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Answer this:

Do you want repeat customer referrals for your business every day, week, and month?

Well duh! Don’t we all.

What if all you needed to do was dedicate around 2-3 hours of your time to achieve¬†this and then¬†it’s set¬†to autopilot FOREVER?

Sound like your kind of task?

In this article, we’re going to show you how.

Now, we know you’re a¬†busy health, wellness¬†or¬†fitness professional so this article will be your¬†ultimate¬†guide to adding your business to directories to get¬†high authority backlinks.

We’ll be giving you a BONUS¬†free¬†business directory list¬†that you can put to action and submit your business to today!

This list will save you all the research, time, and headache that goes into finding the right online directories to add your business to.

But the freebies don’t stop there! We’ll also be giving you our awesome Bizfodoc for you to keep¬†all your business info in one spot in, ready for adding your business to all the directories in our free business directory list.

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Bizfodoc | By Healthinomics

What this means for you:

Once¬†you add your business to these directories, you’ll give your business the best possible chance to be found by your customers.

Now it’s important you know why this is the case. Because when you know why, you’ll understand the importance of why you’re about to invest 2-3 hours of your time into this.

Why It’s Important To Add Your Business To Online Directories

1. Customers find you easier

Customers will be able to find your business and services much easier when searching a business directory online. Take Yellow Pages for example:

Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
When you create a listing on a business directory, customers can use filter options to¬†narrow down what services they’re looking for, as¬†well as define their location.

This is gold!

Why? Because this means that¬†by the time the customer finds you, picks up the phone, or sends you a contact message via the enquiry form on your directory listing, they’ve¬†done all the hard work for you.

They have officially pre-qualified themselves as a PERFECT customer for your services. Then it’s all up to you!

2. To get quality backlinks

It’s the easiest and fastest way for creating quality backlinks to your website, which will ultimately rank you higher in search engines:

Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics

Backlink guru (and the founder of Backlinko), Brian Dean, even has directory domination as one of his 17 untapped backlink sources.

I chuckle every time people claim that directories are dead. Links from the right directories can still do wonders for your site.

The Importance of Backlinks

Free Business Directory List ‚Äď The Importance of BacklinksIn a nutshell, backlinks are links from other websites that are directed back to yours, like when you add¬†your business¬†to¬†directories.

The number of backlinks you have directing to your website suggests to search engines like Google that your website is very popular or is of importance.

Google will give you more credit if your website has a good number of quality backlinks directing back to it, as opposed to having none or low-quality spammy backlinks.

Another benefit to backlinks is that Google may consider your website as being more relevant to customers searching for your search terms then potential competitors competing for the same or similar search terms.

So, if you’re looking to rank higher in search engines for specific search terms like “personal trainer new york” or “massage therapy melbourne”, then you need to keep reading so you can¬†add your business to these directories ‚Äď pronto!

Domain Authority and Why It Matters

Free Business Directory List ‚Äď Domain Authority and Why It MattersThe directories in the free bonus list we’re going to give you later on in this article¬†are¬†ranked in order of Domain Authority (DA).

We know, we know, we hear you… Domain Auth-what-the?

Let’s run through exactly what this:

Domain Authority is a score developed by¬†Moz. They’ve done a pretty good job at summarising it:

Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines.

100 is the highest on the scale (a high-quality backlink) and 1 is the lowest (a low-quality backlink). Simply put, if 1 on the scale was a calorie, it would be classed as an empty calorie and would provide no nutritional value whatsoever.

Domain Authority can be used when comparing one site to another or when tracking the “strength” of a¬†website.¬†The higher the Domain Authority of a¬†website compared to that of a competitors,¬†the higher it’s¬†likely to rank.

So, how does all of this relate to online business directories?

You’ll see in the¬†Google search image we showed you above¬†that Yelp (a business directory) is showing¬†up as the first organic search result for the¬†search term “personal trainer new york”:

Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics

That’s because Yelp, like so many other business directories, has a high Domain Authority and thousands of backlinks.

By listing your business on¬†these directories, you’ll have a higher chance of it¬†showing up on the first page of Google when searching for businesses like yours.

When potential customers click on the link, they’ll be taken straight¬†to your listing on the directory.


All it takes is for them to view your website and contact you to make a booking, and boom! You just landed yourself a referral!

How awesome is that?

Step 1. Prep Your Business Information

Free Business Directory List ‚Äď Prep Your Business Information with BizfodocNow we’ve¬†given you an insight into directories and why your business needs to be added to them, it’s time to get stuck into the nitty-gritty.

Before you get started, there’s one thing you need to do:

Prepare all your business information in one spot so you’re super organised and get the job done within 2-3 hours.

