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Specialize in Remedial Hot Stone Massage? Use this bundle to share useful content about this amazing technique with your audience on social. It contains beautiful social media images explaining what Remedial Hot Stone Massage is, why it’s beneficial, and much more, including call-to-actions to promote scheduling an appointment.

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Remedial Hot Stone Massage Bundle | By Healthinomics

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  1. What is Remedial Hot Stone Massage?
    Remedial hot stone massage uses an ancient healing technique, combining traditional remedial massage together with carefully selected polished, precision-heated volcanic basalt stones and semi-precious crystals to perform this unique treatment.

  2. The Remedial Power of Hot Stones
    Remedial hot stone massage relieves pain and stress in the body, improves flexibility, relaxes tight muscles, improves energy flow and circulation, and releases toxins. By the end of your massage, you will feel transformed and your body will feel free and light.

  3. Remedial Hot Stone Massage uses heat to reach deeper layers of muscles faster without the need for excess force. Multiple techniques are integrated into the treatment to relieve muscular aches and facilitate effective change throughout your body.
  4. If you don’t like the deep tissue massage feeling but need a deep massage, a Remedial Hot Stone Massage is the perfect combination of deep release and relaxation to help with:

    1. Chronic pain
    2. Recovering from sporting events
    3. Relieving headaches
    4. Managing work-related back, neck and shoulder aches
    5. And much more!
  5. If you think you’ve had a Hot Stone Massage, you haven’t had a Remedial Hot Stone Massage! Remedial Hot Stones are different to a Relaxation Hot Stone Massage. Remedial Hot Stones are used to warm/relax the muscles thus enabling the therapist to work deeper for a more effective massage.

  6. People think hot stones are just for Day Spas, but that’s not so. Remedial Hot Stone Massages work specific areas like you receive with a Remedial Massage with the added benefits of the muscles being warmed first with reduced pain while being treated.

  7. Did You Know?
    Remedial Hot Stone Massage is a mixture of remedial massage techniques incorporating smooth, flat, hot stones warming up the body, encouraging deeper muscle relaxation.

  8. Remedial Hot Stone Massage
    The stones used are natural basalt stones – a type of volcanic rock believed to be therapeutic and have marvellous healing energy. They are high in iron, magnesium and other minerals, allowing them to retain their heat for extended periods of time. The stones are heated to between 55 to 60 degrees and can be adjusted to suit each person’s needs.

  9. If you suffer from high levels of stress, anxiety or depression, the soothing nature of a Remedial Hot Stone Massage has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps to ease the mind.

  10. Remedial Hot Stone Massage
    The perfect blend of deep remedial massage and warm hot stone therapy. Perfect for relaxing muscles and soothing tension.

  11. Did You Know?
    Not only is Hot Stone Therapy incredibly relaxing, it actually has some amazing medicinal benefits when combined with Remedial Massage.

  12. Experience a Remedial Hot Stone Massage during cooler weather when your muscles often tense up against the cold.

  13. Remedial Hot Stone Massage
    With this treatment, not only can you enjoy a spa-style relaxation treatment but mixing remedial techniques with remedial stone techniques creates an effective treatment for muscular pain and the most mind-melting massage available.

  14. Remedial Hot Stone Massage gives you the best of both worlds – remedial massage for pain and muscles and the deep relaxation of heat. Book your treatment today!

  15. Remedial Hot Stone Massage
    In this treatment, we use heated stones to massage your muscles first. We then use remedial techniques to address any issues within your muscular system in the same way as a regular remedial massage.

  16. Remedial Hot Stone Massage is the perfect choice for clients with muscular pain but who have a low pain tolerance.
  17. Book a Remedial Hot Stone Massage
  18. Got tight muscles? Book a Remedial Hot Stone Massage
  19. Got chronic, persistent or unresolved pain? Try a Remedial Hot Stone Massage
  20. Stressed or anxious? Try the benefits of a Remedial Hot Stone Massage

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