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  • Rajam Roose – Health & Wellness Business Coach | Featured on Healthinomics

After four years of hitchhiking and vagabonding around the Americas, I settled down and joined the massage profession. In 1999, I graduated from massage school and worked a few different types of places. I owned a massage business in Alabama for about 3 years before moving to San Diego, where I ran a massage business for 7 years.

After working on it for 10 years, I finally published a book titled, Travels With A Road Dog: Hitchhiking the Americas that describe my travels. During my travels, I made and sold crochet hats and bags to support myself. And I’ve had a small soaping business on the side where I sold around 700 bars a year during the holidays. So I have an entrepreneurial spirit!

A few years ago, I founded the San Diego Pain Summit, an annual conference where manual therapists can learn clinical applications of pain science. It is the only multi-disciplinary conference in the U.S. that covers both the research and clinical practice from the biopsychosocial model of pain science.

In Oct. 2016, I closed a successful massage business to focus more time on the San Diego Pain Summit and my other business- Grow Your Massage Business. As a side “job”, I’m the San Diego Local Expert for AFAR Media’s online travel guide.

Rajam’s Coaching Philosophy

I do some coaching, but mostly consulting. The intent of my work is to help small business owners who don’t have a lot of funding to learn how they can market their practice on their own- at least until they can afford to hire out those services!

My style is very “no-nonsense”. I don’t like to make promises that people will instantly become successful. It takes a great deal of hard work combined with some luck. But I can show my clients the steps needed to take, it’s up to them whether they will be successful in the ways they want.

When someone signs up with me, I like to learn about their needs and goals. Each business is unique, so I ask a lot of questions in order to figure out exactly what is needed for them to feel successful. Often it’s tough to see a solution until a third party steps in who can see the situation from a different perspective.

In many cases, I have worksheets and activities for them to do to help them clarify their goals and how they are going to reach them. I’m careful not to tell people what I want for them- but rather the steps they can take. The client takes the reigns, I’m only there to guide them to stay on the road.

Services Offered

I offer phone consultations or in-person meetings and teach business and marketing classes. Massage business owners don’t have a lot of money for traveling, so I’m working on offering online programs so they can learn business and marketing from home.

My specific niche is helping clients learn how to make a website, manage general SEO, use social media for marketing, learning to foster relationships with other businesses, learn the importance of professionalism, why it’s necessary to have a niche, learn how to see their business from the eyes of their clients, and learn why it’s important to understand our competition.

Those are the areas where I see business owners needing the most help.

Delivery Method

In-Person & Online