Because directory submissions involve entering similar information about your business repeatedly, you need to be prepared and avoid wasting any time.

Having this information on hand to copy and paste when submitting your business listing to each directory will speed up the entire process.

Back when we¬†started running our¬†massage business, we¬†found ourselves¬†using our¬†business information in some form or another on a daily basis. Things like our business description, website URL, social media page URL’s, etc.

One thing Sheree quickly got frustrated with was adding our business to directories!

What she really needed was all this information on hand, ready to copy and paste when needed.

The result of not having been prepared like this was a very unorganised and unproductive Sheree!

So you don’t make the same mistake she did,¬†we’ve¬†prepared a¬†fillable document for you to download and use. Bizfodoc will be your ‚Äėgo-to‚Äô doc when adding your business to directories.

All you need to do is:

  1. Download Bizfodoc.
  2. Open the document in Word or Google Docs.
  3. Fill in your business details.
  4. Save the form to your computer.
  5. Keep the form open when adding your business to directories so you can quickly copy and paste your details.Tip: Use the shortcut Command + F (Mac) or CTRL + F (Windows) to quickly find text in the document.

Now that’s working smart, not hard!

Be your most organised self. Keep all your business information in one spot with¬†Bizfodoc, your ‘go-to’ doc when adding your business to directories.

Step 2. The Semi-Automatic Approach

We’d love to tell you there’s an automated way of¬†submitting your business to all the¬†directories on our list.

While that would be nice, it’s unfortunately not possible. This is because every¬†directory is different and the process of submitting your business varies.

But wait…

Since we’re big on automation in business, we’re going to let you in on a little secret:

By using an autocomplete tool like JunkFill (Chrome extension) or Autofill (Firefox extension), this will help with automatically filling some of the form fields when submitting your business to directories. We just recommend you manually review the fields to make sure the information that was entered is correct.

While it’s not a 100% automated approach, it’s a¬†semi-automatic one¬†that can save you some extra time.

Step 3. Add Your Business to Online Directories

Free Business Directory List ‚Äď Add Your Business to Online DirectoriesSo here’s the juicy stuff¬†you’ve been waiting for:

Your free business directory list based on Domain Authority for you to add your business to!

We’ve handpicked all the directories¬†that are free to add your business to and compiled them into one easy table¬†for you. Just click the ‘Add Business’ link next to each directory to add your business.

What makes this free business directory list so unique is that we’ve split them¬†into categories:

  1. General
  2. Alternative Therapies
  3. Fitness and Nutrition
  4. Chiropractors
  5. Beauty

We told you this was the ULTIMATE guide! ūüôā

Your Free Directory List

Getting The Most Out of Your Submissions

  1. Some directories may already have your business added to them. If so, you’ll be able to claim your business to manage it.
  2. Use consistent login details for easy follow-up and less hassle.
  3. Create a separate email address for creating accounts on directories to stop any spam from reaching your business email inbox.
  4. Make your listings as complete as possible to maximise value.
  5. Vary the titles and descriptions you use to create unique listings.
  6. Use a dedicated email to separate your confirmation and marketing emails from personal emails.
  7. Check your inbox for the confirmation emails immediately and after 5 days.

Step 4. Find Local Business Directories

Free Business Directory List ‚Äď Find Local Business DirectoriesAdding your business to the directories in the list above is a great way to get your business noticed right now, however you can also go one step further and find specific local directories in your city, town, or suburb.

Doing this will give your business an even greater local search presence!

This is great for getting your business in front of customers who use local business directories as opposed to popular national business directories, like Yellow Pages or Yelp.

Just copy and paste the following search terms into Google:

You’ll want to change ‘location’ to your own city/town/suburb and change ‘.com’ to your country’s domain extension.

For example, if your business is located in London, it would look like this:

“business directory” “add your business” “london”

  • “business directory” “add your business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “add my business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “add a business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “add business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “add your company” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “add my company” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “add a company” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “add company” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “add your free listing” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “add a free listing” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “create your listing” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “create a listing” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “list your business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “list my business” .com
  • “business directory” “list a business” “location”.com
  • “business directory” “list your company” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “list my company” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “list a company” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “listing your business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “directory listings” “location”.com
  • “business directory” “business directory Listing” .com
  • “business directory” “business listing” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “business listings” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “featured listing” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “featured listings” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “free listing” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “free listings” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “free business directory” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “get listed” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “sponsored links” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “report inaccurate content” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “rate this business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “is this your business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “claim business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “claim this business” “location” .com
  • “business directory” “claim your business” “location” .com

Step 5. Track Directory Referrals

Google Analytics is a top-notch, free service provided by ‚Äď you guessed it ‚Äď Google.

