• Melissa Leithwood – Health & Wellness Business Coach | Featured on Healthinomics
  • Melissa Leithwood – Health & Wellness Business Coach | Featured on Healthinomics

I work with naturopathic doctors and clinicians who yearn for a bustling high-impact practice. I show them how to use online marketing to get exactly what they want, which is to help the people that need them.

I’ve got…

10+ years of experience helping naturopathic doctors and clinicians use online (digital) marketing to attract new patients into their practice.

A track-record of proven results, check out the Praise page on my website to hear about the success my clients are experiencing.

7 years of PhD study under my belt in business strategy, in addition to degrees in psychology, communications studies.

And when I’m not teaching students in my programs and consulting one-on-one with clients, I can be found…

Playing with my two daughters in the park, barefoot!

Balancing and climbing on trees with my husband (MovNat anyone?)

Chatting it up with my ND friends about the latest research (Seriously, I should have an honorary degree!)

If you’re dying to know more, here are 3 things you don’t know about me…

I love food… no I really love food… and I love sustainable, organic, local food. I’m a member of Slow Food and have eaten cricket protein (bugs!).

I home birthed my babies, the first was easier than the second… go figure!

I walk the talk… my primary healthcare provider is an ND.

Melissa’s Coaching Philosophy

My style of teaching is a mix of practical experience and research. Having 7 years of PhD study under my belt, in business strategy, I love to provide actionable tips that are evidence based.

Services Offered

Online courses that help naturopathic doctors and clinicians reach the people that need them. Including, Google Adwords, SEO, Community Building, and an Online Marketing Academy For Location Based Naturopathic Doctors and Clinicians.

I also offer consulting advice calls and one-on-one work when the fit is right.

Delivery Method

In Person & Online

Contact Melissa

Email mleithwood@melissaleithwood.com
Website www.melissaleithwood.com

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