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Are your followers feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or disconnected? It could be a sign of spiritual awakening. Here are 20 signs that you may be ready to go through some changes.

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The Spiritual Awakening Signs include 20 beautiful images:
Social Media Images - Spiritual Awakening Signs Bundle | Healthinomics

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  1. You start craving purpose. This is a clear sign that you are entering a very exciting and transformative period of your life. You start to crave a purpose in life but you don’t know what it is yet.
  2. You feel different. A feeling that you are somehow different. Your life feels new and changed, and you have put your old self behind you.
  3. You feel lost and alone. This symptom has come as a surprise to many extroverts who previously saw themselves as extroverted, sociable, and committed. You feel lost, nothing makes sense anymore, and you rather spend time alone.
  4. You see how unhappy most people are. This symptom has come as a surprise to many extroverts who previously saw themselves as extroverted, sociable, and committed. You feel lost, nothing makes sense anymore, and you rather spend time alone.
  5. You become a fast learner. You go through learning and personal issues at a fast pace with a sense that you understand them quite quickly and easily.
  6. You notice more synchronicity. Synchronicity is the universe communicating to you. You might notice it in the form of numbers, messages, or recurring events. Pay attention, it will help guide you in the right direction and make the right decisions.
  7. Your sleep pattern is changing. You feel restless, and start waking up two or three times every night. Also, feeling tired after waking up and sleepy from time to time during the day.
  8. You become more sensitive. You find yourself crying over the smallest things, feeling suddenly angry or sad with little provocation, or feeling sad in an unfamiliar way, and then feeling very happy. It’s an emotional roller coaster.
  9. You want to make the world better. A desire to learn, understand, and work, not only for yourself but also for others arises.
  10. Your compassion grows. You begin to live in harmony with nature and other people. Compassion and love become equal regardless of race, nationality, culture, etc.
  11. You trust your intuition. Your intuition strengthens and you begin to trust it and see where it takes you.
  12. Your dreams become vivid. Sometimes the dreams are so real that you wake up confused. You may even experience lucid dreams where you are in control. Many dreams can be mysterious or have messages for you.
  13. Your eating habits change. Strange food cravings and weird food choices might tempt you. Some people find that they are not as hungry as they used to be or that they are hungrier.
  14. You have more self control. You start noticing what bad things need to be set aside and choose only the right path based on appropriate wisdom and good judgment.
  15. You start breaking patterns. A desire to tear yourself away from unhealthy patterns, jobs you hate, destructive lifestyles, and toxic people or situations.
  16. You feel more creative. Creativity explodes and you start to receive images, ideas, music, and other creative inspirations, often at an overwhelming speed.
  17. You want to become your true self. You understand that it is time for you to seek and speak your truth. It’s important for you to become more authentic, more yourself.
  18. You crave deep conversations. Shallow talk is something you avoid, and you might feel irritated and bored when people try to make small talk. You want to talk about compassion, life, and helping others achieve their best self.
  19. You start to remember. Memories emerge to the surface. Body memories, repressed memories, images of past lives, or parallel lives.
  20. You discover food intolerances. As you become more spiritual, you become more sensitive to everything around you. Your body will tell you what it can no longer tolerate as if it’s removing what no longer serves it.

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