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Heavy metal toxicity is a growing concern in today’s world, and it is essential to share information about it with your followers on social media. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and cadmium are present in our environment, and exposure to them can cause severe health problems.

Sharing information about heavy metal toxicity on social media can make a significant impact on your followers’ lives. By educating them about the dangers of heavy metal exposure, you can help them take steps to protect themselves and their families. This information can also help them identify potential sources of heavy metal exposure in their homes and workplaces.

Moreover, sharing valuable content with your followers builds trust with them. When you provide them with useful information that helps them improve their lives, they are more likely to engage with your content and share it with others. This, in turn, increases your reach and engagement on social media.

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Heavy Metal Toxicity Bundle | By Healthinomics

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  1. How Heavy Metal Poisoning Occurs. You are exposed via fish, contaminated water, dental fillings, and household products. Heavy metals enter your bloodstream. These metals then travel throughout your body. They penetrate the cells of various tissues and organs where they can remain stored up for years.
  2. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases including Lyme’s disease, poor recovery from exercise and weakness, skin irritation, neurological disorders, brain fog, trouble concentrating, difficulty learning and poor memory, dementia, depression, bi-polar disorder and anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues such as IBS, chronic aches and pain, tremors, anemia, impaired motor control, hearing, speech, vision and gait, higher risk for heart attacks.
  3. Heavy metal detox. Juice recipe: a whole bunch of cilantro, a whole bunch of parsley, 2 ribs of celery, 1/4 lemon.
  4. 10 foods that naturally Detox heavy metals in your body. We are exposed to heavy metals every single day. Here are the top 10 foods that can help our bodies naturally detoxify from metal exposure. Cilantro is a powerful all-natural detoxifier. Chop some up and add to your salad dressings. Wild blueberries, Get the wild kind they are super high in antioxidants. Add them to your pancake batter! Lemon helps hydrate your body to flush out toxins. Squeeze a lemon into a warm mug of water first thing in the am. Spirulina – This anti-inflammatory blue green algae targets oxidative damage in the body. Add a
    teaspoon of spirulina power to your next batch of guac. Chlorella – The nutrients in this algae helps the body detox from neurotoxins like mercury. You can find it in either powder or tablet form. Garlic is a powerful antioxidant for detoxification. Add it to any meat, veggie or soup dish. Beets are great for liver health and help increase the body’s defense system. Roast them in big batches with a drizzle of olive oil. Artichokes also support the liver in its detoxification process. Steam them for 30 minutes, then dip the leaves into Paleo Mayo. The curcumin in turmeric helps protect the body from mercury exposure. Mix up a golden turmeric latte with coconut milk and raw honey to sip on at night. Ginger – This anti-inflammatory spice fights free radical damage from heavy metal exposure. Grate ginger right into your favorite soups and stews.
  5. Heavy metal detox smoothie. 1 cup cilantro, 2 cups wild blueberries, 1 tsp barley grass juice powder, 1 tsp spirulina, 1 tbsp Atlantic dulse, 2 bananas, 1 cup water, 1 juice of 1 orange. Drink this daily to safely remove toxic heavy metals.
  6. 7 plants to cleanse your body from heavy metals. Complete heavy metal detox diet. Atlantic red algae, dulse seaweed, barley grass juice powder, spirulina, wild blueberry powder, dandelion root extract, burdock root powder, milk thistle seed flour.
  7. Detox tip – 2 small beets, 4 cups chopped kale, 2 cups chopped celery, 1 medium cucumber, 1/2 lime, 1 bunch of parsley, 1 bunch of cilantro, 2 inches ginger.
  8. 6 ways to detox heavy metals from your body. Organic kelp, chlorella powder, spirulina powder, turmeric, cilantro, bentonite powder.
  9. Do you have any of these symptoms? You may have heavy metal toxicity.
    Heart Disease
    Chronic Fatigue
    High Blood Pressure
    Memory Loss
    Adrenal Disorders
    Thyroid Disorders
    Candida Overgrowth
    Chronic Pain
    Attention Deficit
    MS and more
  10. Heavy Metal Detox. Ingesting 4 drops of Cilantro Essential Oil twice per day will help your body detox heavy metals.
  11. Heavy Metal Detox. Symptoms and Conditions Heavy Metals Cause or can contribute to
    Mood swings
    Eye & vision problems
    Memory loss
    Memory loss ocd
    5 foods to eat every day to safely detox heavy metals: cilantro, spirulina, wild blueberries, barley grass juice powder, Atlantic dulse.
  12. Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity.
    Chronic fatigue
    weight loss resistance
    anxious & irritable
    cold hands/feet
    metallic taste in mouth
    muscle tremors
    Chronic pain
    skin problems
    feeling disoriented
    digestive problems
    brain fog
    night sweats
    cognitive dysfunction
    poor immunity
  13. How metal toxicity affects your body. Brain dysfunction such as memory loss. Heart abnormalities. Liver damage. Kidney damage. Back pain. Unexplained weight gain. Joint inflammation and stiffness, loss of vision, lung irritation/fluid accumulation (Edema), acid reflux, low testosterone levels, increased risk of color cancer, disrupt the central nervous system.
  14. Did you know? Fish that contain high levels of heavy metal toxicity. Shark (flake), Ray, Swordfish, Marlin, Barramundi, Orange Deep Sea Pearch, Ling, Southern Bluefin Tuna.
  15. Naturally remove heavy metals! Onion bulb, blue green algae, garlic clove, bentonite clay, burdock root, cilantro leaf and stem.
  16. Cilantro, Nature’s heavy metal detox. Heavy metals can lead to Chronic fatigue, weight loss resistance, anxiety, irritability, cold hands/feet, metallic taste in mouth, muscle tremors, chronic pain, allergies, and insomnia.
  17. Remove heavy metals naturally. Onion bulb, blue green algae, garlic clove, bentonite clay, burdock root, cilantro leaf and stem.
  18. Heavy Metals and your Thyroid. Heavy metals that can affect your thyroid health:
    Natural support for heavy metal detoxification:
    Wild blueberries
    Infrared Sauna
  19. Top 4 most toxic metals. HG – fish, fillings. AS – rice, rice products. CD – E-cigarettes. PB- fruit juices
  20. Source of heavy metals in your kitchen: Calcium Pills: Lead, Cacao Powder: Cadmium, Herbal Supplements: Lead, Coffee: Cadmium, Rice Grain: Arsenic, Baking Powder: Aluminum, Fish: Mercury, Cabinet Handles: Lead and Nickel (in brass), Sea Vegetables: Lead and Cadmium, Dog Treats: Lead, Cooking Pans: Aluminum, Flatware: Lead and Cadmium, Cooking Spices: Lead, Tap Water: Lead and Copper, Clams: Lead, Rice Protein: Lead, Cadmium and Tungsten, Tea Bags: Lead, Grass Juice Powders: Lead, Fluorescent Lights: Mercury
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  • Canva templates
  • Includes 20 ready-made Images
  • All images are high resolution PNG
  • Includes fully editable Canva template
  • Includes 20 social media post captions
  • Add your own branding!

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