updates that are guaranteed to engage your audience.

9. SocialPilot

social media automation

At the basics, SocialPilot seems like another social media management tool that simplifies social media scheduling and project collaboration with its social media calendar sharing.

But it’s quite a powerful enterprise-level marketing tool that allows pre-scheduling of over 500 posts that can be easily shared to over 200 social media accounts!

What makes SocialPilot standout among other social media automation tools is its custom branding feature that lets you easily brand your posts (like images) as your own. You can even post directly from Canva itself with the help of SocialPilot’s browser extension.

Based on reviews, it’s also very simple to use bagging the “Great User Experience 2017 award” from FinancesOnline.

10. Sprout Social

social media automation

Sprout Social has a lot of great features as a social media management tool but the top ones are the following:

Provides great analytics and reports (monitoring and user engagement)

Supports team collaboration (calendar etc.)

Built-in Customer Relationship Management system (CRM)

Ideal for multiple profiles and enterprises  

Helpdesk facility to use social media for customer support

Offers app for Apple and Android devices

Integrates RSS feeds

Brand tracking (mentions, keywords, hashtags)

All in, Sprout Social has many valuable tools that can both increase business revenue by helping you remain organized and save time.

11. Zapier

social media automation

Zapier allows you to automate tasks by linking web apps together, creating workflows you can call a zap from streamlining social media tasks to the boredom of data entry, sounds cool, right?

How do you create a Zap between Twitter and Facebook for example? Every time you post on Twitter, the Zap automatically triggers an action to post the same on Facebook. And this is just one of the 100 marketing workflows you can integrate.

As community manager Lucas Hall said “It would take a few hours for our staff to do what Zapier does in seconds.”

12. Buffer

social media automation

Launched in 2010, Buffer automates your social media scheduling. All you have to do is decide what you want to be posted, and queue posts in advance. Buffer will post them for you, even schedule them. That’s a lot less distraction!

But Buffer is more than a time-saver, it’s also smart and savvy when it comes to analytics. With the efficient “campaign tracker” feature, you can track a campaign, yours or others, to see what’s working and what’s not, and study them to your heart’s content and advantage.

Due to some similarities with the features of Hootsuite, there’s always this Buffer vs. Hootsuite debate but the thing is, it’s more like a Samsung vs. Apple debate, it all boils down to preference. Though both are fairly advanced in similar ways.

Engage with the Audience Personally

Social Media Automation

There are some things you can never automate like, personal connections. Building connections on any social media platform require actual engagement. Frankly, it can be quite refreshing to converse with the audience without sounding like a robot.

So don’t leave those comments and reviews hanging, give it your own personal touch. This doesn’t just increase your following, it also fosters trust with your followers which can never be automated.

Save Time for what matters

Social media automation tools are impressive, right? But don’t forget the main reason why you automated in the first place—to do better things with your time.

That time is best spent making real connections with your market, with friends, families, loved ones or yourself. Spend time doing simple things like taking your dogs to the beach, frolicking under the sun or getting a good massage.

Relax and build yourself, no tool can ever replace your worth.

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Simply download any bundle of social media images, add your logo to brand them as your own, and share the images across all your social media platforms!

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