It’s one of the best data analysis tools on the web.

It gives you all the stats you need to better understand where traffic to your site is coming from and helps to optimise the efforts you put into marketing. After all, adding your business to directories is another form of marketing.

Without analytics on your site, you‚Äôre driving blind. It’s like treating with a client blindfolded without any knowledge of their medical history. A big no-no!

So once you’ve submitted your business to the directories listed in our free business directory list, you’ll need to set up Google Analytics on your site.


So you can track the business directories that are giving your site the most referral traffic.

How To Set Up The Web Tracking Code On Your Site

If you’ve already done this ‚Äď well done! If not, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up Google Analytics on your site:

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics.
  2. Once you’re logged into your account, we’re going to setup a property. To do this, click the Admin tab.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  3. In the ‘Property’ column, select Create new property in the dropdown menu.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  4. Select Website.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  5. Enter the Website Name and Website URL.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  6. Select your Industry Category in the dropdown menu.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  7. Select your timezone in the Reporting Time Zone dropdown menu.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  8. Click Get Tracking ID.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  9. Copy your tracking code, which you’ll find in the box below. Everything in this box is your tracking code snippet. It starts with <script> and ends with </script>.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  10. Paste your tracking code into every page of your site that you want to track. How you do this will depend on what type of website you have. For example:
    • If your website is setup through Weebly, you’ll be able to paste the code in the SEO tab under ‘Header Code’.
    • If you’re using WordPress, the theme you’re using may have an option in its settings to add your tracking code. If not, install a plugin like Google Analytics by Yoast to add your tracking code that way.
    • If you have access to your website files and have the ‘know-how’, you can go right ahead and paste your tracking code before the closing </head> tag on every page.

How to Find Where You’re Getting The Most Referral Traffic

Now you’ve got Google Analytics setup on your website, we’re going to show you how to find out what business directories are giving you the most referral traffic.

  1. Click the Home tab.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  2. Click All Web Site Data.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  3. Now you’re viewing the reports for your website. This is where you’ll find all the data that Google Analytics has tracked for your website. In the left menu, click Referrals under ‘Acquisition > All Traffic’.Free Business Directory List | Heathinomics
  4. You’ll see all your referral traffic stats in the table on the right. The ‘Source’ column tells you exactly where visitors to your site have come from. This is called a ‘referral source’. Once you start getting traffic from your directory listings, the directory URL’s will appear here.

Now you know where to find this information, here’s what you can do with it:

  • Identify your top performing directories ‚Äď the ones you’re getting the most referral traffic from.
  • Know which directories to put more energy into maximising even more referral traffic to your site.
  • Know which directories to ask your customers leave a glowing review of your business (we’ll touch on this in the next step).
  • Purchase a premium paid listing on one or more of your top performing directories to make sure your business always stay at the top.

Step 6. Ask Your Customers For a Review

Once you’ve found out your top performing directories, ask your customers to leave a review on your business and services for each of your listings.

This will boost your directory listing, referral traffic and backlink value!

Here’s how:

  1. Go to your listing on one of your top performing directories.
  2. Find where it says ‘Write a Review’ or ‘Submit a Review’ (this will vary per directory).
  3. Copy the listing page URL.
  4. Paste the URL in the template we’ve prepared for you below where it says [Insert Listing Page URL].
  5. Replace [Customer’s First Name], [Your Business] and [Your Name] with your own text.
  6. Send this email to your customers to ask for a review.

Email Template: Ask For a Review

Hello [Customer’s First Name],

I was wondering if you could take a moment to write a review on your experience with [Your Business] please?

Your review would be greatly appreciated and will help others to know what to expect when they’re looking for the services we offer.

You can leave your review here:

[Insert Listing Page URL]

Look forward to seeing you again soon!

[Your Name]

Outsource Someone To Do It For You

We’re all about empowering you to learn how to get the job done yourself.


If you really don’t have a few hours to spare to add your business to the directories in our free business directories list, you can always use Freelancer to outsource someone to do it for you.

Once you’ve filled in the Bizfodoc with your business details, you’ll be able to give it to the person you hire so they’ve got everything they need to get the job done.

Just give them the link to this article to go through the directories in the list and add your business to them. Voila!

Now It’s Your Turn

Whether you’re going to tackle this head on yourself or outsource the job to someone, it’s your turn to put what we’ve taught you into action.

Leave a comment below to let us know how you get on, if you have any questions, or even if you’ve come across any other high authority directories you’d like us to add to the list.

Please share our free business directory list. If it’s helped you out, imagine who else it can help out too.

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