Danielle McFarland By Danielle McFarland   •   January 23, 2021

In the last several years, Instagram has become a well-loved social media platform with over 500 million daily active users. If your business can build a more substantial Instagram following, it can translate to more sales for your business, more traffic to your blog, and a stronger community for your brand.

Building a large Instagram following isn’t hard, but it will take time. Here are four surefire ways you can grow your Instagram followers for your business.

1. Like Photos in Your Niche

The best way to get your name out there is by liking other people’s photos. Every day, spend some time on Instagram and like five to ten pictures on someone’s account.

You should also try and leave them a genuine comment and start following their account. To find users in your industry or niche, check hashtags and view the followers of your favorite Instagram accounts.

2. Create a Hashtag

Creating a hashtag for your business is a great way to build your community and gain new content for your account. The first step is creating a unique hashtag that isn’t already in use. Next, ask others to use it.

Once people start using your hashtag, you can begin to repost the images from your followers. This allows you to build a community by showing your followers that you appreciate their photos and it gives you new content for your account.

3. Respond to Your Followers

The entire nature of social media platforms like Instagram is to be social.

To grow your Instagram followers, you need to respond to any comments that you receive and leave comments for other people. It’s important that your comments be genuine, and if commenting on someone else’s photo encourage them to post more photos.

4. Collaborate with Others

Another surefire way to extend your reach on Instagram and grow your following is to collaborate with others. This can be either through a partnership or sponsorship. A partnership allows both parties to provide value to their followers while expanding their exposure and reaching new audiences.

You can also collaborate with Instagram Influencers (for a fee) to reach their audience, too! For example, let’s say you’re a day spa – you could give the influencer an experience at your spa and get them to post photos of their day on Instagram. Not only will this get the word out there about your day spa to more people, but you could work with the influencer to offer their followers a special discount or package exclusive to them.

With high engagement rates and more than 1 billion monthly active users, it’s no wonder getting more Instagram followers is a huge priority for businesses.

One of the most important factors to remember when trying to build your Instagram followers is to share great content that’s relevant to your target audience, and that provides them with value.

Our ready-made health and wellness social media content makes sharing great quality content on social easy. Simply download a bundle of your choice, add your logo to brand as your own, and share on social!

If you want to develop your presence quickly, utilize these four tips in your Instagram marketing strategy today.

Danielle McFarland

By Danielle McFarland

Co-Founder of Healthinomics & SocialOmm

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