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One of the best things you can do on social media is to harness the power of asking.

But if you want to draw out answers, narrow down your questions to something simple, meaningful and a whole lot of fun. Even better, make it relevant to your business.

Doesn’t that sound like a lot to consider?

Sure. But you’ll get what you ask for in our This or That Wellness Bundle.

These 20 engaging wellness related “this or that” questions are easy yet attention-grabbing. Every post will reach massive engagement and broader appeal as you make your followers the stars of your own page.

Everyone can have fun following which choice is winning. As you reach your engagement goals you’ll learn more about your followers’ wellness choices and earn more followers to convert.

So the ultimate winner here is you.

More Fun. More Fans. You’ll get both with our This or That Wellness Bundle.

The key to explode engagement is this: first, kick-start the conversation by sharing your own answer. Then invite your followers to tag-a-friend and share the thread so more people will participate in this fun experience. Don’t forget to update them with the results! They’ll be passionate to know the dominant answer.

Build your Community. Foster Camaraderie with our This or That Wellness Bundle. Interesting questions demand answers and encourage engagement. Help your social media community learn about each other. It’s a good way to forge strong relationships with you at the center.

Creativity or Convenience. When you run any game or ask social questions, visuals make it right. With our This or That wellness bundle, you’re sure to get clear and creative pictures. Grab attention and go enjoy the results, it’s that convenient.

Simplify and Save Time. The best part is that you don’t even need to put the time into creating the content to post on social media yourself.

Download this bundle now, add your logo to brand them as your own and share them on your social media pages.

Inside The Bundle

The This or That Wellness Bundle includes 20 beautiful images:

Social Media Images – This or That Wellness Bundle |

Image Content

  1. Running / Walking
  2. Smoothies / Juices
  3. Yoga / Meditating
  4. Hand Written Journaling / e-Journaling
  5. Spinach / Kale
  6. Vegetables / Fruit
  7. Chia Seeds / Flax Seeds
  8. Sunrise / Sunset
  9. Green Tea / Matcha
  10. Soap / Body Wash
  11. Beach / Mountain
  12. Almond Milk / Coconut Milk
  13. Kombucha / Sauerkraut
  14. Hammock / Tent
  15. Bath / Shower
  16. Massage / Facial
  17. Spa / Sauna
  18. Gym / Outdoors
  19. Early Riser / Night Owl
  20. Reading / Listening to Music

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