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Whether just starting out on a fitness journey or already a pro, these simple tips will help take workouts to the next level.

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Social Media Images - Fitness Tips Bundle | Healthinomics

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  1. Do this workout every morning – Wake up & get moving. 10 jumping jacks, 10 squats, 10 calf raises, 10 side reaches, 10 lunges, 10 jumping jacks.
  2. Fitness Tips for Beginners. Tip 1: Define a goal. Search Desired weight, improve your fitness. Tip 2: Consult your doctor. We will help you know your initial condition. Tip 3: Comfortable shoes. Use appropriate sportswear to prevent injuries. Tip 4: Warming & stretching. It helps blood flow to muscles and prevents injuries. Tip 5: Cardio exercise. It helps to develop breathing techniques and to lose weight. Tip 6: Hydrate. Water is vital to the body and health also it removes toxins. Tip 7: Rest well. Your muscles need rest to recover strength. Tip 8: Eat well. A balanced diet with protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat will help your fitness. Track your progress. Keep track of your weight, body fat percentage, and resistance measurements.
  3. Leg Day Destruction. 5-7 rounds. 2-minute rest. Pistol Box Squats 30 seconds. Glute Bridge Hold 30 seconds. Star Bridges 30 seconds. Wall Sit Kick Outs 30 seconds. Wall Sit Hold 30 seconds. Wall Sit March 30 seconds.
  4. Effective 6 day routine. Push – Bench press, Incline Bench, Overhead Press, Dips, Skull Crushers. Pull –  Deadlifts, Barbell Rows, Pullups, Barbell Curls, Face pulls. Legs – Squats, Leg Press, Lunges, RDLs, Calf Raises.
  5. Fat-burning home workout. 5 rounds – 2 minute rest. Jump Squats 40 seconds. Quick Feet 40 seconds. Squat Jacks 40 seconds. Split Jacks 40 seconds. Mountain climbers 40 seconds. High knees 40 seconds.
  6. Best lower body Exercises. Squats. Deadlifts. Hip Thrust. Calf Raise. Strength Gain: 3-4 sets of 3-6 reps. Muscle gain: 3-5 sets of 8-15 reps.
  7. When to do cardio? Before lifting: If your goal is to improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance. After lifting: If your goal is to improve muscle strength and muscle mass.
  8. Behind the neck shoulder press. At risk position – Stress cervical region, stress glenohumeral region, put into “high five” position. Safer position: more sport specific applications, bar positioned at the center of gravity, overall safer position.
  9. 4 Signs you have weak glutes. Knees cave in during Squat. Struggle with single leg balance. Inability to perform lift effectively.  Pelvis tilts forward.
  10. Bicep training. Chip ups 5-8 reps. Barbell Curl 8-12 reps. Hammer grip cable curl 10-15 reps. Dumbbell curl 12-20 reps. 2-3 sets 1-3 times per week.
  11. 5 Ways to improve your workouts. Less rest, try something new, more reps/sets, compete with a friend, up the weight.
  12. Full body workout. Bicycles 3 x 15. Lunges 3 x 15. Glute bridges 3 x 15. Push-ups 3 x 15. Toe touches 3 x 15. Crunches 3 x 15.
  13. Lower back raises. Lower back raises exercise the lower muscles and this exercise is performed on a hyper-extension bench. To perform these, cross your arms cross your chest and bend at the waist. Slowly raise your back to starting position. To avoid injury, don’t arch your back at the top of the movement, keep your back in a straight line at the top.
  14. Lunges. To properly complete a lunge, step forward with one leg while bringing the other knee toward the ground. DO NOT let it touch before beginning to step back up. Repeat the motion with the opposite leg, as if you were walking normally. When you perform lunges, you should make sure both legs are at 90 degree angles at the bottom of the movement. Lunges can be performed with weights or without.
  15. Mix it up: The day after an intense workout. Give your muscles a break by using light weights, 20 percent of your max capacity. Try doing 2 sets of 25 reps, and your body won’t be overstressed.
  16. Minimize burnout. To avoid burnout, check your pulse. If your heart’s beating 10 beats over normal resting rate the day after an intense workout, your body is still recovering.
  17. Never veg out. If you find yourself with idle time, or if you’re watching tv, you can always do some sit ups or stretches, or, if you have some home exercise equipment, use it while watching a movie.
  18. Oblique crunches. Oblique crunches are similar to regular crunches, but this exercise focuses on the external oblique muscle. To perform these, you lay on your side with knees stacked on top of each other. Then you lift your upper back off of the ground. You can crunch as high as you can and hold the position a little longer before lowering your back to the ground.
  19. Pick activities you like. If you don’t like exercising, find activities you enjoy. Dancing, yoga, walking the dog, etc… There are many ways to burn calories.
  20. Overhead triceps extension. Overhead triceps extensions are a strength training exercise for the triceps that is performed with a dumbbell or a barbell. First, you start by lifting the weight over your head. You then lower the weight behind your head, fully stretching your triceps, and extending your arms toward the ceiling back to your starting position. It is important to keep your upper arms still, while the elbow joint moves to properly engage the triceps.

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