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The universe holds many secrets and powers that can help us explore the depths of our consciousness and unlock our hidden potential. Introducing the 12 Laws of the Universe, an ancient knowledge encoded in simple graphics to help us understand and access this powerful energy. These laws describe fundamental truths about the way energy flows within and around us, providing insight into our lives, and unlocking possibilities for personal growth and transformation. From karma to universal unity, learn how these ancient teachings can help you awaken your highest potential and create meaningful changes in your life!

There are 27 images in this bundle. Each law can be published separately or published together in carousels on both Facebook and Instagram.

Inside The Bundle

The 12 Laws of The Universe Bundle includes 27 beautiful images:
Social Media Images - 12 Laws of the Universe | Healthinomics

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    1. #The12LawsOfTheUniverse
    2. #UniversalTruths
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Image Content

  1. Law of divine oneness
    1. Highlights the interconnectedness of all things. It says that beyond our senses, every thought, action, and event is in some way connected to anything and everything else
    2. Apply it: Be compassionate with others, and recognize that we are all one. Ask yourself: “How can I show more compassion and acceptance toward those I don’t understand?” or “what would love do?”
  2. Law of vibration
    1. At a microscopic level, everything is in constant motion, vibrating at a specific frequency. Our vibrational frequency can inform our lived experience.
    2. Apply it: Elevate your frequency, raise your vibe! You can do this with yoga, sound bathing, and chakra work, energy healing, dance.
  3. Law of correspondence
    1. Patterns repeat throughout the universe, and on a personal level, our reality is a mirror of what’s happening inside us at that moment. Think “as above, so below. as within, so without.”
    2. Apply it: Ask yourself what can this situation show you about yourself, and what requires healing within
  4. Law of attraction
    1. Like attracts like, and you get what you focus on. You have to believe what you’re seeking is possible to obtain. It is similar to the law of vibration in this way; It’s important to learn how to vibrate at a level that attracts what you’re seeking
    2. If you want love but do not give love, you’re sending the universe a message about your priorities. If you repeat an affirmation but don’t believe what you’re saying, it’s useless. “When we focus on what we want versus what we don’t want, it will show up in our life,” says Kaiser
  5. Law of inspired action
    1. Taking real, actionable steps to invite what we want into our lives. Often the inspiration comes from within. “Inspired action is that gentle, internal nudge,” Kumar says.” It’s not always a plan of action
    2. Slow down, get quiet, and create space for internal guidance. Let go the need to arrange and control how things will work out, instead be open to all possibilities, it makes room for new ways of achieving goals that we might not have considered otherwise.
  6. Law of perpetual transmutation of energy
    1. On an energetic level, everything in the universe is constantly evolving or fluctuating. Every action is preceded by a thought. With thoughts themselves having the power to eventually manifest in our physical reality. Have you ever been around a negative person and felt your own positivity depleting? It can also work the other way around: Higher frequencies transmute lower ones when applied with intention.
    2. Actively seek to uplift negative energy around us by maintaining positive thoughts and actions.
  7. Law of cause and effect
    1. What goes around, comes around. Sometimes right away, sometimes years later
    2. Trust that every action will have a reaction- good or bad. “what you put out there may not come back to you at that moment, but that vibration, that energy you put out there, has a ripple effect,” says Kumar. “If you’re coming from a place of anger or resentment, if you put that energy out there, you’ll eventually be affected as a result.”
  8. Law of compensation
    1. Relates closely to the law of attraction and the law of correspondence. “You reap what you sow”. Your efforts will always come back to you positively. If you are seeking something, you must contribute in some way toward your goal.
    2. Ask yourself. “Where am I being called to serve and support others today?
  9. Law of relativity
    1. We are inclined to compare things in our world, but in reality, everything is neutral. Relativism exists in all things, and in the end, meaning comes down to our perspective and perception.
    2. If we’re feeling ungrateful for our living situation, it could be because we’re comparing it with someone else’s. Instead, we’d be better off appreciating what we have without needing to compare it
  10. Law of polarity
    1. Everything in life has an opposite; good and evil, love and fear, warmth and cold. These are all two sides of the same coin.
    2. Kaiser works with this law through the mantra all contrast brings more clarify. If you’re facing a difficult situation like a breakup or a health challenge, for example, tune into what the opposite looks like, which can reveal a new perspective or lesson.
  11. Law of perpetual motion
    1. Cycles are a natural part of the universe. Physically, the seasons on earth, in our own lives, integration and growth
    2. Take note of your inner rhythms and try to work with them instead of fighting them. Feeling run down? Maybe it’s better to give yourself some rest instead of powering through. For women the cycle of menstruation, for men seasonal fluctuation of hormones, etc.
  12. Law of gender
    1. Masculine and feminine energy that exists in all things. The yin and yan. Not relating to sex or sexuality, although in the physical, it is a clear example of needing both to naturally procreate someone into existence.
    2. Achieving balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine energies in order to live more authentically.
  13. Divine Masculine: 1. Risk-taking 2. Assertiveness 3. Action-Oriented 4. Discipline 5. Boundaries 6. Confidence 7. Objectivity 8. Logic and analysis 9. Warrior 10. Yang 11. Survival. Divine Feminine: 1. Intuitive 2. Heart-centered 3. Compassionate 4. Wise 5. Accepting 6. Forgiving 7. Collaborative 8. Reflective 9. Creative 10. Yin 11. Kind & Gentle. Apply it: Achieving balance between the divine masculine and divine feminine energies in order to live more authentically.
  14. Activate Divine Masculine within you: – Take risks with confidence – Work with masculine teachers, archetypes and deities – Less internalization, more action. – Heal your relationship to the masculine. – Stand up for yourself. – Use affirmations. “ I am a warrior. ” I am a master of self-discipline. “ I see things clearly and objectively. ” I am confident. “ I know when to take action.
  15. Activate Divine Feminine with you: – Reclaim rest – Embrace your sensuality – Journal – Practice self-love – Get in touch with your dreams – Incorporate more yin energy in your space – Prioritize “me-time” – Tap into your intuition – Go within before acting. “ I honor the divine feminine within me by allowing myself to express it. It is easy for me to flow with all things that come my way without doubting their beauty. My heart is open to giving and receiving overflowing amounts of love. The sacred energy within me is flourishing and driving me forward.


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