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Make your social media following smile with this fun fruit and vegetable bundle. Perfect to use with the hashtag #FridayFunnies to gain extra traction on each post! Our bundle of social media graphics includes 20 funny and cute graphics to share. And don’t forget to eat your fruits and veggies! They’re good for you after all!

Inside The Bundle

The Fruit and Vegetable Fun Bundle includes 20 beautiful pieces of visual content:

Fruit and Vegetable Fun Bundle | By Healthinomics

Image Content

  1. Always Look Radish-ing
  2. Too tired, I’m out of aspara-gas!
  3. Be aMAIZing
  4. Eat, Drink, and be Cherry
  5. Cute-Cumber
  6. Dance to your own beet
  7. Don’t Kale my vibe
  8. Everybody romaine calm
  9. Find your inner peas
  10. Have a Pear-Fect Day!
  11. I Ap-peach-iate you
  12. I’m happier than I’ve ever Bean
  13. Keep calm and Carrot on
  14. Lettuce be thankful
  15. Plum-believable!
  16. Squeeze the day
  17. Time to strengthen your core
  18. We’re rooting for you
  19. You are Berry special
  20. You are one in a Melon!