Inspire your followers each month with these monthly inspirational images. From encouraging family fun and promoting self-improvement in September to giving them a challenge, your followers will be sure to love the monthly inspiration!

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  1. It’s Rebuild Your Life Month
    • I went skydiving for the first time.
    • I baked my first cake.
    • I learned hip-hop ballet.
    • I…
    What new thing have you tried recently?
  2. Family Fun Month
  3. This Month’s Challenge
    Take a cold shower for the whole month or try a new recipe each day. Which one do you choose?
  4. Donate blood. Save a life. April is National Donor Month.
  5. This Month’s Challenge
    Exercise 2 minutes a day. Avoid sugar for 30 days
  6. September: Self-Improvement Month.
  7. Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.
  8. Forgive someone who has hurt you and move on.
    Engage with friends on social media in a positive way.
    Exhale. Let it all go. Love freely.
    Lift someone’s morale. Listen to their story.
    Give your time to a friend or stranger in a need.
    Open the door behind you.
    Offer a meal to a homeless person.
    Donate clothes, food and money to local shelters.
  9. Kick some butt. Invite co-workers to join your crossfit class.
    Improve office morale. Show up with doughnuts for everyone.
    Notice a coworker’s effort on a project and praise them.
    Donate money to a local charity. Encourage fellow co-workers’ to do the same.
    Nix office gossip as soon as you hear it.
    Empower the people around you with positive messages.
    Share inspiring stories to boost team spirit.
    Socialize with coworkers outside of the office. It will improve productivity.
  10. This month, write 30 things that make you happy. Every day – do one from the list!
  11. Climb the mountain, hike the trail, find your peace. Hug your guide.
  12. Use The 21/90 Rule:
    It takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle.
  13. Stay Active & Go Cycling.
    1. It will make you feel younger.
    2. It will build muscles & bone.
    3. It will improve your self-esteem.
    4. It will help you live longer.
    5. It will improve your cardio.
    All you need is a bike, helmet & gear.
  14. Be real. Inhale the good shit. Exhale the bullshit.
  15. What is your power word? Your body hears everything your mind says stay positive.
  16. Stay Active. Go Swimming.
    1. It will make your heart healthy.
    2. It will build muscles.
    3. It will help you lose weight.
    4. It will give you peace of mind.
    5. It will improve your flexibility.
  17. The world is so beautiful. Take me and let’s go travel!
  18. Stay Active. Go Play Tennis.
    1. It’s a full-body workout.
    2. It will improve aerobic health.
    3. It will burn calories and fat.
    4. It will improve bone health.
    5. It will increase heart health.
  19. Do this in the morning for a better day:
    Send a text to someone to make their day a little better.
  20. Aspire to inspire before we expire.