Healthy Skin Tips Bundle | By Healthinomics

In the billion-dollar global cosmetic market, skin care has the highest market share.

Surveys even say at least 54% of women are obsessed with a healthy skin care routine.

Think of these skincare fanatics as your social media enthusiasts. They are always looking for the perfect tip to a healthy, glowing radiant skin, inside and out.

What will make them stop, look and listen to social media? This Healthy Skin Tips Bundle.

So whether you are a beauty therapist, health and wellness practitioner or someone who hungers for life-changing facts to learn and share—make these 20 beautiful tips for healthy skin your priority.

Because your social media followers will.

Engage beautifully. Nothing says you care about yourself and others with this healthy skin tips bundle. These high-quality visuals and expert-recommended tips will make you see the beauty of social media in every likes, shares and engagement.

Healthy skin is in. Prove your mark as a savvy and well-informed health and wellness expert. Keep up with the trend. Never miss an essential element in your branding as you post each 20 beautiful tips for healthy skin, designed to make you stand out on social media.

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Inside The Bundle

The Healthy Skin Tips Bundle includes 20 beautiful images:

Healthy Skin Tips Bundle | By Healthinomics

Image Content

  1. Don’t smoke
  2. Don’t drink alcohol
  3. Get plenty of sleep
  4. Avoid sun during peak times
  5. Use broad spectrum sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection
  6. Wear protective clothing
  7. Get eyes checked regularly to avoid squinting wrinkles
  8. Clean skin thoroughly daily
  9. Use moisturiser daily (spelt “moisturizer” for US customers)
  10. Remove makeup before sleeping
  11. Rinse well to remove dead skin, soap and lotions
  12. Use water-based products
  13. Eat organic non-GMO foods
  14. Eliminate trans fats and sugars
  15. Exercise regularly
  16. Shave with a sharp clean razor
  17. Dispose of old makeup every 6-12 months, every 3 months for eye makeup
  18. Do facial exercises regularly
  19. Drink plenty of water
  20. Meditate or practice relaxation techniques
  • Includes 20 Images
  • All images are high resolution PNG
  • Add your own branding!
  • Add your own branding!

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  • Includes 20 Images
  • All images are high resolution PNG
  • Add your own branding!
  • Add your own branding!

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